EstroVive – Legit Natural Herbal Menopause Relief That Works?


EstroVive Review – Right Choice For You?

For women, menopause is just a fact of life. The onset of menopause usually takes place between the ages of 45 and 55 and for many women, dealing with the symptoms can be a serious challenge. Most women who are going through menopause experience irregular menstruation, hot flashes, vaginal discomfort, mood changes, and alterations in metabolism.

The good news is that if you are having trouble coping with menopause, then there are a number of great solutions that can help. One of best and most natural options is EstroVive. This daily supplement provides you with natural and comforting menopause relief so you can get through the tough time easily.

About EstroVive

EstroVive is a daily supplement that women take to help them cope with menopause. The supplement revives your body’s natural rhythm so that you can get back to being your regular self. The supplement was developed after extensive research into how menopause develops, ways to manage the symptoms, and clinical trials.

Those who take EstroVive on a regular basis experience normal body heat regulation, are able to sleep better, lose weight instead of gain it, have higher energy levels, and so much more. The benefits of EstroVive are not only significant, but they are life changing. Now you too can better control your menopause with this nifty and useful supplement.

The Manufacturer

EstroVive was developed and is manufactured by a reputable leader in the health industry. The manufacturer of the product is Cellular Research Institute. The organization does an excellent job at bringing high-quality, reliable, and effective health supplements to the market. You can view their array of products on their website and one of the best qualities of the site is that it gives you detailed information about products that you are interested in.

Cellular Research Institute is also recognized for its premium products that are made with all-natural substances. The brand helps you promote a healthy and high-quality lifestyle so that you can do the best for yourself, your body, and your future.

How EstroVive Works

The process behind Estrovive is pretty simple, yet impressive. The product relies on the all-natural and premium-grade ingredients that are used. Each ingredient has been clinically tested and scientifically researched to provide you with significant and noticeable benefits.

As a whole, the ingredients in the supplement all work together to promote the natural synthesis of estrogen and in addition, they also target the symptoms of menopause that are causing you significant discomfort. With this product, you can avoid issues such as hormonal imbalance, vaginal discomfort, lower libido, difficulty concentrating, and so much more.

Easy to Take

When choosing a health supplement, it is important to focus on the dosage requirements for the supplement. Even if a product is “all-natural,” that does not mean that the natural substances are always going to promote health benefits in large quantities.

Estrovive strikes a positive balance when it comes to dosage requirements. The recommended dosage for the product is just two capsules per day; one in the morning with breakfast and one in the evening with dinner. Those who take the product as directed for the first few days and onward experience relief after 3-6 days of consumption. You should keep in mind that results can and do vary depending upon the individual though.

If you are already taking other supplements for other health issues, then you can still use Estrovive. However, if you are concerned about how the supplements will react with one another, it may be best to call the brand and discuss the issue and to verify the compatibility of Estrovive with whatever else you are taking.

The Ingredients in EstroVive

As mentioned earlier, Estrovive contains all-natural ingredients which are known to help regulate estrogen levels and to relief menopause related symptoms. Understanding the ingredients in any supplement you take is a necessary step in maintaining proper health standards. Here are the ingredients featured in Estrovive and their main purpose:


The licorice used in this product is not the candy form, but the herb itself. The herb is known for its sweet flavor and its ability to provide individuals with numerous health benefits when used in herbal supplements and folk medicines. When it comes to Estrovive, the licorice is responsible for regulating hormone levels so that your body strikes a healthy balance.

Vitex Berry

Vitex Berry is a herbal tonic that is commonly used among women. The supplement helps balance estrogen and progesterone in the body so that you experience relief during menopause. In addition, Vitex Berry is known for its ability to block pain related to menopause.

Dong Quai

Dong Quai is an Asian herb that is used to balance estrogen levels in the body. When combined with other herbal ingredients in the supplement, it will work to regulate the symptoms of menopause so that you can attain noticeable and comforting relief.

Black Cohosh

Black Cochosh is commonly used in herbal supplements and it is sourced from Eastern North America. It’s herbal effects are to relieve anxiety, facilitate REM Sleep, and to provide you with long-term relief.

Red Clover

The final ingredient is Red Clover. This flower stimulates the production of estrogen in the body so that you can strike a healthy balance. It also improves your energy levels, enhances your vitality, promotes weight loss, and allows you to feel happier and positive throughout the day.

As a whole, the ingredients in Estrovive are excellent. They work together to provide you with the many health benefits of the product so that you can experience effective relief from your menopause.

Money Back Guarantee

Women who have tried this product are impressed and happy with the results. However, if you find yourself disliking the product, then the brand offers you a 90 day money back guarantee. Simply contact the brand to initiate the return process; there are no questions asked.


Overall, EstroVive is a highly recommended supplement that provides you with an array of health benefits. Women have been especially pleased with the product, its all-natural and effective ingredients, and the ease of use. If you want to experience menopause relief, then this is the right supplement for you.

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