Crunchies Food – Natural Snacks & Healthy Freeze Dried Fruit?


Crunchies Natural Food is a company that creates bite-sized snacks with freeze-dried foods, which have been prepared at their peak of ripeness and freshness. You can choose from a variety of flavors and fresh berries.

What Is Crunchies Natural Food?

Finding the right convenience foods for your diet is a significant step in the right direction for your health. When one of the leading causes of failing a diet is the easy access to junk food, you need an alternative to satisfy your need to eat in the afternoon and at night.

While the best choice is to break the habit of excessive snacking, you won’t have to say goodbye to flavor with the products offered by Crunchies Natural Food.

Crunchies Natural Food is the home of many different snacks, which are all made from fresh produce that has been freeze-dried, offering a unique texture and many different vitamins. That process is what sets Crunchies Natural Food apart from any other food company in the industry.

The freeze-drying process combines the right temperature with a certain amount of pressure, resulting in a crunchy texture that will shock your taste buds. If you compare their snacks to other companies that offer fresh convenience snacks, it will be easy to spot the difference.

Establishing a healthy and balanced go-to snack can positively impact eating habits while you diet, and when you are done. Chocolate and chips have high amounts of carbohydrates and calories, which can’t be burned off in enough time for you to go to bed. However, with these treats, you hardly have any calories to worry about, making them completely guilt-free.

What Sets Crunchies Natural Food Apart?

The whole point of Crunchies Natural Food is to change the way that consumers approach convenience snacking. They are dedicated to cultivating their ingredients at their peak of perfection, trusting farmers that they have a solid relationship with to give you the nutritious options you deserve. According to the website, they are “changing the game.”

All of the farmers and suppliers involved with Crunchies Natural Food control their products from the moment they are planted to the time they are harvested. The company goes directly to the farmer for their resources, rather than through a plant that chemically alters their ingredients.

Crunchies Natural Food Products

At this time, Crunchies Natural Food is responsible for creating 10 different flavors to appeal to your taste buds. All of the ingredients are picked at the peak of ripeness, and is frozen to maintain the amazing flavor and texture. With each bite, you get the pure and untainted flavors of the snacks, as well as the rich source of antioxidants. Choose from the following flavors:

  • Blueberries
  • Cinnamon Apple
  • Grapes
  • Mixed Fruit
  • Pineapple
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Strawberry Banana

No matter which flavor you choose, a single serving is 60 calories or less, completely fat-free, and doesn’t contain anything more than the ingredients listed in the flavor. This snack is truly a special treat for your daily meal plan or for any occasion.

Where to Buy Crunchies Natural Food Products

The website makes it incredibly easy for you to find these products in stores, since it features a locator tool. With this tool, you can input your zip code or city to determine the closest retailers.

Some of the stores that may carry the product include Walmart and CVS. However, to find out if a particular flavor is available, you should speak with the company directly.

There is no option to purchase the products from the website directly at this time.

Contacting Crunchies Natural Food Products

If you’ve never tried this delicious treat before, then you may still have a few questions about the product. That’s exactly what the customer service team is available for – to answer those inquiries. You can reach Crunchies Natural Food by phone or by email.

The quickest way to reach someone is by calling the company directly at 888-997-1866. Unfortunately, since there are no hours of operation, you have to figure out the hours of operation by trial and error. If you are unable to reach a representative, then your best bet is to email the company.

When you select the “Email Us” link, the website will initiate your email application on your computer to send a message.

If you want to keep up with the latest products and updates from Crunchies Natural Food, follow along on one or more of their social media profiles on:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Crunchies Natural Food Review Summary

Crunchies Natural Food is a company that cares about the quality of the food they put out. With no preservatives or other chemicals, you can just enjoy the full taste and nutrients that is in each of these fruits. With so many flavors, it will be easy to find out which one caters to your preferred produce.

To encourage consumers to enjoy these snack products, the company has its own hashtag – #TheCrunchiesLife. By tagging your social media posts with this hashtag, you can show other consumers that you are investing in your digestive and total body health with Crunchies Natural Food products.

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