Emergency Pocket Stove – Survival Stove That Works?


The Emergency Pocket Stove is a survival stove so small it can fit in the palms of your hands. Is this new online offer from Survival Frog really worth it? Let’s find out today in our Emergency Pocket Stove review.

What Is Emergency Pocket Stove?

Emergency Pocket Stove is a tiny stove that “could help save your life”, according to the online sales page for the product that recently appeared online.

The stove functions in a straightforward way: there’s one metal base, two interlocking metal covers, and space enough inside for 3 to 6 small “fuel tabs”, which look very similar to small tea light candles. The entire stove folds up into about the size of a hard drive or two decks of cards placed next to each other (it actually kind of looks like a hard drive too).

As part of a new online offer, the stove is available for a reported 25% off. You can buy it for $15 or buy other packages that come with bonus products – like waterproof matches.

How Does the Emergency Pocket Stove Work?

The stove works in a straightforward way. Here’s the step by step guide:

Step 1) Open the stove

Step 2) Place a few fuel tabs in the middle of the stove

Step 3) Light the fuel tabs with a lighter or matches

Step 4) Place a pot of water or other food/liquid on top of the stove and wait for it to work

The pocket stove can fit up to 6 smoke-free fuel tabs in storage mode (3 or 4 when cooking). Those fuel tabs are smoke-free and reportedly odor-free. There’s no knobs to turn, no gas to connect, and no way to adjust the heat: you just light the fuel sources and away you go.

Survival Frog doesn’t explain where to get the fuel tabs or other fuel sources. They don’t mention whether or not any fuel tabs are included with the purchase – although you’ll want to have quite a few in stock if you’re using this stove on a regular basis, as it’s likely going to chew through them very quickly.

Emergency Pocket Stove doesn’t explain how long it will take to cook anything with the fuel sources. However, based on the size of the fuel tabs and the limited space available, it’s going to take a significantly longer time than any ordinary stove.

Nevertheless, Survival Frog does claim the tabs output white hot flames – so you’re not cooking with candlelight. The stove is also made from galvanized steel – so it’s strong enough to hold larger cooking appliances (although it still won’t hold enormous pots and pans due to its miniature frame).

Emergency Pocket Stove Pricing

Emergency Pocket Stove is priced at a base rate of $15, although you can bundle it with other Survival Frog products. Here’s how pricing breaks down on the official website:

  • 1 Pocket Stove: $14.97 + Shipping
  • 2 Pocket Stoves + Stormproof Matches: $29.94 + Shipping
  • The Perfect Pack: 3 Pocket Stoves + 2 Stormproof Matches: $44.91 + Free Shipping
  • Family Pack (5 Pocket Stoves + 5 Stormproof Matches: $74.85 + Free Shipping
  • Expedition Pack (10 Pocket Stoves + 10 Stormproof Matches): $134.73

All purchases are made online through Clickbank.com. All purchases also come with some downloadable eBooks delivered to your email inbox, including a Solar Heating Guide eBook, an Ultimate Survival Blueprint eBook, and a Normally Sold Out After Crisis eBook.

Who Makes the Emergency Pocket Stove?

The Emergency Pocket Stove is made by a company named Survival Frog. That company is based in Denver at the following address:

2488 W 2nd Ave

Denver, CO 80223

You can contact the company by phone at 800-773-7737. In addition to miniature stoves, the company sells a wide variety of other survival gear – including downloadable eBooks like the ones we mentioned above. It’s known for selling the WaterBrick and LifeStraw water purification systems, among other popular survival products.

Emergency Pocket Stove Review Summary

The Emergency Pocket Stove is a tiny stove that can fold up into your hand. It’s not going to output an overwhelming amount of heat and energy – but it’s not really designed for that.

The device is a straightforward product that consists of folding steel parts that bend out at 90 degree angles to support a cooking instrument – like a pot or cup. Because the Emergency Pocket Stove is so small, you can’t expect it to support large items – and it will take a long time to heat these items regardless.

Ultimately, the Emergency Pocket Stove is available online through SurvivalFrog.com for $15. If you need an extra small camping stove, or just something tucked away for emergencies, then the Emergency Pocket Stove may be the right choice for you.


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