Collagen Restore

Collagen Restore is a new beauty formula available exclusively to UK residents. Here’s our Collagen Restore review.

What is Collagen Restore?

Collagen Restore is an anti-aging skin cream that is currently only available to residents of the United Kingdom.

The skin cream claims to smooth out fine lines on your face in order to restore radiant skin and brighten your appearance. It also claims to reduce the appearance of acne, reduce redness and inflammation, and heal your skin in a multitude of other ways.

The cream is available through an exclusive trial offer priced at around £5, although the full-sized skin cream costs £95 per bottle.

The manufacturer claims to use only premium quality ingredients when formulating Collagen Restore.

To find out how Collagen Restore works, read the next section.

How Does Collagen Restore Work?

Collagen Restore claims to work using three active ingredients. Those active ingredients include:

— Argireline NP
— ProBioBalance CLR NP
— Vitamin F, C, and E

These are really the only ingredients listed on the Collagen Restore sales page at the time of writing. The company claims that these ingredients have powerful effects on the skin – like reducing dark circles and eye bags, making your skin more even and toned, and improving the elasticity of your skin.

Despite the bold claims made by the manufacturer, there doesn’t appear to be any evidence backing up these claims. We would have liked to see scientific studies, clinical trials, or other evidence showing that Collagen Restore actually works as advertised.

For example, it seems inaccurate for the manufacturer of Collagen Restore to compare this topical cream to Botox and other invasive surgeries. They seem to suggest that Collagen Restore can be an equally as effective replacement for Botox and major treatments:

“Say goodbye to Botox and expensive visits to the surgeon’s office.”

Other bold claims include “look 10 years younger today”. No skin cream works that fast!

Ultimately, it’s hard to believe any of these claims when there’s limited evidence suggesting that Collagen Restore actually works.

Collagen Restore Ingredients

The manufacturer of Collagen Restore has chosen to list only five of its ingredients, including:

— Argireline NP
— ProBioBalance CLR NP
— Vitamin F
— Vitamin C
— Vitamin E

The manufacturer claims that this formula is a

“unique blend of naturally potent anti-ageing [sic] ingredients, which are designed to fight signs of ageing by increasing collagen production and restoring your skin’s natural plumpness, leaving skin soft and supple.”

How to Use Collagen Restore

The creator of Collagen Restore recommends using the following three step process to ensure Collagen Restore works as effectively as possible:

— Step 1) Wash and dry your face
— Step 2) Apply Collagen Restore Age Repair Formula
— Step 3) Allow time to absorb. Use twice daily for best results.

The manufacturer claims you can expect to see noticeable results from Collagen Restore in as little as 30 days.

How to Buy Collagen Restore

Collagen Restore is exclusively available to residents of the United Kingdom and it’s only available through a “free” trial offer. That trial offer gives you one full-sized bottle of Collagen Restore cream at an initial price of only £4.95. However, you’ll eventually have to pay nearly £100 for just a single bottle of the cream.

Here’s how the not-so-free trial works:

— You enter your credit card to pay £4.95 today for “Postage & Packaging”. You have to enter a credit card to pay this charge, and then you’ll received a full-sized shipment of Collagen Restore in the post a few days later.

— You have 14 days to try the skin cream and assess its effects on your skin. If you don’t like the skin cream, or don’t notice its benefits, then you’ll need to contact the manufacturer within 14 days and cancel your trial.

— If you don’t cancel your trial within 14 days, you’ll eventually be charged a full price of £95. That enormous price covers the skin care product you have already received and used.

— Then, within 30 days of when you first ordered the trial, your same credit card will be charged £95 again and you’ll receive another shipment of Collagen Restore in the post.

— You’ll continue receiving monthly shipments of Collagen Restore for 95 until you cancel. This is called an autoship program.

You can cancel this program at any time by calling 0800 611 8135. That customer support line claims to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All of this information is hidden in very small text at the bottom of the Collagen Restore ordering form. Technically, you check the box saying you accept all these terms and conditions, although realistically, most customers will miss the fine print before they order, which is why the £200 of credit card charges that appear in the first 30 days can be such a nasty surprise.

Who Makes Collagen Restore?

In the product’s terms and conditions section, you’ll learn that it’s made by a company that calls itself Collagen Restore Ltd.

That company lists its return address as the following location in the Netherlands:

Collagen Restore Ltd.
Coenecoop 595
2741 PT Waddinxveen, Holland

You can contact the company by calling 0800 611 8135. You can also email [email protected] The manufacturer does not appear to sell any other skin creams or nutritional supplements under this brand name, and Googling that phone number only reveals search results about Collagen Restore.

