Desire Switch – Does This How To Date Program Make Any Sense?


Ever wondered how to get a man to want you despite his lack of interest? A lot of people these days can be disillusioned by the prospect of finding someone who will care for them, whether that is due to heartbreak, or because society can make women feel uncomfortable in their own bodies.

Desire Switch offers a secret technique for controlling men to fall in love and stay with a woman. The promotional video takes advantage of said fears to offer an easy way to control a man using science. To find out more about this product, see the review below.

What is Desire Switch

This product is a book that is supposedly designed to make any man become obsessed with a woman. It relies on the use of things women have probably experienced in the past, including shame about their bodies, and poor relationships to attempt to sell a secret product that taps into the male brain to make him monogamous.

The book being sold is being sold expressly as an obligation by the author, although the author only ever alludes to what is in the book in the video never actually saying what the technique entails. The promotional video warns that this product might disappear any time off the internet, and so if women want to acquire it they must do so immediately.

How Does This Product Work?

This website works by using a long winded promotional video, which relates to an experience of being cheated on, and offers the secret to psychologically manipulating three male hormones in order to assure that that man stays with a woman forever. The three hormones involved are oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. The book offers to teach the individual how to activate these three hormones.

What is the Science Behind the Product?

The science in the promotional video is written in such a way that is meant to be seen as objective and authoritative. In some ways, it is almost right. Oxytocin has been found to be important to creating social bonds, but it has also been found to establish ingroups and outgroups for people. This hormone is also not just specific to men but is released by people of all genders in various circumstances.

Dopamine, is involved with rewards and pleasures, but it too is oversimplified in the video. The research the video cites is more complicated than the video makes it out to be, and does not discuss the release of dopamine as a way to control a man. Instead the paper looks at people who are already intensely in love, not just beginning to fall in love.

Finally, serotonin, is not known as the addiction hormone, but is involved with being happy. Anti-depressants for example work on serotonin. It discusses obsessive compulsive disorder, which has shown to be correlated with low levels of serotonin not high levels of serotonin.

The supposed scientist that the product bases its claims off of is biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, whose work primarily focuses on love. While Helen Fisher has done a lot of work on what makes relationships work, the video skips over her actual research, on what creates healthy relationships, and instead makes up research about three hormones’ that lead to lifetime mate bonding.
Interestingly, Helen Fisher’s work, and TED Talks, suggest that monogamy is not natural for humans, and so it is confusing to think that her research offers any sort of technique for luring away men. Fisher’s name is also misspelled in the video, making it more difficult to find her work if one were looking for it.

If one looks at the bottom of the page, however, in the fine print there is a list of works cited, although for those without backgrounds in brain chemistry may have a difficulty reading such dense material.

Desire Switch Pricing

This product is sold at the cost of $37, and also offers another secret book at a discount if one is already purchasing the first book, for a total cost of $44.00.

The online website this company uses, Clickbank, also has a poor reputation for receiving refunds for the purchasing of products even from legitimate ventures, and should be used cautiously.

Should You Purchase This Product?

Due to the nature of the website, this product may not be recommended for users. Even if the pseudoscience of the video were to be true, this product, which uses manipulation as its tactic for falling in love cannot provide the stability that it offers, as it relies on non consensual tactics for making sure someone stays with you, while offering to be consensual. The video has too many contradictions to make this product promotion possibly accurate.

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