EarlySense Live – Doctor Trusted Contact-Free Health Monitor?


As an alternative to wristbands and wired sleep trackers the early sense Live makes it easy for individuals and caregivers to keep track of their sleep and overall health with an under the mattress sensor.

Simply placing the sensor disc under a mattress lets users receive real time data through their smartphone. This device is perfect for new parents or caregivers of elderly parents. Please read below to learn more about Early Sense Live and how to purchase a sensor.

What is EarlySense Live?

People who are looking for an easy way to track their sleep or a loved one’s vitals while sleeping will appreciate the revolutionary new product called EarlySense Live.

Syncing can be done seamlessly with up to five smart devices allowing people to real time track and also set up emergency alerts.

How Does It Work?

Users simply place the EarlySense Live sensor underneath their mattress and sync it to their smartphone.

By programming the device users can share their data with loved ones and even doctors to help improve their care plan. Early Sense Live also works for babies and toddlers to give parents peace of mind while their baby sleeps.

Up to five family members can receive the data alerts but this service requires a subscription which pricing information is currently unavailable for.

Features of EarlySense Live

This innovative device is a great tool for people who want to improve their sleep through awareness or for caregivers who care for an elderly parent. Instead of having to wear an uncomfortable wrist band this sensor simply rests underneath the mattress.

  • Real Time Health Tracking: Daily summary reports delivered automatically to a smartphone or tablet including sleep analysis data covering sleep stages, heart rate, respiratory rate, stress level, and movement.
  • Instant Night Alerts: Offers instant push notifications to phone when heart rate or respiratory rates are high.
  • Nutrition and Activity Diary: Provides a place to keep track of meals, snacks, and drink consumption including alcohol. Also keeps track of daily exercise.
  • Export Health Data: Allows up to fourteen days of data to be sent to various people via email.
  • Health Analysis and Sleep Score: Keeps track of how long it takes users to fall asleep, how many times they wake up, and how long they stayed out of bed during the night. This feature also tracks both deep and shallow sleep durations.
  • Smart Wake-Up Alarm: An innovative feature that gently wakes the user according to their sleep cycle and can start awakening them fifteen to forty five minutes prior to their necessary time to wake up.
  • Daily Feedback and Tips: These daily reports combine all of the data into one easy to follow report to see health at a quick glance.

Each Early Sense Live device comes with a sensor, power adaptor, user manual, and quick guide.

EarlySense Live Pricing

Consumers can purchase this innovative device online through both the EarlySense Live company website and Amazon.

Early Sense Live is available for $199.00 on both websites. All purchases of this device come with a sixty day money back guarantee and a two year warranty. Shipping is free.

Should You Use EarlySense Live?

Whether consumers are looking for a sleep tracker for personal use or for a loved one in their care, EarlySense Live gives real time information to help put people at peace regarding vitals.

In addition to caregiving this device also helps people have better awareness about sleep patterns and how lifestyle choices affect their quality of sleep. Further details are available through the Early Sense website at www.earlysense.com.

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