Danone Yogurt Food Company – Healthy Products & Ingredients?


Danone Review – Trusted Brand?

Everyone loves a filling and savory meal, but most just do not have the time to prepare something that is rich in nutritional value. The alternative options are snack bars, cereal, a sandwich, or some other quick meal. While these are all promising ways to attain nutritional value, the fact of the matter is – they can also wreak havoc on your gut health because they are not exactly gentle foods.

If you are looking for something easy on the stomach that helps you maintain a healthy weight, positive digestive health, and an overall sense of good dietary habits, then you may want to consider what Danone brand has to offer.

About Danone Brand

Danone is an internationally recognized and popular brand that graces almost every store shelf around the world. While you may be familiar with its product lines, you probably do not know much about the brand itself. Understanding the company behind your products not only provides you with insight into the company and its standards, but it also allows you to differentiate between a worthwhile company and one that is just pushing for profits.

As Danone mentions, its goal is to “achieve health through food.” Its products are designed to benefit users of all ages, backgrounds, ages, social, and cultural environment. By benefiting as many people as possible with its premier quality products, the brand is able to change the way people approach food for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

The Nutrition Model

To ensure that those consuming Danone receive nothing but the best nutritional value for their money and brand loyalty, Danone is committed to research. The brand takes a scientific approach that is derived from food styles, local needs, culture, and the local environment. That is to say, the products available in a certain area are tailored to the needs of the people. For example, Danone products in the United States may be different from Danone products in the United Kingdom or France. By maintaining a variation in products, the brand is able to better tailor its products to expectations.

The company’s scientific teams are based in European cities such as Madrid, Utrecht, Evian, and Palaiseau. The research facilities comprise of 3 specialized centers and 2 main international research centers. There are also 55 other research and development branches around the world. Those who work in the research facilities focus on the following areas:

  • Product Development
  • Sensory and Consumer Science
  • Digestive Health
  • Brian Health
  • Human Milk Research
  • Hydration Science

By focusing on these areas, Danone is better able to provide you with products that meet your needs, your family’s needs, and the health standards that you expect from a wholesome and nutritional product line. There are 1,500 scientists working on these areas, each of which has expertise in nutrition, immunology, neurology, microbiology, chemistry, food safety, physiology, and sensory sciences. Moreover, the brand also collaborates with worldwide partners that are coming up with some of the latest information in their respective fields.

The Four Health Centered Businesses

Danone has four health centered businesses and they reflect the company’s belief that food plays a fundamental role in the well-being and development of all individuals at every age. The company’s categories ensure that its customers achieve a balanced and quality diet. The four different categories include:

  • Fresh Dairy Products
  • Waters
  • Early Life Nutrition
  • Medical Nutrition

Each of these categories features a number of products that you may recognize from stores. Regardless, the next sections are going to touch upon the product offerings in each area so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing.

Fresh Dairy Products

Danone’s main products are found in the dairy line. The dairy line has been in place for over 100 years and is featured in numerous countries around the world. To create its dairy products, Danone uses local facilities so that the products comply with local health standards.

The dairy products include products such as Activa, Danonio, Oikos, Actimel, and more. These dairy products come in the form of probiotic yogurts that promote positive digestive heal, weight management, and a healthy lifestyle overall.

If you have not tried these yogurts already, then it is time to give them a go. They really are delicious.

Early Life Nutrition

As you may already garner from the name of the section, these products are specially made for young children and babies. The brand’s early life nutrition products are meant to support both the mother and the baby to help promote lifelong health.

Danone is constantly researching ways that it can improve its early nutrition line so that your child gets the support that it needs to thrive. This line includes products like SGM, Nutrilon, Dumex, Cow and Gate, and Bleding.


Water is an essential for everyone and Danone is committed to bringing it to you in fresh, clean, and clear form. The company’s mission in its water department is to “inspire people towards healthier hydration.”

With the high hydration standards of the company, you can be certain that you are getting nothing but quality. It’s water brands include Danone Aqua, Evian, Bonafont, and more. Keep in mind that since Danone is an international brand, some of the products listed may not be available in your country. However, the quality standards are uniform throughout each product offering the brand provides.

Medical Nutrition

The final section is medical nutrition and here, the brand uses its discoveries to help you and your family live a longer and healthier life. Since the brand is still developing its medical nutrition products, there are currently no offerings available. But, based upon the success and quality of the brand, you may just want to keep an eye out.


Danone products can be found at your local grocery store or health food store. If you love and appreciate purchasing from a company that supports health, happiness, research, and development, then Danone products are made for you. The products are also affordable and are based upon the best standards available. Between Danone and other brands, it is clear which you should opt for.

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