Ear Wizard Ear Swab – 2×1 Safe Comfortable Throwaway Cleaner Tips?


According to recent research released by the Center for Disease Control, more than 36% of the population regularly uses cotton swabs to clean the inside of their ears. For many people, the sensation of built-up earwax inside the ear canal is an unpleasant one, which leads to more than a third of us regularly employing cotton swabs as ear-cleaning devices

Cleaning the ears with a cotton swab, however, is in reality an extremely risky process. Every year, more than 7000 people are hospitalized due to ear injuries sustained from cleaning their ears with cotton swabs, which is more than the amount of injuries caused every year by razor blades. The most common issue sustained by users of cotton swabs is the swab itself becoming stuck in the ear, which can be extremely painful.

In many cases, however, cotton swabs are able to cause far more serious damage. Regular use of cotton swabs can irritate the inside of the ear, which leads to inflammation, infection, and even hearing loss. In extreme cases, cotton swabs have been observed to perforate the eardrum itself, which results in extreme pain, a loss of consciousness, bleeding from the ears, and prolonged hearing loss while the eardrum heals. In most cases this type of injury heals by itself, but results in permanent hearing loss.

According to ENT’s and otolaryngologists, the practice of cleaning the ears with cotton swabs is entirely unnecessary. While it’s a good idea to clean the immediate inside of your ear canal every now and then, using a cotton swab to penetrate deeply into the ear canal is a bad idea for your overall health. Ear wax actually performs a wide range of important functions, keeping the ear free from bacteria, preventing infection, and protecting the inside of the ear from water.

A groundbreaking new ear hygiene solution, however, is providing health enthusiasts with the ability to clean their ears safely and effectively without the risk of damage. The Ear Wizard 2X1 Ear Swab is an innovative new health product that removes excess wax gently without presenting the risk of ear damage or hearing loss.

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at the Ear Wizard 2X1 Ear Swab and find out what makes it different from cotton swabs to help you decide whether it’s the right ear hygiene solution for your needs.

What Is The Ear Wizard 2X1 Ear Swab?

The Ear Wizard 2X1 Ear Swab is a unique ear cleaning solution that offers safe, comfortable ear cleaning. Instead of providing users with a long cotton swab that could potentially injure the inner ear, the Ear Wizard 2X1 Ear Swab consists of an ergonomic, easy-to-use handle that attaches to replaceable silicone ear cleaning tips.

The soft, flexible tip of the Ear Wizard 2X1 Ear Swab is constructed with a spiral design that gently and smoothly draws excess ear wax out from the immediate entry to the ear, which offers a number of advantages over traditional cotton swab cleaning. A major advantage of the Ear Wizard 2X1 Ear Swab is that the silicone tips are completely washable, hygienic, and reusable, making them a far more cost-effective choice than cotton swabs.

The Ear Wizard 2X1 Ear Swab Advantage

The biggest advantage offered by the Ear Wizard 2X1 Ear Swab is that its unique design doesn’t push wax further into the ear. Although the sensation of using a cotton swab to dig deep inside the ear may feel like it’s providing a deep cleaning action, this practice actually pushes wax further into the ear.

The spiral cleaning design of the Ear Wizard 2X1 Ear Swab gently pulls wax from the ear without penetrating too deeply, or pushing wax further into the ear canal, making ear hygiene as easy as simply placing the tip in the ear and twisting gently.

Ear Wizard 2X1 Ear Swab Review Summary

The Ear Wizard 2X1 Ear Swab is a highly innovative solution to the issue of ear hygiene. If you’re looking for an ear hygiene device that prevents injury, the Ear Wizard 2X1 is the best choice available.

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