Do Vitamins PerfectPea: Pea Protein Powder For Heart Health?


PerfectPea by Do Vitamins is a supplement that uses the protein from peas to form a vegan-friendly protein supplement. The remedy can be purchased from Amazon and comes with the option of a subscription as well.

What Is Do Vitamins PerfectPea?

The supplement industry is full of products that help consumers to get the protein that they need, and the majority of them use whey protein. Unfortunately, as supportive as this type of protein is for the body, there are many consumers that are unable to consume it. Some people choose not to take part in a meat-heavy diet (vegetarians, vegans, etc.), which other consumers have intolerances and medical conditions that will not allow them to digest animal products. That is why Do Vitamins offers a formula that can help – PerfectPea.

PerfectPea by Do Vitamins offers a unique but appetizing taste that blends well into smoothies. Along with supporting the needs of the body like whey protein, it also helps to balance blood sugar levels and promotes lean muscle, rather than bulking muscle.

Using PerfectPea

Consumers need to use one to two scoops of the powder a day to get the desired support. It can be mixed with any drink that does not have its own flavor, like water or a smoothie. Due to the consistency of the powder, consumers should mix it up with a blender or shaker bottle, rather than stirring it.

Since this powder is just a supplement for protein, consumers should not experience any interference with any medications that they may take.

Pricing For Do Vitamins PerfectPea

To purchase a 17.6-ounce can of PerfectPea, the total cost depends on the frequency that the user wants to purchase it. The one-time purchase is available for $34.95 and is shipped with free two-day shipping for consumers that take part in the Prime program with Amazon.

If the user wants to get the product each month, they can save 5% on the purchase by signing up for a subscription for $33.20, which also comes with free shipping.

Contacting Do Vitamins

Even though this product is fulfilled through Amazon, consumers can still reach out to the parent company – Do Vitamins – to get more details. There’s no phone number or email address, but consumers can submit a question by visiting the support page at

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PerfectPea by Do Vitamins Conclusion

PerfectPea creates an opportunity for consumers to get nutritional support when their dietary restrictions keep them from consuming meat and animal-based proteins. The formula helps to thicken smoothies, and the taste is mild, though delicious. This formula also contains no wheat, so consumers with a gluten allergy will be able to consume it as well.


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