Dicalite Diatomaceous Earth – Quality DE Fillers & Filters?


Many people today are choosing to supplement their diet with a wide variety of dietary aids that are designed to have a broad spectrum of health effects.  Detoxification supplements are one of the most popular solutions, in a range of different methods and practices.

While there are many different detoxification processes to choose from that use all kinds of ingredients from herbal extracts and botanical derivatives to powerful chemical cleansers, there is a little known natural health supplement that purifies and detoxifies the body with no side effects or difficult dietary regimes.

Diatomaceous Earth, or DE, is one of the most effective detoxification supplements available in the world, and surprisingly, one of the cheapest. Clinically proven to enhance your overall health, rid the body of toxins, bacterial, pathogens and harmful bacterial, and GMO, gluten and artificial preservative free, diatomaceous earth is a vegan organic detox solution that is fast becoming one of the most popular dietary aids on the market.

One of the world’s leading providers of diatomaceous earth, which is mined from deposits deep underground, is Dicalite, who produce a large percentage of the international DE supply.

In this article we’ll provide a detailed analysis on the health benefits and mechanisms of interaction of this groundbreaking detoxification supplement to help you decide whether DE is the right choice for you.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Created millions of years ago, diatomaceous earth consists of the fossilized remains of ancient phytoplankton and marine flora. Over thousands of millennia, the remains of this prehistoric plant life have undergone a mineralization process that causes the chemical structure of phytoplankton to develop into an almost purely silicate form.

Diatomaceous Earth consists of approximately 80% to 90% silica, depending on the quality, location and age of the deposit from which it is mined. The most effective, safest and pure diatomaceous earth is found in sedimentary deposits located around ancient lake beds, which are typically found in present day arid desert regions.

The first health benefits of DE were discovered in the early 1800s in Germany. Stumbled upon during the mining of a new well to water crops, the first commercial DE mining operation was located in Northern Germany.

At first mistaken for a limestone deposit, the fine, inert powder that composes diatomaceous earth was soon discovered to have powerful nutritional effects and was used as a fertilizer to enhance crop yields.

Over the subsequent centuries, diatomaceous earth has been subject to a large body of research and clinical trials that have led to a broad variety of uses for the high silica content powder, including use as a growth medium in hydroponic food growing operations, stabilizing nitroglycerin to create safer explosive devices, and even as a natural pesticide- the fine microscopic particles of DE binds to the exoskeleton of common pest insects that plague food crops, causing them to overheat and die in a natural, chemical free process.

The abrasive nature of diatomaceous earth, however, is the reason for its use as a popular detoxification dietary aid. When observed beneath a microscope, powdered DE reveals a structure that is composed of microscopic sharp edges.

While these edges are not sharp enough to damage the inside of the human digestive system, they are abrasive enough to flush away any blockages, toxins, pathogens or parasites that have taken hold in the intestinal tract.

How Does Diatomaceous Earth Help you Detoxify?

Silica is a critical element in the human body, listed as an essential nutrient by the World Health Organisation. The body uses silica as a building block in the growth of hair, fingernails and skin, as well as various applications in the maintenance of the nervous and lymphatic systems.

Consuming silica as a dietary supplement not only passes through the body and purifies toxins, but is digested and used to enhance overall health. Joint disorders such as arthritis and osteoarthritis are caused by a deficiency of collagen in the body, which acts as a natural lubricant between the connective tissue.

When the diet is supplemented with silica through diatomaceous earth, the collagen levels in the body are enriched and boosted, causing skin to become more elastic and allowing joints to flex and move freely without aches and pains. As the skin and the outer layers of the epidermis are enhanced by silica supplementation, the immune system also gains a powerful boost, healing faster from wounds, burns and cuts.

The silica in DE also has a synergistic function with the utilization of calcium to strengthen and stabilize bones, lessening bone brittleness. Diatomaceous earth has even been demonstrated to lower the amounts of heavy metals such as aluminum that build up in the brain and contribute to degenerative neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's, protecting the cognitive health of the body over the long term.

The tiny, sharp edges of the silica particles in diatomaceous earth are roughly 200 micrometres across. As they pass through the body, they scrape away at the membranous cell wall lining of the digestive and intestinal system and remove built up deposits of unwanted foreign material that can cause long term health effects, allowing the metabolism to function more efficiently and promoting the burning of stubborn adipose fat deposits.

There are no side effects from the use of diatomaceous earth- as a daily supplement DE is either digested by the body or passes completely through, and is 100% vegan friendly and natural.

Dicalite Diatomaceous Earth Summary

Dicalcite operate some of the world's larges diatomaceous earth mines in the world and manufacture and distribute six different kinds of DE from food grade to flux calcined DE, in addition to offering various other inert earth products such as perlite, a rare form of volcanic glass with a wide range of industrial applications.

Operating in Europe and North America, the Dicalcite group control and manage the entire production process of diatomaceous earth from mining to packaging and delivery, offering the world’s highest quality DE products used by fortune 500 companies in a vast array of industries such as agriculture, health supplements, construction materials and more.

You can learn more about them here: http://www.dicalite.com/

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