Fello Eye Wear – Stylish Sunglasses With A Charitable Donation?


The Fello Fantom is a pair of designer sunglasses, available in several different styles, created by a charitable organization. Here’s our Fello Fantom Review.

What Is The Fello Fantom?

The Fello Fantom is a specially designed pair of polarized sunglasses that come in three different styles – black, lunar, and tortoise. A portion of the sales of every pair of Fello Fantoms goes towards providing eye care to the disadvantaged.

Fello Fantom Features: How Do They Work?

The Fello Fantom is a standard pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses. They feature a lens width of 53mm, a bridge width of 18mm, and a temple length of 145mm. These measurements, taken together, place the Fello Fantom squarely in the middle of the road for sizing when it comes to standard sunglasses.

What makes Fello Fantom sunglasses stand out is that $5 from every purchase of a pair is donated to VOSH International, Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity.

The charity helps to restore eyesight to those in need through medical treatment and prescription glasses. More than one million people worldwide have been helped by VOSH International.

Who Makes The Fello Fantom?

The Fello Fantom is a product of Fello Eyewear, an independent eyewear company that began life as a successfully crowdfunded Kickstarter campaign.

Fello’s core purpose was to provide high-quality eyewear at an affordable price in direct competition to eyewear manufacturer Luxottica, which has a stranglehold on the industry thanks to its 80% market share.

The company’s goal is to create premium eyewear that is a fraction of the price of other brands without compromising on quality.

In addition to the Fantom, Fello Eyewear has several different designs, including Konvoy, Heron, Beech, Magnolia, and Lilac. Many of these designs are available constructed from sustainable bamboo or natural cellulose acetate instead of plastic.

Fello Fantom Materials

The Fello Fantom features a slightly rounded, wayfarer look. Each Fantom model, whether coming in black, lunar, or tortoise, comes with polarized polycarbonate lenses, a natural cellulose acetate frame, and flexible spring hinges.

Fello Fantom Pricing

The Black Fello Fantom retails directly from Fello Eyewear for $87. The Tortoise Fello Fantom and the Lunar Fello Fantom styles are slightly more expensive at $89 each. Fello Eyewear provides free shipping anywhere within the United States and Canada.

All Fello Eyewear sunglasses come with a 60-day money back return policy, providing up to two months of time to try out your new eyewear to see if they are a good fit for you and your lifestyle.

Additionally, each pair of Fello Eyewear sunglasses comes with an exclusive one-year warranty; the company will replace any pair of Fellos found to be defective.

Fello Fantom Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

Fello Eyewear has received a lot of excellent positive press for their highly successful crowdfunding campaign.

Virtually every media outlet that has featured the company has nothing but positive things to say about the company, its manufacturing methods, and its charitable donations, giving Fello a socially progressive reputation.


Affordable Quality – Fello Eyewear has been praised for manufacturing high-quality sunglasses available at an affordable price.

Quality is consistent with much more expensive Luxottica-owned brands; an official Ray-Ban Wayfarer, for instance, begins at around $150 while the Fello Fantom, which features a Wayfarer-inspired design, is less than $90.

Sustainable Materials – Fello Eyewear prides itself on using sustainable, ecologically-friendly materials in the construction of all of its sunglasses.

The Fantom line of sunglasses feature frames made from natural cellulose acetate sourced from plant matter instead of using plastic, and other Fello Eyewear models go one step further by incorporating frames made from sustainably grown bamboo.

Charitable Giving – $5 from every Fello Eyewear purchse goes to VOSH International to help people from around the world see better.

This type of charitable giving makes Fello an even more socially responsible company, making it a point of pride for anyone who wants stylish sunglasses but also who wants to help those in less successful circumstances.

Generous Refund and Warranty Periods – Providing a 60-day refund window is unheard of for most high-end eyewear manufacturers. Likewise is providing a 1-year warranty on sunglasses as well. However, Fello Eyewear provides both to its customers.


Still Not Cheap – Since Fello manufactures high-quality sunglasses, these products are still not as inexpensive as you would find on the discount rack of your local pharmacy or big box store.

The most affordable frames and styles start around $65; prices top out at a little less than $100. This is still much less than what you would pay for a pair of high-quality sunglasses from Luxottica, but it’s still a luxury purchase for many.

Fello Fantom Review Summary

Fello Eyewear sells high-quality sunglasses at a price that’s much more palatable than others. It’s still a bit of a luxury, but the Fello Fantom is a classically-styled pair of sunglasses that can be yours for a much less steep price than a brand-name pair owned by Luxottica.

Despite the price difference, quality is comparable, and the manufacturing methods used to create Fello Fantoms – and other Fello Eyewear sunglasses styles – are much more environmentally friendly than the methods used by other manufacturers.

When combined with the socially conscious bent of Fello Eyewear in donating a portion of every sale to VOSH International, the choice becomes clear: buying a pair of Fello Fantoms isn’t just a great deal – it helps others live better lives as well.

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