Drunk Elephant – Real Non-Toxic Light Skin Care Line?


There is a common misconception that certain people have sensitive skin, while others have ‘normal’ skin.

However, there is a discrepancy in this way of thinking because, technically, everyone has sensitive skin.

The problem is that not everyone’s skin reacts the same way to skin care products, making some people think that they do not, in fact, have sensitive skin. As a result, they keep using these products, even though the damage they’re doing is beneath the surface.

The skin is one of the body’s most sensitive organs, even though it plays a hugely protective role.

Despite being what protects the internal organs from external harm, the skin requires its own protection, due to its sensitivity. Just like other organs in the body, the skin is extremely absorbent.

The problem with this absorbency is that when it is exposed to pollutants and contaminants, they are absorbed into the skin and enter the blood stream.

Not only does this break down the overall health of users, it also seriously breaks down the health of the skin.

The structure that makes the skin so soft, smooth, and flawless at birth can be broken down when it is exposed to too many toxins.

Unfortunately, these toxins are frequently found in skin care products, even those that are made for ‘sensitive’ skin.

As these ingredients are absorbed by the skin, the natural constructs in the lower layers of the skin, or the dermis, begin to break down, causing a series of unfortunate skin problems.

Blotchy, uneven tone, rough texture, acne, and signs of aging are all a result of the skin being ruined by outside toxins.

In order to protect the health of the skin, and keep it looking its healthiest, it’s vital to use skin care products that are able to protect the skin while also giving it specific benefits, like even skin tone or fighting blemishes.

Drunk Elephant is a company that has made superior skin care products for years, offering users the support they need to protect, nourish, and strengthen their skin.

About Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant was started by Tiffany Masterson in Houston, Texas. As is the case with some of the best innovations, Drunk Elephant was started out of a real need for Masterson.

Always passionate about learning what ingredients benefit or harm the skin, Masterson spent years learning about the skin and researching different skin care products.

Over the years, she interviewed and worked with a wide range of experts in the skin care industry.

As a result of all this exploration, Masterson discovered that many of the products on the market were not at all helpful to the health, wellness, and beauty of the skin.

One thing that shocked Masterson was that many of the skin care products on the market, even those that claim to be made for those with sensitive skin, contained synthetic ingredients that were very harmful to the skin.

The toxic chemicals, artificial fragrances and colors, as well as the allergic sensitizers in these products shocked Masterson.

In an effort to create products that were held to higher standards, that contained only the highest quality, natural ingredients, Masterson started Drunk Elephant.

The goal of Drunk Elephant is to offer those who care about the health of their skin products that keep it simple, using high quality ingredients that do what they say they do.

Without using any synthetic or unnatural ingredients, items sold by Drunk Elephant look, feel, and smell like the ingredients used to create the products, not formulated fragrances and chemicals that actually harm the skin.

By keeping it simple and natural, Drunk Elephant is able to offer users the support they need to restore their skin.

Since Drunk Elephant was started in 2012, the company has grown its product line. However, despite this growth, the company has stayed committed to creating the best of the best when it comes to skin care products.

And, when compared to other skin care companies, Drunk Elephant offers quite a small selection, eight products. However, quality is more important to Drunk Elephant than quantity.

These 8 products, which will be joined with new products soon, have gone through extensive testing and have been proven to offer users amazing skin care benefits.

By keeping things simple, from the packaging to the manufacturing process, Drunk Elephant has been able to change how people think about skin care products.

Drunk Elephant products are able to transform the skin, because they are natural and packed with the essentials, giving the skin just what it needs to thrive.

What Makes Drunk Elephant Different

The biggest difference between Drunk Elephant and other skin care companies is seen in the ingredients the company uses for its products.

Despite offering clinically effective skin care products, Drunk Elephant is able to offer real results without using any toxins, irritants, or sensitizers.

The only ingredients added to Drunk Elephant products are those that will directly benefit the skin.

Nothing is ubiquitous in these products, with everything serving a very specific purpose. By staying away from questionable ingredients, Drunk Elephant has been able to offer users, even those with the most sensitive skin, safe and effective skin care options.

In addition to only using the best of the best ingredients, Drunk Elephant also spends a lot of time and focus on the formulation process for its products.

Not only do the best ingredients have to be used, but they need to be balanced perfectly to get the best results.

Drunk Elephant looks at pH levels and the percentage of active ingredients, making sure the products are formulated to be the most effective.

By paying such close attention to the formulation process, as well as the ingredients, Drunk Elephant has set itself apart from other skin care options on the market today.

As mentioned above, Drunk Elephant only offers eight specific products. Even though more are currently going through the testing process, there is a reason Drunk Elephant offers so few products.

The creators of Drunk Elephant believe that less is always more, especially when it comes to skin care.

While most people have multiple products they use on their skin every day, Drunk Elephant believes that paring down is the best way to care for the skin.

By offering products that are more effective, even in smaller amounts, Drunk Elephant is able to allow users to use fewer products to get the same results.

Products Sold by Drunk Elephant

All Drunk Elephant products can be found and purchased on the company website (www.DrunkElephant.com).

On the website, customers will be able to find all the latest products, as well as additional information that might be beneficial to their purchasing process.

For example, Drunk Elephant is currently offering $20 to those who get their friends to make a purchase.

Because the Drunk Elephant skin care line is so small, it is easily divided into a few simple categories.

The categories sold by Drunk Elephant include:

Drunk Elephant Review Summary

What makes these categories so interesting is that many of the Drunk Elephant products are able to serve dual purposes.

For example, some facial oils may moisturize and protect, or cleanse and correct. By offering products that are more comprehensive, Drunk Elephant makes it so customers don’t have to buy as many products to get everything their skin needs.

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