COS Naturals Instant Face Lift: Firms Skin For Less Wrinkles?


Aging, what do you think of when you hear that word? Chances are, you think of things like getting old, looking old or feeling old. You might think of wrinkles and fine lines – and you may even picture that loose, droopy skin. Right? So, what are your options? For years, you had two; leave it the way it is or have an expensive and painful procedure like a face lift. Well, the good news? Now, you have an additional option and it is called, Instant Face Lift.

About COS Naturals Instant Face Lift

This product was designed specifically for aging skin. Before we get into the benefits too much, what you need to know is that this product was made to help you lift the skin instantly. With, each application. The moment it is applied to your skin you feel it working, tightening and lifting.

The results are outstanding, or so the reviews say, and the truth is there is a significant amount of science and innovation behind this product.

COS Naturals Instant Face Lift Benefits

As we summarized above, the main goal is to help you look and as a result feel, younger. The product also contains a dose of stem cell treatment that will help your skin to stay health and protected. In addition to the obvious of course, the Instant Face Lift will;

Key Ingredients in COS Naturals Instant Face Lift

The primary ingredient in this product is water. Thereafter, the ingredients listed on their website are;

  1. Sodium silicate
  2. Magnesium aluminum silicate
  3. Iron oxide
  4. Phenoxyethanol
  5. Ethylhexylglycerin

Directions for Use

After cleansing your skin, pat dry. Ensure that your face is completely dry before you begin the application. Also, shake the container of Instant Face Lift well before dispensing a small amount on the palm of your hand.

With your finger, spread the Instant Face Lift over the areas you wish to target primarily. This is often around wrinkles or puffy eye areas. It is important that you do not rub the product in.

Once you have applied the product as desired, allow the Instant Face Lift to dry while you, remain expressionless. You may see a white residue left once the product is completely dry. When this happen, dampen your finger and smooth the white residue into the skin and allow it to dry again.

What are Others Saying?

There are some mixed reviews on the website, but the primary response of 86% give it a five out of five-star rating. There are several before and after pictures you can view as well.

How to Order COS Naturals Instant Face Lift

The Instant Face Lift by Cos Naturals is available for purchase on Amazon for only $16.95 plus shipping that will be calculated upon checkout based on your place of residence.

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