Dharma Yoga Wheel

The health benefits of Yoga on the body and mind are extensively documented. Originating from a series of ancient Indian physical, mental and spiritual practices, Yoga was introduced into the western world in the early 19th century, and over the intervening decades the physical exercise elements of Yogic practice have become a popular physical exercise regime. With Yoga practitioners benefiting from increased flexibility, muscle strength and tone, improved respiration, energy and vitality, and an overall increase in metabolism and weight loss, physical Yoga offers a huge range of benefits on both the physical and mental characteristics of an individual.

The Dharma Yoga Wheel is the world’s first Yoga fitness wheel that has been designed to complement the physical actions of a Yoga practitioner, releasing tension in the back, shoulders, abdomen, legs and hip flexors through stretching. Suitable for everybody from household fitness enthusiasts to seasoned fitness veterans, the Dharma Yoga Wheel helps user increase mobility and develop overall body strength, rapidly burning fat, increasing metabolic action and improving athletic performance.

What is the Dharma Yoga Wheel?

Available in a range of sizes and materials, the Dharma Yoga Wheel is a Yoga support tool designed to enhance and increase the effectiveness of Yogic exercises. Suitable for beginners who are finding difficulty in achieving the basic but difficult forms of Yoga practice as well as Yoga enthusiasts who would like to complement their practice with an assistance tool, the Dharma Yoga Wheel is similar in function to a foam roller, created specifically to complement Yoga practice.

The Dharma Yoga Wheel is used through a series of specially formulated Yoga practices that are easily accessed from the Dharma Yoga Wheel website, where the creators of the Wheel provide a series of online instructional videos depicting the best methods of taking advantage of this innovative tool. Beginning with basic rolling exercises, Dharma Yoga Wheel training consists of a broad spectrum of poses and exercises devised by the founders to increase body tone, flexibility, and overall health.

The Dharma Yoga Wheel Story

The Dharma Yoga Wheel is the brainchild of Raquel Vamos and Dov Vargas, two highly experienced Yoga instructors who saw the need for an accessory tool to enhance the health boosting properties of Yoga. Raquel, also known as Leela Om, is a seasoned Yoga practitioner, having taught Yoga for over six years in her private studio and studied under Master Sri Dharma Mittra. Vargas, also a student of Master Sri Dharma Mittra, was initiated into the Yogic practice by Swami Kailashananda as a child and teaches Yoga professionally at both the Dharma Yoga Center and Yoga to the People centers in New York City.

Founded in 2014, the Dharma Yoga Wheel was created by Vamos and Vargas to help all people of all body types and backgrounds benefit from the health enhancing ability and spiritual development of Yogic practice. Manufactured in the United States and delivered to thousands of eager consumers all over the world, the Dharma Yoga Wheel has a cult following including well known celebrities such as Britney Spears and lead NFL players. Designed specifically to support the curve of the spine and assist in back stretching for athletes and house holders alike, the Dharma Yoga Wheel is available in seven different sizes, materials and functions, and offers a Yoga practice foundation of over 108 poses.

The Dharma Yoga Wheel Range

The Dharma Yoga Wheel range consists of seven different wheels with different functions and composition. The original Dharma Yoga Wheel is 12 inches in diameter and weighs just 4kg, with a matte turquoise finish. Constructed from TPE and designed for balancing and stretching, the Original Dharma Yoga Wheel is hand made in the United States and is recommended for users between 5’ and 5’11”

A Plus Wheel is available with the same properties as the Original Dharma Yoga Wheel, available in a matte white finish and suitable for taller users. Dharma Yoga Wheel also offer a smaller Travel Wheel, at half the size of the Original Wheel. Perfect for stowing away in a backpack or luggage, the Travel Wheel is just 6” in diameter and is designed for rolling out tension after long travel periods.

Other Dharma Yoga Wheels are available in the range, such as an Eco Wheel, constructed entirely from recycled plastic and glass composite, or the Mini Wheel, a smaller 10” wheel designed for children. Finally, the Wood Wheel offers an aesthetically organic solution with an antimicrobial cork finish.


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