Factor 75 – Healthy Organic Prepared Food Meal Delivery Service?


Factor 75 is a healthy and nutritious cooked meals delivery company that has operations all across the US. Essentially, it takes it upon itself to deliver well balanced prepared meals conveniently to its clients’ homes, offices, and even hotels.

This naturally can be a major boon for those individuals who lead extremely busy lifestyles and cannot find the necessary time to prepare their own meals.

Why Are Factor 75 Meals Needed?

To begin with, Factor 75 makes it a point to prepare all the meals it offers with only fresh, healthy, and safe ingredients. This ranges from grass-fed meats to organic produce, along with gluten and soy free products. Also, the particular carbohydrate sources this firm utilizes are very low on the glycemic index.

Even better, all of these meals are completely devoid of additives such as sugars or even artificial sweeteners. These meals are also GMO free and come with no antibiotics or even hormones.

At the same time, Factor 75 takes great pride in having a full staff of skilled and professional chefs. These chefs are the ones who prepare all the cooked meals it provides to its clientele base. They do this by strictly adhering to research proven food preparation techniques.

On the other hand, this company also retains its very own staff of in-house dietitians. These professionals are always close at hand to furnish you with invaluable nutritional based advice whenever you stand in need of it.

Factor 75 has put in place an efficient ordering and delivery system too, which is highly renowned for its unparalleled convenience. All you will ever have to do is visit its website and select a meal plan that interests you. After making your plan selection, you can navigate to the menu and pick the exact meals you wish to try out. Then, at the earliest convenience, the cooked meals you chose are delivered to you in special insulated boxes.

It is important to note that all the packaging materials this firm utilizes are recyclable. This, of course, includes the highly innovative ‘Zero Oxygen’ packaging, which ensures meal freshness for as long as 9 days after the delivery. Factor 75’s menu is wide and well varied.

New items are added to it on a weekly basis, while customer favorites are also included on the same rotational basis. From this, you can conveniently and in a hassle-free manner pick the ones that you like the most.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Factor 75 Cooked Meals?

Like it has been earlier noted, Factor 75 makes it its primary business to deliver healthy and highly nutritional cooked meals to all its customers. Generally speaking, this firm focuses on 2 proven diets, which are the ‘paleo’ and ‘keto’ diet plans.

Both of these are in a very good position of presenting a truckload of health benefits to those individuals who integrate them into their regular lifestyles. To better comprehend the exact significance of the benefits the meals from this company offer, let’s take a closer look at both of these revolutionary diets.

The Paleo Diet

The fundamental concept that is behind this given diet is to stick to the exact meals our Paleolithic ancestors consumed during the ice age. So, this diet focuses on avoiding sugary and starchy processed foods. Rather, a huge emphasis is placed on the consumption of whole foods, lean protein sources, and organic fruits and vegetables. Additionally, the paleo diet favors low glycemic index carbohydrate sources and healthy fats.

All Factor 75 paleo meals provide large portions of lean meats, vegetables, and increased fiber content. The paleo diet does indeed present a lot of healthy benefits. Some of the most prominent include sustaining optimal energy levels all through the day, facilitating for heart friendly blood pressure, minimizing inflammation, improving oxygen circulation in the body, and improving the appearance of the skin, hair, and nails.

The Keto Diet

For those who might be in the dark, ketosis is a unique metabolic state in which the liver synthesizes an increased level of ketones that it derives from healthy fats. Basically, glucose happens to be the main source of fuel the body and mind require to carry out their various functions. Still, it can be substituted with ketones.

While the body is in the state of ketosis, it will be forced to make use of fats as fuel, which can give rise to numerous health benefits. Granted, fasting is the most rapid means of shifting your body and mind into this metabolic state.

However, most of us cannot sustain fasting for a prolonged period of time. This is where the keto diet comes into the picture. This kind of a diet can let you initiate the ketosis state, quite simply by the foods you consume and the exact time you do so.

The guiding principle of this particular diet is the consumption of minimal low glycemic index carbohydrate sources, moderate levels of protein, and high levels of top grade fats. The keto diet meals that Factor 75 offers are comprised of as much as 80% top quality fats, no more than 15% of low glycemic index carbohydrates, and no more than 35% of protein.

It is noteworthy to state that the carbohydrate content in these given meals is no more than a paltry 20 grams. Some of the top health benefits of adopting the keto diet include enhanced energy levels, mental concentration, and even improved cardiovascular function. As an aside, the keto diet has been exhaustively proven to be very effective in bringing about rapid and totally sustainable weight loss.

Are There Any Risks?

Factor 75 makes it a point to only use absolutely fresh, healthy, and safe ingredients when it comes to preparing the meals it provides. This certainly means that the possibility of these cooked meals giving rise to any serious adverse reactions is next to nil.

Factor 75 Review Summary

As you can evidently see, Factor 75 can be a veritable godsend for those who lead busy schedules but still wish to eat healthy meals. Also, should you be completely clueless on just what foods are ideal for you, its team of professional dietitians can be able to help you out.

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