Cyprium – Smart Copper-Infused Towels Kills Bacteria & Fungus?


Research has shown that hand contact and garment sharing are two of the most potent ways in which bacterial infections seem to spread between humans. This is in part due to the fact that the human body is a highly catalytic ground for allowing many viral infections to grow and spread.

For example, in a study released in 2009 by the FDA, it was revealed that the major cause (approximately 67%) for the spreading of flu and other such viruses was the sharing of towels. Upon further investigation it was found that even if the towels had been washed, they still had the potential to carry these bacterial elements because many microbes possess the ability to get absorbed within the fibres of the towels itself.

Thus, in order to keep ourselves protected from such issues, it is important that we use clothing that is not only regularly washed, but is also made using high quality materials. In this regard, recent clinical data has shown that when copper is infused into clothing items, it can help keep many different kinds of viruses at bay.

About Cyprium

Before we get into discussing the finer aspects of this product, we should look at why there is a need for something like the Cyprium in the first place. Scientific data released over the years has corroborated the fact that the average towel that a person uses is full of over 10,000,000 bacteria and fungus cells. This figure is quite startling and points to something quite unhygienic and unhealthy.To address this very issue, Cyprium was created.

Cyprium is the world's first ‘luxury towel' that has been infused with one of nature's strongest antimicrobial minerals (Copper – Cu). The fabrication has been done onto a soft bamboo and cotton material which gives the towel a highly soft and pleasant feel. Infact, according to the manufacturer, it is ‘the first luxury towel that is 100% germ-free and does not require regular washing.

Key Features of Cyprium

Some of the aspects of Cyprium which make it really stand out include:

  • Peace of Mind: unlike other towels who after a single use have the potential to be seeped in many unhealthy particles, Cyprium can be safely used multiple times without the formation of any bacterial accumulations within the core fabric structure.
  • Naturally made: as mentioned earlier, Cyprium is made using bamboo/cotton derived material which has in turn been infused with copper oxide. This Copper content is placed within the fibers through a complex process which allows the compound to become attracted to any antibodies which may be harmful for our systems. Also, studies have shown that CuO not only eliminates the germs, but also protects the towel from future pathogen growth.
  • Odour Free: another key aspect of Cyprium is the fact that it allows for a complete elimination of any unwanted odours that may be caused as a result of moisture or other environmental factors.
  • Certified: each towel that is delivered for commercial use has been fully tested and certified by OEKO-TEX.
  • Colour Variants: there are two primary colour options that users can choose from, these include Gray and Beige.
  • Size Options: there are 3 key choices in terms of size. There are hand, bath and bath sheet towels available for purchase.

Why Copper?

This natural question is bound to arise in the minds of many people. However, what makes copper unique is the fact that is the only antimicrobial metal that has been certified by the EPA. Similarly, there is extensive scientific literature as well as clinical studies that point to the fact that this element has high potential in terms of combating germs and preventing bacterial growth.

Cyprium Pricing And Availability

Since Cyprium is still in its Kickstarter phase, there are various earlybird options that users can avail of. For example, by pledging a small sum of $36.00 users can avail of a regular bath towel. Similarly, there are pledges that go all the way upto $750 which combine different towels sizes / quantities, and allows users to avail of substantial discounts.

All orders can be placed on the official kickstarter page of the company, and payments can be done using a host of safe and secure means including PayPal, Maestro and Visa.

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