Dr David Williams Probiotic Advantage

Constipation is an event in which consumers have poor or low frequencies of bowel movement. This is a major concern given that consumers can easily feel sick, experience pain in the anus and abdomen and ultimately may face a change in mood. Fortunately, the Dr. David Williams Probiotic Advantage may better and regulate one’s digestive health.

When consumed as directed, the Dr. David Williams Probiotic Advantage can ease constipation, promote nutrient absorption, relieve gas, support the immune system and can further breakdown food. The following will provide consumers with a better insight in terms of its purpose, its ingredients, its suggested use and its affordability.

What Is Probiotic Advantage?

The Probiotic Advantage is a dietary supplement that may regulate the digestive system. It contains different types of probiotics that may ease symptoms and prevent the causes of poor digestive health. Let’s take a quick look at the ingredients responsible for its claimed benefits.

Probiotic Advantage Ingredients

The following is a breakdown of each component used in the Probiotic Advantage’s formula:


L-fermentum is a type of antioxidant and bacteria that may induce proper digestive health, regulated cholesterol level, provide immune support, and may prevent bacteria and infections from occurring.


L-plantarum may relieve symptoms associated with poor digestive health. Some benefits may include eased bloating, constipation, poor mental health and gas to name a few.


L-acidophilus is a type of probiotic that may treat different types of bowel movements; whether it is loose or tight bowels. In addition, it may also protect the system from urinary tract infections.


L-rhamnosus is a type of bacteria that naturally exists in the intestines. Its purpose is to potentially prevent bacteria growth in the intestines and stomach. Ultimately, it may treat and prevent constipation and digestive concerns.


Like many of the ingredients used in this blend, the L-salivarius is also a type of probiotic bacterium that promotes optimal gut health.


B-bifidum may eliminate existing bacteria in the intestine and gut regions. Based on its properties, consumers may achieve improved immune and digestive health, vitamins production, and may protect consumers from getting sick.


B-longum is used to elevate acidity levels in the digestive tract. Higher acidity levels may kill off existing bacteria and growth of future bacteria as well.

Upon analysis of the proprietary blend, it is clear that the Probiotic Advantage contains a wide range of probiotic bacteria that may treat and further prevent the growth and damage caused by harmful bacteria.

Using Probiotic Advantage

The suggested dosage is 1 to 2 caplets. Consumers are advised to consume it with water and prior to any meal of the day. For better absorption, it is best to avoid chewing or crushing the caplets.

Purchasing Probiotic Advantage

The prices of the Probiotic Advantage may vary depending on the quantity purchased. The following is a list of prices consumers can expect:

  • One container costs approximately $24.99
  • With the purchase of three containers, consumers get the fourth for free for a total price of $74.96
  • With the purchase of five containers, consumers get the sixth and seventh for free for approximately $124.95.

Each container contains one month’s worth of supply; hence bulk purchases are likely to save consumers more money than individual purchases.

Probiotic Advantage Final Verdict

Overall, it is important to ensure that consumers experience daily or regular bowel movements. If the latter is the case, not only will one’s physical abilities be affected, but one’s mental and emotional health may be negatively impacted as well. With healthy food options and the Probiotic Advantage together, consumers can potentially enhance their digestive health.


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