Dr. Miller’s Clinic Holy Tea – Natural Herbal Ingredient Benefits?


Have you ever considered how important colon health is? It is something no one enjoys speaking about, but doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be. The colon is essential to our health. Given that it is part of our digestive system, if it Is not working properly the body can’t be nourished properly or rid itself of the unwanted toxins and waste. The digestive tract is a huge part of the body, ranging approximately 30 feet long; starting from the mouth and ending at the anus.

Did you know the colon is in fact five (5) feet long? Imagine how much waste can get caught in there, thus, creating difficulties for the rest of our digestive tract and bodies. Bowel movements, and enough of them, are crucial is order to prevent any toxic overload.

What Does the Colon Do?

The colons function, is to absorb water, electrolytes and several vitamins – and ridding your body of wastes. Ultimately, one of the major organs in our bodies responsible for eliminating toxins and waste.

There are some medical conditions that can prevent the colon from functioning properly such as; colon cancer, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, and more. Unfortunately, there are no medical cures for things like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) other than surgery. More than 100,000 colostomy surgeries happen every year in the United States to remove part of the colon – something no one looks forward to.

Therefore, prevention is so key in maintaining its health.

How Can Holy Tea Help?

Holy Tea was developed using an herbal ingredient called Holy Thistle (hence its name), and is a widely-used herb for health improvements and carries some religious significance. By drinking the Holy Tea, it can help rid your colon and small intestines, of toxins and waste, including that which has been built up over time.

With the consumption of Holy Tea, it can also help with things like weight loss, because you may not realize the extra weight you can carry, specifically in the belly area, from an unhealthy or overloaded colon.

Some other uses of Holy Tea include (but not limited to) are;

  • Relief from allergies
  • Help detoxify chemicals, parasites, fungi, etc. from the digestive tract
  • Help relieve symptoms of IBS, Crohn’s Disease, acid reflux, and more
  • Assist in clearing skin conditions and body odor that may be caused by toxins attempting to eliminate themselves through your sweat glands
  • Assist in reducing high cholesterol and hypertension

It is likely, that most people are unaware of how an unhealthy colon can affect the rest of our body functions. It is possible that once using a product, like Holy Tea, you will see improvements not only in how you feel, but the appearance of your skin – clearer, younger looking – your focus and concentration can expect to be clearer, and ultimately, improved overall health.

We imagine you are understanding the importance of a healthy colon if you hadn’t already.

When your colon is unhealthy, what can happen is that the fecal matter will move much slower through the colon and in fact start to stick to the walls along the way. When this happens, it can restrict the effectiveness of ridding the body of mucus, old feces and dead cells. This is where problems can start to arise and can create a bloated feeling and unwanted belly fat start to appear.

Now knowing this, what can one do about it? It is simple really, develop a routine for yourself that includes ridding your body of this waste with a product like Holy Tea. Cleansing your colon and digestive tract does not need to be difficult, simply drink two (2) cups a day to start and watch, and wait, and see how much better you start to feel.

What Ingredients Are in Dr. Miller's Clinic Holy Tea?

As mentioned above, Holy Tea is made of a widely-used herb called Holy Thistle. In addition, it contains; Persimmon leaves, Malva leaves, Marshmallow leaves and Blessed Thistle.

Each of these ingredients possessing their own medicinal qualities specific to digestive and colon health. Their combination provides a light, refreshing flavor that is easy to enjoy.

Directions for Use

Boil 2 cups of water. Remove from the heat and add 2 of Dr. Miller’s Holy Ta bags to the water. Cover and steep for a minimum of two (2) hours.

Once steeped, pour the tea into a gallon size pitcher and fill with water. Should you choose to, Holy Tea can be sweetened with your sweetener of choice.

Holy Tea can be consumed hot or cold, but reviews suggest it tastes best after some refrigeration.

So, overall, if you are looking for a way to safely detoxify your digestive tract and colon, Holy Tea may be a great option for you. In addition to its detox benefits, and reducing belly fat, it is also a great option to help with constipation, clearer skin, assist in overnight fasting, and a plethora of health-related conditions.

The main objective is to regulate your system, have you experiencing regular and healthy bowel movements which will allow your body to rid the body of waste and help prevent any build up from occurring along the way. A healthy colon, a healthy body.

How to Order Dr. Miller's Clinic Holy Tea

Holy Tea is available for purchase online and comes in two (2) sizes; 8 bags and 16 bags.

  • Two bags of 8 is on sale for $30.00
  • Two bags of 16 is on sale for $60.00.

There are bulk rates available for those who are looking to purchase in larger quantities.

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