Coping With Grief – How To Start Living, Healing & Overcoming?


The death of a loved one or close family member can be one of the most difficult and harrowing times in life. From physical expressions such as crying, sighing and headaches, loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping or aches and pains to mental aspects such as depression, sadness and yearning, grief can have a profound impact on the life of anybody who is coming to terms with loss.

Coping with Grief can be incredibly hard to understand and, in some scenarios, it’s best to seek the help of a professional counselor to help come to terms with it.

Professional counseling, however, can be difficult to find in some places, or prohibitively expensive in others. The next best solution is seeking out a publication or book that can help manage the grief process and help readers understand the process of loss.

Coping With Grief is a new ebook by Penny Clements that is designed to help sufferers of grief understand and absorb their experience, moving past the worst of the grief stage to the acceptance stage through explaining the nature of loss and grief.

The Story Behind Coping With Grief

Penny Clements, the Author of Coping With Grief, has a close personal understanding of the grief process. Several years ago Clements experienced the loss of her mother just two days before Christmas. Filled with grief and loss, Clements was unable to deal with the mundane aspects of everyday life such as paying bills, buying groceries, cleaning the house and interacting with family members over the festive season.

Struggling with her feelings and experiencing a crisis of faith caused by the loss of her most loved family member, Clements went through many different grief therapy sessions and spent a lot of time with her local priest, but didn’t find any answers to the existential questions that were plaguing her at the time.

Determined to uncover the best way to deal with the grief cycle and begin the healing process, Clements spent years of her life researching the subject and delving deeply into the psychological, spiritual and emotional aspects of loss.

Once Clements had reached her ultimate conclusion and found the answers she was looking for, she realised that the information and processes she had uncovered could be potentially useful to anybody else seeking answers to the same questions. In order to help others deal with their experience, she published her answers and the information she found in book format, entitled “Coping With Grief”.

What’s in Coping With Grief?

Coping With Grief provides a comprehensive breakdown of all of the aspects of the grief cycle and their contributing factors to help readers understand the nature of what is happening to them during the mourning and loss period. Understanding is the first step in healing, so by providing answers to some of the most commonplace questions posed by individuals suffering from grief, Clements helps readers move beyond confusion and pain into acceptance and healing.

Offering real, practical information on what to do to better cope with loss, Coping With Grief outlines basic emotional procedures that can help build up mental practices to deal with loss. Ideas on methods of social interaction with loved ones and friends are provided, as well as advice on how to best help friends and family move through their own grief without transferring stress and pain on to them.

A breakdown of cultural practices during the mourning period helps readers become sensitive to cultural differences on dealing with loss, and advice on medical and psychological help and when to seek it helps readers measure their grief against professional support.

Coping With Grief is designed to provide readers with the information they need to push past the stages of grief that most disrupt everyday life and move on with their lives in a healing and healthy way. Outlining the stages of grief, why grief feels that way it does and what to do, how to be kind to yourself while grieving, information on the emotional impacts of grief as well as ways of dealing with practical issues, Coping With Grief is a comprehensive companion guide to the grieving process.

Where to Find Coping With Grief

Coping With Grief is available from the How to Live With Grief website, available 24/7 for download in digital ebook format for $29.99 USD. If you’re looking for a comprehensive and detailed explanation of the processes of grief and how to help manage the worst aspects of the loss process, Coping With Grief is a personal, insightful and enlightening read.

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