DreamWear Mask – Apnea Dog’s Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Headgear?


Over the years, more and more people are taking their health into their own hands. Yes, they still seek help from medical professionals, but with all the information available to the public, more people are being proactive about their health. Because of this new influx of better informed people, more and more problems are coming to light. One of the biggest issues facing those in the United States at the moment is that there are several conditions and diseases that are going untreated.

People care about their health more these days. However, despite this new interest, there are still those who shrug off their symptoms as being something caused by everyday life, like stress, lack of sleep, or overworking. Some of these symptoms do look similar to those caused by these lifestyles, but can often point to more serious issues.

As more and more people are learning about their own health, they are realizing that many of the things they shrugged off were actually signs of a deeper issue. None of these conditions has seen more of this than sleep apnea. More times than not, sleep apnea is just ignored, thought to be just regular snoring or poor sleep during the night. However, sleep apnea is actually when people stop breathing when they sleep, causing them to almost shock awake, which often sounds like snoring.

While many people still shrug off sleep apnea as just being loud sleeping, research is proving over and over again that this condition causes serious health issues. Not only does it decrease how well people sleep during the night, making them more tired and less focused during the day, but it also causes health issues further down the line.

Even those who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and are ready to take action face problems. For one, the equipment needed to help prevent sleep apnea from worsening is very expensive. Plus, there are so many options available for users that it’s hard for those who have just been diagnosed with the condition to pick the option that’s best for them.

In order to make finding, purchasing, and receiving sleep apnea equipment easier for everyone, Apnea Dog was created. This online store provides information for those who suffer from sleep apnea, as well as a wide range of equipment and devices for those looking for a solution to their sleep apnea. While Apnea Dog offers many options, one of the most popular devices on the website today is the DreamWear Mask with Headgear. The DreamWear Mask was designed and created to provide relief for those who suffer from sleep apnea, but without hindering their sleep.

About the DreamWear Mask with Headgear

When people think about sleep apnea masks, they often think of the giant masks that cover the entire face, making users look and feel like Darth Vader. While these masks are extremely effective, they’re also a bit of a pain to wear, being bulky and heavy, as well as making it difficult to move while sleeping. In an effort to offer a more convenient option for those who need a CPAP machine, the DreamWear Mask was created.

The DreamWear Mask was designed to give users the benefits of two different styles of CPAP machines. The first design used to create the DreamWear Mask is a nasal mask, which fits securely over the nose of users, instead of the whole face, to provide breathing support without all the bulk. The second design used to create the DreamWear Mask is a pillow mask, which provides a level of comfort that many nasal masks don’t have.

By combing two different styles of masks to create the DreamWear Mask, it has quickly become a favorite amongst those who suffer from sleep apnea. Not only is the mask more comfortable, but most users agree that they often feel like they aren’t even wearing a mask while they’re sleeping. It’s this type of comfort that the DreamWear Mask was aiming for when it was created, hoping to offer those who suffer from sleep apnea a break from the uncomfortable, bulky CPAP machines that so many people have to use.

About Apnea Dog

Many people are reluctant to use an online store to purchase their CPAP machines, as well as their other sleep apnea devices. However, Apnea Dog was designed to offer users the best options available, instead of keeping them boxed in with the devices their doctors or medical professionals recommend. By providing all the information as well as so many device options in one place, Apnea Dog has actually become the preferred vendor for many people who suffer from sleep apnea.

When people see the name Apnea Dog, they might be a little confused. However, the name comes from something that many people don’t realize: Dogs have sleep apnea, too. In 1981, Dr. Colin Sullivan realized that his English bulldog had sleep apnea. Already interested in helping those with sleep apnea, Dr. Sullivan decided to test his new CPAP machine on his dog before offering to others. The device worked, not just on the dog, and that was the birth of Apnea Dog.

Since its inception in 1981, Apnea Dog has grown to carry a vast selection of sleep apnea products from leading manufacturers from all over the world. Not only does Apnea Dog offer a variety of options for those trying to figure out their sleep apnea, but it does so at affordable rates. The people behind Apnea Dog believe that those who suffer from sleep apnea shouldn’t have to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars to get a good nights’ sleep. Because of this, all the options on Apnea Dog are kept at very competitive prices.

In addition to providing information and device options, Apnea Dog also has a superior customer service system. These people have been trained to provide users with any help they might need during the purchasing process. With the support of the customer service on Apnea Dog, users can find exactly what they need at the prices they want.

Purchasing the DreamWear Mask with Headgear

Because the needs of every person who suffers from sleep apnea are different, there are several purchasing options available for those who want to buy the DreamWear Mask. By offering different frame sizes and cushion sizes, Apnea Dog is able to give users of different sizes and different needs the choices they need to pick the best option for themselves.

Below are the different size options available for the purchase of DreamWear Mask, as well as the prices for each option.

  • Large Cushion on a Large Frame – $109
  • Medium Wide Cushion on Medium Frame – $109
  • Medium Cushion on Medium Frame – $109
  • Small Cushion on Medium Frame – $109

The prices listed above do not include shipping and handling.

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