Einstein Bros Boosted Bagels

Bagel company Einstein Bros Bagels just announced a lineup of interesting new bagels – including one bagel that comes packed with caffeine.

The bagels are part of the company’s new “Boosted Bagels” lineup. There are three main varieties in that lineup, including:

  • Espresso Buzz Bagel
  • Savory Parm Bagel
  • Cherry Chia Bagel

The last two bagels are fairly self-explanatory. But it’s the first bagel that has people talking. The Espresso Buzz Bagel comes with 32mg of caffeine – about the same amount of caffeine as one-third of a cup of coffee.

Each bagel also has 13g of protein – which is just less than your average protein shake. There’s also a healthy dose of iron and magnesium. On the official Einstein Bros Bagels website, the company described how every bite “gives you a tasty dose of bold flavor, caffeine and one-of-a-kind benefits”.

You can also order an Espresso Buzz Bagel & Bacon, which comes with brown sugar thick-cut bacon, cage-free eggs, cheddar, and butter.

What About the Last Two Einstein Bros Boosted Bagels?

The Savory Parm Bagel also comes with 13g of protein along with a small dose of thiamin, iron, and vitamin B6. Like the Espresso Buzz Bagel, you can order a Hot Parm & Bacon version of the bagel, which comes with the same bacon, eggs, and cheese combo.

Finally, we have the Cherry Chia bagel, which promises to be a good source of omega-3 and other omega fatty acids. There’s 11g of protein in this bagel along with a strong dose of fiber, magnesium, and phosphorous. Key ingredients in the bagel, as you may have guessed, include cherries, chia, and oats.

If you’re eating the Cherry Chia bagel for breakfast, then you can get a Cherry Chia Ham & Swiss, which is made from smoked ham, cage-free eggs, Swiss cheese, and butter on the Cherry Chia bagel.

As with all Einstein Bros. bagels, you can get a “shmear” on all the Einstein Bros Boosted Bagels above.

What Does the Espresso Buzz Caffeinated Bagel Taste Like?

The Espresso Buzz Caffeinated Bagel is officially available in Einstein Bros locations across America.

The bagel doesn’t just contain caffeine – it tastes like coffee. The bagel has a surprisingly strong coffee flavor. So if you were looking to get caffeine without tasting coffee, then this bagel isn’t for you.

One People reviewer claimed that, “It tastes like I just ate a mouthful of coffee grains.”

Try eating it with cream cheese to neutralize the coffee flavor a little bit.

Einstein Bros Boosted Bagels Are Free to Try (If You’re a Nurse)

Most busy professions could use an extra shot of carbs and caffeine in the morning. To celebrate the launch of the Espresso Buzz bagels, however, Einstein Bros is having an extra special giveaway for nurses.

Nurses who show up at participating stores on May 11, 2017 will enjoy a free Espresso Buzz bagel and shmear. All you need to do is show your scrubs or an ID.

You can find your closest Einstein Bros location using the map on their site.

Caffeine lovers may scoff at the 32mg of caffeine in the new Espresso Buzz bagel – but if you combine that with your morning coffee, then that’s an extra boost of caffeine in the morning. Visit your local Einstein Bros location to try any of the Einstein Bros Boosted Bagels for yourself.


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