Drink Roar – Healthy Performance Sports Drink Alternative?


About Drink Roar

Drink Roar is a line of sports drinks designed to hydrate people during athletic and/or fitness performance.

The founders of this brand wanted to create something high quality, natural, and meets the nutritional needs of those who consume it.

Their product line is primarily targeted to young athletes, as a way to properly equip the next generation of athletic standouts with a high quality product.

The brand became highly recognized in 2015 when Odell Beckham Jr. , starting wide receiver for the New York Giants, announced that he was going to invest and be the national spokesperson for Drink Roar.

How Does This Brand Differ From Its Competitors?

Roar’s beverages uses a unique blend of ingredients to create a high quality beverage with an appealing taste.

The base of the beverages are made with the following ingredients:

  • Coconut water to hydrate the body and provide electrolytes
  • B-Vitamins (B3, B5, B6, and B12) for additional nutrients that the body needs –especially for children
  • Contains less sugar than other sports drink brands

The products use a low amount of sugar, which will prevent athletes from crashing after drinking, and additional flavors used to add variety to the product line.

Roar’s beverages do not contain gluten, caffeine, brominated vegetable oil, artificial flavors, and preservatives.

Product Line

All of Drink Roar’s products come in a 20oz bottle, and there are 12 bottles per case. All of the flavors are priced at $29.99.

There are currently eight flavors of these sports beverages:

  • Zero Ice
  • Orange Smash
  • Patriot Punch
  • Iced Out
  • Green Rush
  • Fruit Slam
  • Cotton Candy

Even though all eight flavors are listed on the website, as of now, only two of the eight flavors are currently available for sale for buyers: the OBJXII and Iced Out.

Iced Out –Blue Raspberry

The Iced Out is a blue raspberry flavored beverage. The percentage breakdown for this drink is:

  • 60% coconut water
  • 80% B-Vitamins (B3, B5, B6, and B12)
  • 50% natural flavors
  • 10% sugar

This product contains significantly less sugar than other brands, which means that the likelihood for someone to crash from the sugar rush will be a lot lower.

Roar claims that this beverage can boost the body’s metabolism and increase awareness; however, given the list of ingredients used, there’s no scientific evidence to support this claim. The ingredient contain will properly hydrate and nourish young athletes while performing.

OBJXIII – Strawberry Watermelon

The OBJXIII is the first flavor of the Drink Roar Odell Beckham Jr. series. It is a strawberry watermelon flavor with a hint of kiwi.

Roar states that this is the brands first all-natural product, which could imply that there are chemicals used in the other flavors (speculation not verified for sure).

The break down for this drink consist of the following percentages:

  • 60% coconut water
  • 80% B vitamins (B3, B5, B6, and B12)
  • 50% natural flavors
  • 10% sugar

How To Purchase

Drink Roar’s headquarters is located outside of New York City in Long Island. Their products can be purchased online on their website drinkroar.com/shop.

Drink Roar Review Summary

Drink Roar’s beverages seem like it is a great product for young athletes. The coconut water base and b-vitamins can properly hydrate and nourish them during and after physical activity.

It is low in sugar, which is great for parents that do not want their children consuming sugary drinks. There are some faults in their advertising and claims.

They claimed that the OBJXIII is the brand’s first all-natural product, so one could speculate that chemicals could possibly be used.

The other problem with the claim, is that the beverages contain “natural” flavors, which is usually a code word for some type of chemical additive that is used to add extra flavor to the drinks; this is commonly used in many beverages and food items sold in grocery stores.

While Drink Roar may not be 100% natural, the legitimacy of the brand does appear that it is effective.

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