Copper Crisper – Fried Food In Your Oven Without Oils?


Most people agree that things taste better fried. It’s a concept that has been celebrated in the Southern United States for generations and is accepted across the world. If people want potatoes to taste better, they fry them.

If they want vegetables to taste better, the batter them and fry them. In fact, society has a bit of an obsession with fried foods, which could be one of the contributing factors to the obesity crisis the Western world is facing.

The truth is, even though things taste better fried, it certainly doesn’t make them healthy. Over the past several years, reports and articles have been written about how damaging fried food can be for the health and wellness of eaters.

From the way the heat breaks down the foods to the unhealthy side effects of oil, there are some serious concerns when it comes to fried foods.

Despite all the health implications connected with frying foods, people still want dishes that have the flavor and the crunch that comes with the frying process.

Many people have taken to baking the foods they would regularly fry in an attempt to be healthier and get the same taste, but it often doesn’t work. Foods cook unevenly and the crunch that makes fried food so delicious just isn’t there.

For those who want to have the taste and texture of fried food, without compromising their health and wellness, there’s Copper Crisper. This innovative cooking device allows users to make foods that taste fried right in their ovens. Using the Copper Crisper, people will be able to get the most delicious tasting food possible, without the issues caused by frying.

What is the Copper Crisper?

The Copper Crisper is an amazing innovative fryer that is able to provide users with fried tasting foods, but through the use of their oven. Made up of an elevated mesh tray and a ceramic lower cookie sheet, Copper Crisper allows foods to be cooked evenly.

And because the Copper Crisper uses a mesh copper tray, the food is ventilated, allowing for a thorough cooking, so users can get crispy, even food that tastes like it came straight out of the fryer.

As mentioned above, many people have turned away from frying foods because they know there are several health problems associated with the process. In order to eat the same foods people love fried, many have taken to baking these products on cookies sheets or aluminum foil.

The problem with these cooking methods is that they aren’t ventilated, which causes the bottoms of the food to cook faster than the top. In order to prevent burning, users need to flip the foods half-way through cooking time, which can get obnoxious.

However, even flipping doesn’t assure users that their foods will be thoroughly cooked and crispy, which often leaves people disappointed in their meals.

Copper Crisper works by providing the perfect ventilation for the food that’s cooking. Because the only thing between the oven and the food are small mesh wires, the bottom of food cooks at the same rate as the tops, allowing for an even, crispy cooking.

The elevation of the Copper Crisper allows the heat in the oven to work above and beneath the food, allowing the most perfect results.

For those who are trying to eat healthier, but are tired of burned or soggy baked foods, the Copper Crisper offers the perfect solution. With the Copper Crisper, users will be able to get evenly cooked foods that are crispy and taste like they’re fresh out of the fryer.

However, the best part about the foods that are cooked with the Copper Crisper is that they don’t use any oil, allowing users to stick with their health goals.

Benefits of the Copper Crisper

For those who are tired of dealing with the burnt bottoms of their foods, the biggest benefit of the Copper Crisper is that it allows a completely   for users.

Due to the unique mesh design of the Copper Crisper, the heat in the oven is perfectly circulated over the food, cooking each and every part of the food evenly, allowing it to be perfectly crispy. The best part about this is that users can get fryer worthy food from the oven, without the mess or guilt that comes with frying.

One of the most popular ways for users to make fried foods without the fryer is to bake them. Unfortunately, this often means flipping the foods at the half-way point, so they don’t burn on the bottom.

The reason these foods burn on the bottom is because the trays become so hot because they aren’t being ventilated, causing the foods to cook faster on the bottom. This means, users have to open the oven, take the food out, flip everything, and then put it back in, hoping it will all cook evenly.

One of the biggest benefits of Copper Crisper is that it requires no flipping. The entire process is moot because the Copper Crisper allows for a perfectly even, all over baking.

As mentioned above, one of the biggest reasons people have turned to baking their products instead of frying them is because the oil that is used in the frying process is extremely bad for the health.

This is another huge benefit of the Copper Crisper. There is no need to add butter or oil to the Copper Crisper, because it will provide a perfect crisp during the baking without these additives. Not only does this save time for those who hate greasing pans, it also allows the health conscious to get tasty food without sacrificing their health goals.

Sometimes, cooking with the Copper Crisper can get messy, which is why the tool comes with its own mess guard.

The mesh area of the Copper Crisper can be placed on the ceramic tray that comes with it to catch any crumbs or drippings caused during the baking process. The ceramic of the tray doesn’t disturb the heat distribution of the Copper Crisper, allowing the food to still cook perfectly.

However, this tray makes cleaning up so much easier. Plus, when users aren’t using the mesh tray, they can use the ceramic tray the same way cookie sheets are used, making it the perfect dual purpose product.

Purchasing the Copper Crisper

The Copper Crisper is only available on its company website ( Because the Copper Crisper is sold through its website, it is able to give customers the best deals and amazing discounts that it wouldn’t be able to offer if it sold the device through bigger retailers.

The method that the Copper Crisper is sold allows the company to offer its customers better savings.

At the moment, the Copper Crisper is available for only $19.99, plus a small shipping and handling charge of $7.99. However, this is just the price for the mesh tray. Usually the ceramic tray that comes with the mesh tray is sold separately.

For a limited time, though, the Copper Crisper is offering the ceramic bake tray for no extra charge, customers just have to pay an additional shipping and handling fee of $7.99. Because this is such an amazing deal, there is no telling how long it will be available, so those interested in experiencing the Copper Crisper should act fast!


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