Complete Paleo Diet Solution: Meal Planning Recipe eBook?


No matter whom you are or where you live, choosing the right diet is absolutely vital for your health. But staying true to your diet can be pretty hard. This task becomes even more complicated in a family setting where everyone has their own preferences.

The solution for keeping up with your diet often boils down to the knowledge and information that you can obtain about various recipes and general lifestyle alterations that you need to make in order to keep up with your diet plan. Finding this information can also be a daunting task. Many turn to the internet and try to sift through all the publishing and recommendation they find online but with so much data to go through we often give up.

This is exactly why Complete Paleo Diet Solution exists. They offer everything you can possibly need to get make following a Paleo diet as easy and stress-free as possible.

About Complete Paleo Diet Solution

The website and the guide from Complete Paleo Diet Solution were created in 2018. The website domain was registered on October 14th, 2017. There is very little info about who owns the site. The only name associated with the site is James Freeman and has been stated to be a pseudonym of the owner of the site and is being used for privacy reasons. Additionally, the site seems to be registered in Panama.


First and foremost we must mention that everything you can purchase from PaleoDietSolution comes in a digital PDF format. There are no physical products available on the site. The main guide is priced at $12.95 and there is no shipping fee since everything is digital.

You will get access to 369 recipes which are split into 14 different categories. Additionally, there will be 95 video recipes available alongside the main guide. You will also get a 30-day mail plan guide with a Paleo Intro Plan which gives you information about the Paleo diet and how to maintain it.

There are also quite a few bonuses which are included in the package. Green Smoothie Lifestyle, Coconut Oil – The Healthy Fat, Strengthen Your Immune System, Paleo Lifestyle Blueprint, Paleo Cheat Sheet, and Junk Food Eliminator are all the publication in PDF format that you will get with the purchase of this guide.

Complete Paleo Diet Solution Conclusion

It makes complete sense that someone who is seeking information about Paleo dieting would be interested in a product like this. Considering the amount of knowledge that is packed into this complete guide and the additional bonuses included in this packed, we think it is a good option if you are truly planning on sticking to your Paleo ways.

There are, however, some red flags that we can’t ignore.

The first one is that there is no name clearly associated with this product. Transparency is very important and when someone decides to hide their name in order to not be associated with something they are selling, we have to be cautious.

The website is registered in Panama via name Namecheap and through WhoisGuard, Inc. with the registrar’s name being protected. This raises more suspicion regarding the validity of the website and makes us wonder what’s up with all the secrecy.

Furthermore, there is no About Us section or any other section on the site which relays some sort of a message about the makers of this product. There are plenty of pages listed like the Disclaimer, Privacy, and Terms & Conditions which have a lot of legal information listed to protect whoever is selling this guide and ensure you have no right to complain to anyone about anything.

This does seem a bit over the top if you ask us. There is also an Affiliate page which gives you the option to sell this guide through your own ClickBank affiliate ID. Lastly, the contact page simply states “Contact us at: info[at]” which is pretty odd.

In the end, while there might be plenty of information in this PDF publication to satisfy all your knowledge cravings for Paleo dieting and the recipes you can attempt to cook, the overall structure of the website and the immense amount of secrecy involved in trying to keep the sellers name private puts us on edge when considering this product. Then again, $12.95 isn’t that large of a sum, perhaps giving this guide a shot might be worth it.

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