Deer Antler Velvet Supplement Review


Deer Antler Velvet Spray Extract

Miracle Bodybuilding Solution Or Another Pure Hype?

One week before the Super Bowl in 2013, a story was leaked that linked Ray Lewis to a new bodybuilding product called deer antler velvet. According to the story, Ray Lewis had used deer antler velvet to recover from his torn triceps much quicker than originally intended.

As soon as the story broke, interest in deer antler velvet exploded. Thousands of people ordered this miracle new product in the hopes of boosting their performance and increasing their muscle mass.

However, like many bodybuilding supplements, there was a lot of skepticism. After all, many products are heralded as miracles but few have the scientific evidence to back it up. So what about deer antler velvet? Is it really a miracle solution?

Deer Antler Velvet – What Supplies Claim

According to supplement makers, deer antler velvet contains a powerful hormone called insulin growth-like factor 1, or IGF-1. This hormone, like growth hormone, is responsible for developing our body, especially our muscles. IGF-1 supports protein synthesis, healthy circulation, and muscle repair, among several other functions as well.

So makers of deer antler velvet claim that by increasing taking deer antler velvet, you can consume enough IGF-1 to reap the benefits of this powerful hormone, which include:

Deer Antler Spray Benefits

• Increased muscle mass and strength
• Faster recovery times
• Increased endurance threshold
• Decreased fat mass
• Improved athletic performance

All of these benefits, in just ONE little bottle? Sounds too good to be true! Let’s see what science says about deer antler velvet.

What Science Says About Deer Antler Extract

There are dozens of studies involving IGF-1 and it does actually support these claims and it actually has dozens of other benefits as well. According to clinical studies, IGF-1 also supports bone and joint health and it can also reduce the effects of aging.

However, notice that it was said that IGF-1, not deer antler velvet has these benefits. Here’s the problem:

Researchers have found that while deer antler velvet does contain IGF-1, it does not contain nearly enough IGF-1 to cause noticeable effects on the body. Therefore, it cannot cause these dramatic effects that so many manufacturers claim it has.

Deer antler velvet been studied in almost every way possible related to bodybuilding/athletic performance and only one minor study showed that deer antler velvet might have an effect on power output.

However, this was a small study and researchers claim it needs to be replicated before it can be assumed as a benefit. For right now it’s just an anomaly and should not be taken seriously.

The Final Verdict on Deer Antler Extract

Much like weight loss, we can only hope there would be a miracle product that would help humans get a lean, shredded body without the hard work. Unfortunately, these products do not exist and humans are going to continue to have to eat right and work hard to reach their fitness goals.

Deer antler velvet may sound good but don’t fall for the marketing. It simply is an overhyped product that you’ll waste your money on. Stick to eating healthy and working hard at the gym and you’ll reach your goals.

If you have tried a Deer Antler Supplement like Antler X, please leave a comment below and let us know the benefits that you saw while taking it.

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  1. Brain injury pit gland not working. L dopa made it work ugh made it work but too many problems and high cost. My doctor who had written books on hormone therapy had me try antler velvet and hormone levels came up to normal so it provided enough stimulation to pituitary gland to make it function normally

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