CuVerro – Antimicrobial Copper Kills 99.9% Bacteria?


CuVerro Review – Worth It?

Whether you own a medical facility or are simply concerned about the cleanliness of your home, figuring out solutions to meet your anti-bacterial needs is imperative. The more you put into ensuring that your environment is sterile, the healthier you and others will be. There are many different options on the market, such as commercial cleaners. However, commercials cleaners can sometimes do more harm than good, especially when there are young children or elderly around.

An innovative and interesting alternative that comports with everyone’s needs is CuVerro. You’ll be surprised about what CuVerro, but just keep an open mind because based upon this review, it certainly is worth the investment.

What is CuVerro?

CuVerro is not a cleaning product or anti-bacterial lotion – it is a solid surface that is made out of a unique form of copper. The copper used to create CuVerro is able to kill 99.9% of bacteria, but not just any bacteria. CuVerro kills the majority of the most harmful types of bacteria.

The product was created by Olin Brass, which is a company that has been in the business of copper-based alloys for years. Operating on a global basis and responsible for bringing business and residential properties sterile and aesthetic surfaces, CuVerro has become world renowned in its industry.

The Anti-Bacterial Properties are Long-Lasting

When most people consider a product like CuVerro, one of their first considerations is that there has to be some sort of drawback. After all, a product that actually kills bacteria on its own and that looks aesthetically pleasing is just too good to be true.

There is a caveat involved. CuVerro’s anti-bacterial properties require that you simply keep the surface clean. In order for the product to work at the optimal level, you need to ensure that the surface is clear of residue, spills, and anything else that may get on the surface. By keeping the surface clean, the bacteria that will come in contact with the copper, thereby allowing the mineral to work its magic. Not only does the copper destroy the bacteria, but it also inhibits bacterial growth. This way, you can feel confident that the environment truly is completely sterile and free from germs that can wreak havoc on your health.

The anit-bacterial properties are also long-lasting. That is to say, so long as you upkeep the surface, it will work 24/7 to eliminate bacteria. With the ongoing anti-bacterial properties of the product, your surface will stay completely clean and clear.

How the Product Works – Bactericidal Copper

CuVerro is made with copper that has bactericidal alloys, which essentially means that the alloys are able to kill 99.9% of germs that come into contact with the surface within two hours. By constantly eliminating bacteria, the surface works to protect your space from hospital acquired infections and the like.

When bacteria comes into contact with the surface, the alloys start to gravitate toward the bacteria. Upon reaching the bacteria, the alloys destroy it, ensuring that the surface is sterile.

What are the Characteristics of CuVerro Surfaces?

Before buying a product, it can be extremely helpful to know the properties of the product. Fortunately, when it comes to CuVerro, the characteristics are certainly worth mentioning. Here are a few of the main characteristics of CuVerro’s bactericidal copper surface material:

A Solid Surface Alloy

Not only does the surface alloy help preserve a sterile and clean environment, but the alloy is extremely durable. It is made out of 60% copper and it works great as an alternative to other materials that you are considering. CuVerro is also able to provide the alloy in a range of forms and finishes. Some of the most popular options include sheet, rod, tube, and ingot.

The Alloy is Always Working

Some brands may promise an anti-bacterial surface, but in those cases, the components that kill the bacteria start to deteriorate. In this case, the opposite is true. CuVerro’s alloys are continuously working to destroy bacteria. It works much better than stainless steel and silver coatings. Best of all, this solid surface is registered by the EPA, which gives the product more legitimacy.

Completely Safe to Use

CuVerro’s alloy surfaces are safe to use – better yet, they are what make your space safer. The surfaces are not harmful in any manner and you can attribute this quality to the fact that CuVerro does not add any chemicals. Also, if sustainability is of interest to you, then CuVerro excels in that field too. The surface is made with at least 80% recycled material and if you ever decide to update your surface, then it is 100% recyclable.

Non-Toxic and Non-Allergenic Materials

CuVerro strives to ensure that you receive products of the upmost quality. In making its alloy surfaces, CuVerro does not use any toxic or allergenic materials. Therefore, the product is suitable for any environment and is safe for anyone.

Suitable for Anyone

Now that you know about how the product works and some of the main qualities attributed to it, one of your next concerns may be whether or not it is suitable for you. As the brand notes, the product can be incorporated anywhere and is suitable for anyone who wants to reduce health risks.

CuVerro is used in both public and residential spaces such as hospitals, airports, trains, ships, and hotels.

Scientific Proof

Finally, the anti-bacterial properties of CuVerro are also backed by science. Numerous third parties have tested the brand and its ability to kill bacteria. The efficacy of the brand has enabled it to attain registration by the EPA.

The studies have shown that CuVerro kills some of the most dangerous bacteria, which include Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, Enterobacter aerogenes, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.


If you are concerned about surfaces in your commercial or residential space, then this is the product for you. CuVerro is a leading brand that has been in the alloy surface industry for years. By building a solid reputation through its worthwhile and quality products, it is able to ensure that surfaces everywhere are free and clear from harmful and damaging bacteria.

To purchase the product and to find out more information, simply visit the brand’s website.

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