End of All Disease – Jeff Cannone's Lose The Back Pain Plan?


The End of All Disease is a new self-help health advice book that promises to help readers take back control over the natural healing abilities of their bodies. Author Jesse Cannone offers to educate readers on the most effective methods to reduce the effects of arthritis using non drug treatments, little known diet secrets, supplements and effective pain management techniques to wipe out joint pain for good.

Cannone provides a comprehensive breakdown on the best ways to reduce and even completely cure the effects of painful migraine headaches. The End of All disease helps dispel the most prevalent myths and misconceptions around some of the world’s most common diseases such as osteoporosis, heart disease, fibromyalgia and even cancer.

In this review we’ll take a look at the methods outlined by the author and examine some of the other ways in which Jesse Cannone is helping people worldwide break the chains of debilitating disease and lead healthy, happy lives free of pain.

Who is Jesse Cannone?

Jesse Cannone is one of the foremost authorities on the causes and treatments of back pain in the United States and across the globe. The Founder and CEO of The Healthy Back Institute, Cannone holds multiple qualifications in fitness training, post rehabilitation specialization, performance nutrition, master fitness training, and is a qualified advance fitness professional.

Cannone is no stranger to the spotlight and has consulted and a nutritional and health advisor in a wide range of media appearances. Providing detailed information on health and wellbeing for magazines such as Woman’s World, Entrepreneur, Women Today, Planet Muscle and Visage, Cannone is an experienced writer and advisor on a wide range of health issues. Cannone has also appeared in many newspapers from the United States to Australia, including the Washington Post, Canadian Press and the Brisbane Times, and has even been featured on NBC.

Cannone began his career in the health industry in Washington DC, working as a personal trainer that specialised in the rehabilitation process of individuals suffering from conditions such as stroke recovery, Parkinson’s and back pain. While working with clients that frequently needed assistance with lower back pain and sciatica, Cannone began to search for a way to provide a comprehensive, easy to understand method of reducing back pain that his clients could benefit from

Cannone’s search led him to partner with massage therapist Steve Hefferon and together they assembled a board of expert medical advisors and created The Healthy Back Institute. The board of advisors that make up The Healthy Back Institute consists of an array of Post Rehab Specialists, Sports Massage Therapists, Doctors of integrated medicine, obstetricians and gynecologists, as well as Chiropractors, Doctors of Oriental Medicine, Alternative Medicine Mind-Body Health Practitioners, Licensed Acupuncture Practitioners and Flexibility experts.

The diverse team of experts composing The Healthy Back institute set out to create a world class self-treatment and self-assessment procedure that could help the millions of people that suffer from painful issues such as back pain, neck pain and sciatica. Together The Healthy Back institute team composed a system called ‘Lose The Back Pain’, which has helped more than 55,000 people across that planet in over 100 countries manage their chronic back pain issues.

The success of The Back Pain Institute and their comprehensive pain minimization technique allowed Cannone to expand his efforts worldwide, and as a result Cannone has created a diverse range of methods to help people lose weight, reach fitness goals and reduce pain through a series of videos, seminars, audiobooks, article and books. Cannone has also release a series of instructional DVD’s even released a free ebook entitled ‘7-Day Back Pain Cure’ which was downloaded over one million times.

Cannone’s extensive experience in assisting people with their health issues has given him a comprehensive understanding of the best way to achieve a state of natural balance within the body that can have massive health benefits. The End of All Disease is Cannone’s magnum opus in medical self-help and contains an easy to understand summary of his health and wellness philosophy.

The End of All Disease

The End of all Disease provides a streamlined, simple philosophy. According to Cannone, all pain, health conditions and ailments find their source in just one of three separate causes. The end of All Disease posits that poor health is caused by firstly excess in the form of too much food, too many toxins, too much stress, and a number of other excesses that are all too common in today’s society.

Inversely, The End of All Disease suggests that another cause of illness is deficiency. Sufferers of poor health can find the origins of their health issues in deficiency of exercise, poor nutrition, and many other elements critical to the function of the body that most people aren’t aware they need. The third factor composing the philosophy of The End of All Disease is stagnation. Stagnation is rarely found in natural systems, and when stagnation occurs in the human body many different issues can arise.

The End of All Disease presents simple, easy to follow instructions that are designed to address these three causes of illness and return the body to a state of homeostasis, or a natural balance between the many forces and functions of the human body that are constantly at war with each other due to the stressful nature of modern society. Returning the body to a state of homeostasis can have a huge positive effect on the health of an individual, resulting in good cardiovascular function, increased immune response, a healthier and stronger heart and other beneficial effects like higher cognitive function and the ability to recover from injuries and diseases much faster.

The End of All Disease Pricing and Availability

Cannone has made his groundbreaking wellness philosophy absolutely free to anybody who wants to take back control of their health. The End of All disease can be requested via the Lose The Back Pain website and is completely free, with just a $5.95 USD shipping fee. The End of All Disease has a retail bookstore price of $24.95, so this offer provides a great way to get solid advice on improving your health without breaking your budget.

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