Fermented Red Clover Extract – Herbal Menopausal Women's Relief?


Red clover is a flowering plant in the bean family. It is commonly found in parts of Africa, mostly the north western part, as well as in Asia and Europe. It contains lactic acid bacteria that are active. Fermentation of the red clover helps to naturally preserve the product. It increasingly makes it more effective than the unfermented one. As long as it is then packed in airtight containers, there will be no need of artificial preservatives and alcohol additives. It can remain usable for such a commendable period of time.

About Fermented Red Clover Extract Benefits

Fermented red clover’s use is more common among women. This is because the widest spread benefit of red clover is that it alleviates menopausal symptoms. Menopausal women at times experience hot flash symptoms, mood swings, lack of sleep, weight gain, inflammation of joints, and even depression. Red clover soothes hot flash symptoms and hormonal fluctuation. It basically decreases the number and severity of daily hot flashes. Fermented red clover is more effective as its fermentation increases the bioavailability of estrogenic like compounds known as isoflavens which are abundant in red clover.

It is also contributory in bone healing and prevention of bone fractures. Menopausal women are at a high risk of fractures and bone loss. Their risk is higher because estrogen is important for bone mineralization and they have low levels of estrogen. Underweight women also are at a higher risk of having bone fractures and loss.

Other than that, fermented red clover relieves mastalgia, which is breast pain and tenderness, in addition to premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Red clover is also celebrated for prevention of cancer. The types of cancer mostly impacted on by the red clover use are the hormone related cancers like breast and prostate or even skin cancer. It also ensures proper and complete digestion. It keeps in check the cholesterol levels and controls unnecessary weight gain. Fermented red clover also helps in heart related diseases. How? Well, low estrogen levels increase cardio-vascular risks. Red clover contains isoflavens that boost estrogen levels, thus boosting the blood circulation around the heart.

Fermented red clover can also strangely be used as a flavoring ingredient in beverages and a spice for food.

Fermented red clover reduces the risk of respiratory diseases like whooping cough, bronchitis, asthma, and coughs. It is also said to reduce the risks of sexually transmitted diseases (STD). It is good for the skin if it is used in the right amount.

Side Effects

It is good to be aware of the side effects of products, no matter how natural they may be. We should not always presume that if a product worked for someone else it will be the same for us. Red clover acts as estrogen through the isoflavens compounds and can therefore cause hormonal imbalance, especially during pregnancy and during the breast-feeding period. It is thus advised that you avoid it when in these states. In addition to that, as much as it is good for the skin, it can cause irritating itching of the skin if not used properly.

It can also lead to bleeding disorders if its use is not well regulated. For those who experience protein deficiency, it can lead to increased risks of blood clotting. On the other hand, it is advised that a person using fermented red clover should put to a halt its use at least three or so days before surgery. This is because it can lead to slow blood clotting if used in excess, which will then cause uncontrolled bleeding that can be very fatal in such cases.

Top Products

There is a famous saying that you should let food be your medicine and medicine be your food. There are various products in the market that are available mainly for the women and contain fermented red clover. These include Daily Well-being for Women, Red Cloves Supreme, and Women Balance. According to reviews from some of the women who have tried these products, red clover is quite effective. It causes cellular detoxification and skin health. They also insist that it controls the menopausal symptoms almost immediately. Many say that they experienced no side effects at all after using the products.

Red Clover Review Summary

Fermented red clover might seem to be enticing, but we should all be keen on how we use it as it is seen to cause some adverse effects if not well regulated. You are advised to use it with precaution, and anyone using red clover products should consult a medical expert before use so as not to risk your health.

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