Cramp Defense – Muscle Cramp Truemag Magnesium Benefits?


Cramp Defense is a supplement that helps consumers to prevent and stop muscle spasms from causing the discomfort that ruins their day. The treatment is available in multiple increments to help consumers to save money on their purchase, though no auto-delivery possibility is provided.

What is Cramp Defense?

Muscle cramps are unpredictable. Sometimes, the pain strikes while in the middle of a workout routine as the individual flexes a muscle. However, there are times when a cramp can occur in such a painful and random way that it disturbs the sufferer’s sleep. Doctors will tell people to eat more potassium and drink more water as preventative measures, but the creators of Cramp Defense have something more powerful in mind.

Cramp Defense offers the nourishment that consumers often miss, preventing a cramp from ever even occurring. The remedy does not need many ingredients to achieve this effect, as it promotes a natural solution that is already necessary to the muscles and enzymes in the body. Even though the main ingredient is often found in multivitamins at a lesser amount, this high concentration will support the health of the body, and prevent the onset of cramping.

Even though there are plenty of painkillers that consumers reach for when the agonizing pain strikes, nothing handles the need for relief in the way that Cramp Defense does.

How Does It Work?

The reason that the Cramp Defense formula is effective is due to the proprietary blend that is unique to this remedy called Truemag™. Truemag is a type of magnesium, though there are several unlisted ingredients that contribute as well.

As magnesium works in the body, there are over 300 different enzymes that react to it, which is why the effect is so widespread. These biochemical reactions are why the use of magnesium in any supplement is absolutely essential, connecting the signals from multiple organs and systems to the brain for the right results. Some companies use it to enhance other substances, but it fulfills the leading role in Cramp Defense.

Some of the most basic roles for this substance include its ability to:

  • Reduce the impact that calcium has on muscles, which often causes cramps in the wrong concentration
  • Improve the absorption of potassium from various foods, which reduces the risk of cramps
  • Block the signals of pain to the brain, giving consumers freedom from the discomfort
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Balance out blood pressure levels with relaxed vessels
  • Improve the chemicals in the body that bring joy

The organic nature of the magnesium is what helps it to work in the body so quickly, since the stomach does not have to deal with the stress of processing harmful chemicals first. However, consumers should keep in mind that a proprietary blend may have other ingredients that consumers are unaware of, so it may be helpful to speak with a medical professional first.

Using Cramp Defense

Unlike other brands, the company encourages consumers to take as few capsules as possible to get the help they need, since the treatment is so effective and potent. The greatest number of capsules that should be taken daily is six, which should be taken with food. However, since 180 capsules may last for up to six months, consumers should take at least two a day for help.

Despite Cramp Defense’s status as a supplement, the website states that the treatment should start acting immediately. However, some consumers may notice that it takes up to two weeks for the supplement to take long-term effect in the body.

Pricing for Cramp Defense

To buy the Cramp Defense formula, the total cost to users will depend on how many bottles the user wants. Choose from:

  • $34.94 for 180 capsules, or one bottle
  • $69.91 for three bottles (about $23.30 per bottle)
  • $99.82 for six bottles (about $16.64 per bottle)
  • $128.73 for nine bottles ($18.39 per bottle)

The company is careful to note that the pricing is only for the amount of the product listed, and is not available as a subscription. Consumers will need to monitor the amount of the formula that they use to remember to setup the next shipment.

Even though the formula should be helpful to any person that takes it, the company understands that there may be extenuating circumstances which make the remedy the wrong fit for the user. If there are any concerns, all purchases come with a 120-day return policy for a full refund.

Contacting the Creators of Cramp Defense

With a condition that arises so suddenly and without warning, it is important to do everything possible to ensure that this is the right product. To find out more information, the customer service team can be reached with an email to [email protected].

Most of the questions that consumers have about the product have already been addressed in the FAQ section, so consumers should check out this information as well.

Cramp Defense Conclusion

Cramp Defense is helpful to any consumer that frequently suffers with tension in the muscles, though anyone can take it with their daily diet to improve the way that their entire body functions. The treatment is recommended to manage the way that the body deals with cramps, but it is equipped with ingredients that do so much more that benefit consumers.

If you want to eliminate the pain and spasms that come with missing nutrients, Cramp Defense can help.

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