Drinkwel LyteZone Sports Drink

What is Drinkwel?

Drinkwel is a new company for people that are focused primarily around health. People like to have a good time and party, but with today’s knowledge even they know the importance of taking care of yourself.

Even if you go out and party from time to time, it’s important to still keep your health in mind. Everything from what you eat to what you drink and the vitamins you take on a daily basis. Also, nutrients and supplements as well as where your diet is sourced from is important.

The more food you eat that isn’t processed the better it is for you. Some people are considered to be healthy drinkers for example. That is pretty much a huge oxymoron, but it’s true – there are people who think it’s possible to be a partier and still be healthy. It’s not very realistic on several levels.

How Does the Drinkwel LyteZone Sports Drink Work?

Drinkwel LyteZone Sports Drink involved a lot of research and they wanted to create a beverage that is highly effective at being healthy and still tasting great. A lot of health products on the market are good for you, but they taste like garbage. But health today is more of a lifestyle then a word.

That’s why the Drinkwel LyteZone Sports Drink was created, as a world class, high-quality drink that would improve the overall health of the person who drinks it. And it is focused around people who live a lifestyle that still involves drinking. It’s basically a way to curb the effects of hangovers so you can still be productive after a night of drinking.

After bringing in experts they wanted to make sure that they used only the best ingredients in the right amounts. They worked with different doctors to create the drink. One of them was a doctor of neuropathic medicine who helped to finalize the product. And the they took it to another level by including several different antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that would work together to help heal the effects of alcohol.

Everything from botanicals to superfruits and amino acids are used to make the drink what it is. Not only that, but there are also trace elements and minerals that are included that help to strengthen the body when drinking heavy.

Even though drinkwel is a strong oxymoron, by comparison it’s one of the healthiest drinks a partier can use to stay as healthy as possible. It’s for everyday people too who like to have a good time.

The founder Mike McAdams is a very work hard/play hard kind of guy who is healthy but still likes to have a drink from time to time. He devised the drink because he wanted something that would rebuild his body and mind after a night of drinking or that could be used before sleep to help soften the next day’s hangover. Mike has a B.A. in consumer behavior and globalization from the University of California, Berkeley.

He has put serious effort into making Drinkwell what it is with the help of the rest of the team of highly specialized individuals. He has experience in finance and the food industry as well as real estate. The team is made up of some of the most diverse people on the planet. Each of whom has their own unique skills and abilities.

Drinkwel LyteZone Sports Drink Conclusion

If you’re a healthy person but still like to tilt one back from time to time, then this could be a great healthy drink for you to help eliminate nasty hangovers. Of course, it won’t work completely if you’re binge drinking or abusing alcohol.


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