CoolAir: Compact USB Powered Air Conditioner For Traveling?


CoolAir – Portable Relief From The Heat

CoolAir is a portable device that consumers can use to cool off an area in their home or away from home. Consumers can only purchase it directly from the official website.

What Is CoolAir?

In every season, weather can be unpredictable. When the heat rolls in, there is only so much someone can do to cool off without having some kind of help. Even though in-house air conditioning is nice, it helps to have a way to cool off that can go wherever the individual needs it. That is how CoolAir helps.

CoolAir features three different speeds for air flow, letting the user choose how much pressure they need to cool off. Rather than having to be hooked up to a generator or a vent system, the cooler is connected to energy with the use of USB. Within the water tank alone, the device has enough capacity for water to last a total of 8 hours before needing to be replenished, making it perfect for road trips or even a tent.

The CoolAir is not just about function; it creates a beautiful aesthetic with seven different mood light colors. Consumers will not disrupt the look of a room either, because it is small enough to fit in whatever space is preferred.

Pricing For CoolAir

The cost of CoolAir will depend on how many devices the user wants to equip themselves with. They get a discount for making a purchase of more than one device, but the discount gets better as the order gets larger.

Choose from:

  • One CoolAir: $89
  • Two CoolAir: $70 each
  • Three CoolAir: $59 each
  • Four CoolAir: $55 each
  • Five CoolAir: $53 each
  • Ten CoolAir: $46 each

Consumers will have the option to purchase a lifetime warranty for $14 at checkout. If they find that this cooler does not meet their needs, the company offers a “30-Day Return Window” to request a refund.

Contacting The Creators Of CoolAir

Even though this device has some information online, consumers may have questions before they bring it into their home. The customer services team is available by phone call or email to address any concerns.

CoolAir Review Summary

CoolAir provides consumers with a comfortable atmosphere wherever they go, but the website does not offer much more information than that. There is no information about how much space that the cooler can handle, or even the dimensions of the product. Consumers will be wise to reach out to the customer service team to make sure that this product meets their needs.

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