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Colloidal Silver Reviewed

People have long been looking for a way to treat illnesses and to boost their immune system and one of the latest trends is the use of colloidal silver.

Although it has no known purpose in the body, makers of colloidal silver supplements claim that it is an immune system booster and that it has miracle healing properties.

So what is colloidal silver and does it really work?

What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver supplements are made of small silver particles that are suspended in liquid. Colloidal silver is commonly sold as an oral dietary supplement but they can also come in injection form or be applied directly to the skin.

Manufacturers of these products claim that colloidal silver can cure almost anything from cancer, to the flu, to the common cold. In addition, colloidal silver is often sold as an immune system booster to lure people into thinking that they won’t get sick while taking colloidal silver.

Reported Benefits of Colloidal Silver

According to supplement makers, here are some of the amazing health benefits of colloidal silver:

Treats The Common Cold: Supposedly colloidal silver helps to eliminate the symptoms of the common cold and also helps to improve recovery time by boosting the immune system. No evidence about an exact mechanism on how this works is available but users swear by colloidal silver as the best treatment of the common cold.

To Treat Intestinal Parasites: Colloidal silver can eliminate intestinal parasites by preventing the eggs from hatching and killing the parasites through poisoning.

To Treat Athlete’s Foot: Athlete’s foot is a common fungal infection that can be treated by simply applying colloidal silver to the affected area. Supposedly colloidal silver eliminates the fungal infection very rapidly.

For Bladder Infections: Some limited reports suggest that colloidal silver may be taken to cleanse the internal gastrointestinal system. Therefore, colloidal silver is sometimes used to cure bladder infections or urinary tract infections.

Other Reported Benefits: to treat eye/yeast infections, to heal cuts, burns, and dandruff, and to solve intestinal problems. While these benefits sound great, what does science say about the benefits of colloidal silver?

The Truth About Colloidal Silver

While companies may claim that colloidal silver has dozens of benefits and that it is a cure-all, science doesn’t paint such a pretty picture. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, “no sound scientific studies have been published in reputable medical journals.”

Just like many other health scams in the past, colloidal silver seems far from the miracle product so many people claim it to be. Plus, when you dig a little deeper you find that there are some serious side effects to taking colloidal silver.

Side Effects of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver can build up in the body’s tissues for years. In some cases, this has lead to a condition called argyria, which causes a blueish-gray discoloration of the skin, nails, and gums. For some people, this condition does not go away even after use of silver colloidal has been taken.

Other reports indicate that colloidal silver may cause kidney damage, upset stomach, and severe headaches. In very rare cases, silver levels have reached toxic levels, which have resulted in hospitalization.

Finally, many medications may interfere with colloidal silver causing the medications to become ineffective. Therefore, you may want to be especially careful before taking colloidal silver if you are on a medication.


If you look at all the information available, there really seems like there is no reason to even consider taking colloidal silver. Could it potentially help you get over a cold faster? Maybe. Is it going to cure herpes or prevent cancer as many manufacturers claim? That’s highly unlikely.

The only real evidence about anything related to colloidal silver is that it has many, some potentially serious side effects. There is little to no evidence to support any health claims made by colloidal silver supplement makers or users.

Therefore, we highly recommend you look for an alternative supplement to boost your immune system and spare yourself the risk for negative health effects.

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