Dollop Gourmet – Healthy Vegan Cupcake Creations and Frostings?


Dollop Gourmet Review – Taste Good?

Dollop Gourmet is a lineup of gluten-free, non-GMO, non-dairy cupcake frosting that promises to remove the “junk” from our frosting. Here’s our Dollop Gourmet review.

What is Dollop Gourmet?

Dollop Gourmet is a lineup of cupcake frosting that contains all-natural ingredients and is free from many of the things you usually find in frosting – like dairy.

All Dollop Gourmet frostings are all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free, dairy-free, vegan-friendly, and made from organic ingredients. They’re also Rainforest Alliance certified and made right here in the United States.

To make this frosting even better, it claims to contain half the amount of sugar you typically find in frosting.

The company has received considerable media attention after being featured on Shark Tank. Today, the company offers a variety of flavors and frosting spreads, all of which abide by the rules listed above.

Dollop Gourmet Products

Dollop Gourmet frosting products include the following four core flavors:

  • Hot Chocolate Frosting Spread
  • Madagascar Vanilla Frosting Spread
  • Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Frosting Spread
  • Sea Salted Caramel Frosting Spread

All frostings are priced at $7.99 for a 12 Oz container.

In addition to the four flavors listed above, the company is selling a Shark Tank Special and a Shark Tank Sampler Pack. The Shark Tank Special contains 3 jars of frosting, including their three most popular flavors (Chocolate, Vanilla, and Peanut Butter) for $19.99.

Meanwhile, the Shark Tank Sampler Pack is priced at $39.95 and lets you mix together 5 packages of all different flavors.

You can also purchase Dollop Gourmet t-shirts and accessories from the online store.

Dollop Gourmet Ingredients

If Dollop Gourmet frostings don’t contain dairy products and other common frosting ingredients, then what do they contain? Here’s what the side of the Vanilla package tells us:

Ingredients: Organic Palm Shortening, Powdered Organic Cane Sugar, Vanilla Extract, Salt, Rice Bran Extract, and Natural Flavor.

Each serving of Dollop Gourmet (2 tablespoons, or 24 grams) contains 13 grams of fat (20% Daily Value), 6 grams of saturated fat (30% DV), 5mg of cholesterol (2% DV), 20mg of sodium (1% DV), 11g of carbs (4% DV), 11 grams of sugar, and 0 grams of protein. There are 14 servings of the frosting in each package.

Dollop Gourmet explains why they chose each of their ingredients at their Ingredients page. They also explain exactly what ingredient is.

The Madagascar Vanilla flavor, for example, is made from Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract made by a company named Nielson-Massey. That company purportedly makes “the world’s finest vanilla”.

Meanwhile, the peanut butter flavor comes from real peanut butter made by a company named Peanut Butter & Co.

What about the “natural flavors” you see on the side of Dollop Gourmet? Here’s how the ingredients section explains those natural flavors:

“Our natural flavors are real, pure flavors. Nothing artificial here. We’ve taste tested and scoured the country for only the best natural non-GMO flavors. You’ll be able to taste the difference, we promise.”

That’s a little vague. However, it’s more information than most companies provide when they list “natural flavors” on their ingredients list.

Who Makes Dollop Gourmet?

Dollop Gourmet was founded by a woman named Heather Saffer. Heather claims she always liked cupcakes growing up, and she eventually opened her own “build your own cupcake” bar in her hometown of Rochester, New York.

In 2012, Heather’s cupcakes were chosen to be featured on the Food Network’s TV show Cupcake Wars. Dollop Gourmet Cupcake Creations eventually won that show, and business exploded.

But Heather realized her passion wasn’t in the cupcakes themselves: it was in the frosting on those cupcakes. She eventually tweaked her frosting recipe to offer a healthier, vegan-friendly option free of dairy products and artificial ingredients. Dollop Gourmet frostings are the end result.

Heather received more media attention after appearing on Shark Tank in a May 2016 episode. She initially received an offer for $75,000 for 33 1/3% of her company from Kevin O’Leary. Eventually, she took an offer from real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran for $75,000 and 25% equity in the company.

You can get in touch with Heather by emailing [email protected].

How to Buy Dollop Gourmet

Dollop Gourmet frosting is available online through the official website at You can also purchase it from certain supermarkets like Whole Foods, HEB, and Meijer.

The frosting is priced at $7.99 for a 12 ounce container (14 servings).

As mentioned above, the company is currently offering special Shark Tank deals through the website, where you can get multiple packs of frosting at discount rates.

To view stores in your area selling Dollop Gourmet frosting, check out the company’s Store Locator here.

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