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Health-conscious consumers and calorie counters alike should take a look at these sweet hummus spreads. Low in fat and calories, each serving offers fiber and protein for a guilt-free snack or sweet treat.

Please read on for more about these all-natural, vegan spreads.

About Delighted by Hummus

Unhealthy snacks are usually full of artificial additives and sugar, resulting in more calories and fat for consumers. People seeking more natural ingredients or healthy foods with fewer ingredients often face a narrow selection for tasty alternatives.

Delighted by Hummus has formulated a range of dessert hummus spreads that are infused with sweet rather than savory ingredients, such as cinnamon, whole vanilla beans, and unsweetened cocoa powder. Using coconut oil rather than olive oil, each hummus offers a unique blend of sweet flavors for guilt-free treats.

Each hummus is made with all natural, non-GMO ingredients and is free of the top eight allergens. Using the fewest ingredients possible, each serving is low in fat and sugar, with fiber and protein.

With flavors like Choc-O-Mint and Brownie Batter, Delighted by Hummus features numerous recipes and ideas for incorporating these spreads into healthy snacks, and even using them to replace less healthy and more calorically dense ingredients. With less fat and more fiber, each hummus can be used as icing for cookies and cakes.

How Does Delighted by Hummus Work?

Simply use these sweet spreads to make healthy snacks that complement their flavors. Options include Choc-O-Mint, Snickerdoodle, Brownie Batter, and Vanilla Bean, all of which are free of dairy, gluten, and GMO ingredients.

The Delighted by Hummus blog features ideas for what to pair with these dessert hummus dips for healthy snacks as well as presentation spreads for parties. Moreover, there are recipes for smoothies, meals, and guilt-free treats also featured across their social media profiles.

For example, vanilla bean makes a healthy, low-sugar frosting, while the cinnamon of snickerdoodle pairs particularly well with apple.

Each flavor features the bold flavors all-natural ingredients such as peppermint oil, pure vanilla extract, and ground cinnamon for delicious alternatives for sweet treats without the guilt of hidden calories and preservatives.

Every hummus is made without the top eight allergens, including gluten and dairy, to be compatible with as many diets as possible.

Delighted by Hummus Flavors

All Delighted by Hummus products are made with the same base of chickpeas, coconut oil, coconut milk, and organic Turbinado sugar to produce smooth, spreadable hummus.

Each flavor is gluten-free, vegan, and made without GMO ingredients or preservatives. Additionally, every product is free of the top eight allergens. Each tub contains 8 servings of 2 tbsp.


Pure mint extract, peppermint oil, and unsweetened cocoa powder are the natural ingredients that give this hummus its boost of mint and chocolate. This flavor is great for icing cookies and cupcakes.


Especially delicious with apple slices or cinnamon pita chips, this snickerdoodle hummus is a mix of pure vanilla extract and ground cinnamon.

Brownie Batter:

Made with unsweetened cocoa powder and pure vanilla extract, this flavor is perfect for pairing with strawberries, marshmallows, and graham crackers.

Vanilla Bean:

As one of the most versatile flavors, this product is made with pure vanilla extract and ground vanilla beans.

Pricing Information

Unfortunately, prices do not seem to be available on the website and these products are not currently available for online purchase, as they require refrigeration. With different retailers, it is possible that price may vary between locations.

Customers can find a store locator on the Delighted by Hummus website to quickly and efficiently find the closest retailer. They recommend that customers subscribe for updates with their rapidly expanding distribution.

Should You Use Delighted by Hummus?

With positive reviews about the taste and texture of these dessert hummus spreads, this might be a useful product for people looking for healthy alternatives for desserts and sweet treats.

Interested consumers can find more information at:


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