Core De Force – Beachbody’s Full Body Workout Program?


The journey to weight loss usually entails scouting out the right program. If you are like most people, you’ve likely tried countless supplements, diets, and workout routines just to find that the majority of them are ineffective at providing you with solid and long-term results.

The key to finding the right regimen is to choose a routine that you can count on and that is based upon scientifically proven and tested methods.

With that, this review would like to recommend a new program that was recently released on the market. Called Core de Fore Body Workout, this system is developed by some of the best fitness professionals in the health industry. Here is everything you need to know about the program before you buy:

What is Core de Force?

Core de Force is a new 30-day total body workout that was developed by well-known professional fitness professionals Joel and Jericho. Their zero-equipment program is challenging, but it does help you develop the body that you are hoping for. The majority of the challenge derived from the use of mixed martial arts, which is one of the highest-octane sports in the world.

This program enables you to enjoy the weight loss process, while also learning a number of key moves that will tighten your core, legs, arms, and the rest of your body.

Developed by “Super-Trainers”

When choosing a workout system, it is always best to opt for one that is developed by professionals who know what they are doing.

In this case, Core de Force was developed by Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews. These professionals are members of the Beachbody workout system and they work to develop some of the best and latest workout regimens for people who are looking to lose weight easily, effectively, and by implementing a targeted approach.

Joel and Jericho’s programs usually entail elements that incorporate boxing, kickboxing, cardio spikes, martial arts, and the like.  Each of these systems is designed to help you shed belly fat and excess weight throughout your entire body. With the methods, you’ll be able to realize your body goals and develop the strong and powerful body that you’ve always wanted.

How Does Core de Force Work?

The most important factor that weighs into your consideration as to whether a program will work for you is how the program works. Core de Force is an interesting program because it combines numerous methods that are derived from fitness programs. Here are the main elements to the system’s performance:

  • Three Minute Rounds

Each workout that you are meant to perform under the system is divided into 3-minute rounds. For example, there is a boxing round, a martial arts round, a kickboxing round, a cardio round, and so forth. By alternating between each of these systems, your body does not get tired or “used to” a workout system. The quality ensures that you are constantly performing a routine that will lead to prominent weight loss and toning.

  • 360 Degree Core Workout

Next, the workouts that the program implements are designed to provide you with a 360 core workout. Every workout system features different moves and methods, each of which targets a specific part of your body. For example, you’ll notice an improvement to your midsection through the use of core exercises. On the other hand, the kickboxing will tone your arms.

  • For All Levels

Finally, the program features different levels that can ensure that you are constantly challenged and improving upon your results. There is a beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. The levels help you improve your workout routine and develop a lean body.

The Components of the Program

Now that you know about how the program works, it is important to consider the components of the program. For instance, some programs only come with guidebooks, while others provide you with a calendar system or an eating plan. Here, you receive many elements that make your journey easier and more manageable. Here are the main elements that you receive when you order Core de Force:

  • 4 MMA Style Workouts

The first component that you receive is 4 MMA-Style Workouts. These workouts are deigned to provide you with the comprehensive workout system that you need for comprehensive results.

  • 2 Bodyweight Workouts

The body weight workouts are the second component and they provide you with the weight training necessary to help you tone and firm your body. You’ll love how strong, supported, and muscular your body appears when you implement these routines.

  • 2 Core Workouts

The third component is the core workouts. The core workouts are meant to strengthen the center of your body so that you develop the firm and washboard abs that you have always wanted.

  • 1 Active Recovery Workout

Even when your body goes through the recovery process, you can add a workout routine to boost your metabolism and to speed up the recovery process. Therefore, the program includes an active recovery workout that can help meet your needs.

  • Before Bed Routine

The fifth component is the before bed routine, which keeps your body’s metabolism high throughout the night so that you continue to burn fat. You’ll also feel more alert and refreshed throughout the day with this system.

  • Quick Start Guide

The sixth component is the quick start guide. The guide teaches you how to get started with the program so that you can notice results as fast as possible. The guide also directs you through the entire program so that you stay on track.

  • 30 Day Calendar and Eating Plan

The final component is the 30-day calendar and the eating plan. These are supporting materials that enable you to maintain the right workout regimen. Also, the eating plan makes it easier for you to add foods to your diet that are healthy and that lend themselves to the weight loss process.

Currently, the entire program is priced at $59.85. You receive all of the above materials for this low and affordable price.


Overall, Core de Force is highly recommended for those who are looking for a full body transformation. This system is not only effective, but it is fun, interesting, and it ensures that your body is continuously being pushed and challenged so that it can maintain optimal growth and weight loss. To get started, visit the brand’s website today.

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  1. Solid review. Appreciate the honestly. Like any workout out there it is just another tool. You just need to use it. I am really enjoying this workout because it is fun and goes fast! Was writing about it here when I decided to see what other people were saying. Mostly all positive.

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