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Endymed Review – Does It Actually Work?

Whether you are struggling with aging, cellulite, wrinkles, or other cosmetic issues, you may be wondering what options are available. To treat cosmetic conditions, most people opt for surgery or Botox treatments because it is believe that these options are the best and most effective at achieving results. Luckily, the truth is that spending thousands of dollars and going under the knife or needle is not the only way to attain flawless results.

Instead, you may just want to consider a less-invasive and just-as-effective solution. Known as Endymed, this company is a skin treatment solution that works to eliminate multiple conditions. This review is not only beneficial for those who are looking to improve their skin, but for distributors who are looking for aesthetic solution platforms.

About Endymed

Endymed was established in 2007 and now operates as a medical technology company that works to design, create, develop, and commercialize some of the best aesthetic treatment systems on the market. The company’s aesthetic treatment technologies treat a wide-range of cosmetic conditions and the success of its products have made it a leader in the cosmetics industry. All of Endymed’s products are geared toward being innovative, painless, effective, and concurrent with today’s technology and needs.

Whether you are a distributor or an individual looking for a business that utilizes reliable technologies when treating your skincare conditions, Endymed products are right for you.

Personal Treatments

In addition to supplying businesses and distributors with cosmetic technology, Endymed also has its own clinics that provide individuals with personal treatments. The personal treatments vary, but they normally cover skin conditions such as cellulite, wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet.

Moreover, Endymed is also recognized for its unique treatments when it comes to body contouring, body tightening, facial tightening, fractional skin resurfacing, and microneedle treatment. The most interesting of these treatment options is the microneedle treatment.

The microneedle treatment is formally known as Intensif RF Microneedle Treatment and it is designed to provide you with dermal skin remodeling. This remodeling treatment rejuvenates the skin’s ability to produce compounds like elastin and collagen. As these compounds reproduce in abundance due to the treatment, you’ll notice a smoother and suppler skin surface. The treatment system is also responsible for eliminating the appearance of traumatic scars and age spots, regardless of your skin type or skin hue.

Aside from the main purposes of Intensif RF Microneedle Treatment, many who have undergone the treatment have also experienced other benefits such as less acne and smaller pores. The treatment system does not cause any pain, but just slight discomfort that goes away within a few minutes.

Products Undergo Extensive Clinical Testing

While you would expect most brands to research and test their products before putting them on the market, many actually do not. Endymed takes great care in ensuring that its products meet quality standards, there are no adverse side effects, and that the technology works as expect. As a result, the brand extensively researchers and tested its technology through numerous clinical trials.

When using clinical trials, Endymed uses a number of clinical tools, such as mathematical simulations, infrared thermal photography, in-vivo photography, in-vivo confocal microsopy, and in-vivo ultrasonography. By using these types of testing tools, Endymed is able to attain the most accurate and effective results.

In conducting the clinical trials, it was found that Endymed products lead to an improvement in both facial and non-facial wrinkles, scar treatments stimulate the external and dermal layers leading to prominent results, and participants even reported enhanced skin texture and less acne. This is just a short overview of the clinical results, there are many more positive outcomes to the clinical trials that you can continue to read about on the brand’s website.

Endymed 3DEEP Technology

One of the company’s most famous and highly-appraised technologies is the 3EEP Skin Science Technology. This is a proprietary technology that utilizes controlled radio frequencies to eliminate the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and numerous other problems. It is one of the most popular skincare devises to be used in the company’s own clinics and it is highly sought after by distributors whose clients are also looking to use the technology in their own skincare clinics.

The Benefits of 3DEEP Technology

There are a number of advantages to be had from using 3DEEP technology. Unlike other products on the market, this one is designed to provide you with a targeted energy flow on both the skin surface and below the skin.

This way, the surface is getting adequate support from the dermal layer. Moreover, while the product does use heat technology, there are no cooling mechanisms required, as with other technology. Ultimately, this generates a shorter and more effective use of time for those who adopt the technology in their own skincare regimen.

Here are a few of the main advantages of this technology:

  • Focused and contained energy delivery at the deepest levels of the skin
  • No cooling is necessary since most of the energy flow is concentrated on the lower layers
  • Minimally painless delivery of the treatment and optimal patient comfort
  • Personalized parameters are possible

As you can tell 3DEEP technology is an interesting and useful treatment for those who are looking for a comfortable and nearly painless way to eliminating the most common skin ailments. With this product, users can achieve beautiful and flawless skin, leading to a heightened level of confidence and positive results.

FDA Clearance

Finally, for those who are concerned, the brand has attained FDA clearance for its products. If you are interested in viewing the FDA clearance letters, CE Mark, and ISO certificate, then you can visit the brand’s website and view the documents there. At least now, you certainly can be confident in the quality standards and safety of the products.


If you are looking to using the Endymed’s personalized treatments or if you are a distributor, then you can find more information about how to start the process through the company’s website. Ultimately, those who have undergone the treatments and established business relationships with Endymed have been extremely pleased with the results and now, you can be too, just as soon as you get in touch.

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