Ultimately, Collagen Restore is one of the most expensive skin creams on the market today, priced at a whopping £95 per small bottle. Combined with the scammy autoship program, the mysterious list of unproven ingredients, and the lack of clinical trials, all of this evidence suggests that Collagen Restore may not be the high-quality anti-aging skin cream that the manufacturer claims it is.


    Do not order from Collagen Restore. The trial seems too good to be true, well it is. My dad fell for this scam and they’ve taken about £500 from him. Every time we try to cancel the orders we’re unsuccessful. So we called +44 1904 2110 57 and got a refund but only £136 out of our £500! It’s disgraceful that they would happily take money from people, now my dad (60) has to work himself down to the bone to make up for the money lost. Disgusting.

  2. I have now returned a second jar of cream that i did not order (order No 450-563202)
    Please delete my details from your records and please don’t send any more products.

  3. I was caught out by this terrible company as well £ 270 of credit card bills for some stingy ineffective cream.

    Have reported to UK fraud squad. Please do the same. If they have enough reports they’ll have to act.

  4. I received to-day cream at a cost of £69.95. I had sent for a £4.95 sample.
    I telephoned the company and the best they can offer is half a refund with a
    promise not to send any more.
    I have found this very upsetting, as I am an older lady on a very restricted income.
    Surely this is illegal?

    • I feel for this too by sending £4.95 in Dec and was so upset to find today that they had taken a payment from my account twice. They told me that they could only refund half but I insisted that I would never have signed up for this, told them I was very upset (I am an older lady too) and that I would seek help from the police. They then said they would refund everything. I will wait to see if that happens. The number I rang is 01418 461 072 and the email to contact them is [email protected] (but there are other sites). Keep on at them, there is no way that I signed up to anything and as one person said, it was in very small print at the end of the email. I have contacted my credit card supplier and they are looking into it. I have also reported it to Action Fraud.

    • I would suggest you ring again. the same happened to me – they had taken 2 lots of £69.95 out of my account. Very upsetting as all I thought I’d done was ask for a sample and paid for postage. I told them there was no way I had agreed to the amounts or authorised regular payments. They say they are refunding it all but I wait to see. Persist and tell them you will take it up with your local Citizens advice if they don’t refund the whole amount. If you want email addresses to write to, I have them.
      I’ve told all my friends – even though I feel stupid – we have to be more vigilant, this is a new type of crime.

  5. This has also happened to me I phoned holland this morning and they said they emailed me the small print but I haven’t received any emails from them and haven’t even received the creams! They have taken nearly £300 from my bank account!! I will contact my bank but don’t hold out much hope of getting money back also she ended up putting the phone down on me.

  6. OMG I’m another stupid one…they charge me £69.95
    I don’t have anything from them.No aswers on 0800 phone number.
    I can’t believe this is happening in this Country with no consequences….all this reports and they still active.
    No No No

    • Hi I have contacted them and insisted on a refund saying that otherwise I will contact my bank and they agreed…so all money back – two payments of £69,95 each :))))))
      Telephone: +44 1904 2110 57
      Email: [email protected]

  7. I ordered a free sample in October & I had an Adverse Reaction from the Collagen Restore AGE REPAIR FORMULA
    I have received another tub-of – the – Collagen Restore Age Repair formula Cream to which I am Allergic to
    I am going to return the Collagen tub of cream back to the Address in Holland
    you have received payment for the cream which was £69-95 to which I would need to be refunded of the sum
    of £69-95 Invoice ID 3884679014 Product Code CR-30-BOT Order Number: 450-546178
    I do not want any further supply of the (Collagen Restore Age Repair Formula Cream to be sent to me again)

  8. annette. i have just received the second pot of collagen restore since sending for the original free sample in august.but this time i received an invoice for £69.95. upon checking with my credit card company they say that 4 payments of this amount have been taken .what a rip off. they are aware of these scams and it has been reported to their fraud dept. i have asked that no further payments be made, they will come back to me with their report in 48 hrs and i hope that they will refund my money. if not the only way to stop any further payments being taken is to cancel the credit card. obviously they dont want me to do this. i have sent an email to the company but it has come back. what a surprise!!!! dont fall for this. i will let you know how i get on

  9. I also fell for this and they taken £140 out of my account , my bank said they cant block my card or if I cancel my card it wouldn’t make any difference as I agreed unknowingly to this and visa would pass my new card details on, they told me to contact them and cancel which I did , theve offered me a £35 good will gesture but I doubt I will get this, , please don’t fall into the trap like I did , this is a scam don’t know how their getting away with robbing innocent people, they must be making millions , its an absolute disgrace

  10. Please please don’t buy this product, I fell into the trap myself , ordered the freel trial ,£4.95, got the creams a week later, never thought anything of it ,returned from holiday last Tuesday and there was a letter from the post office for s missed parcel , went to collected it opened it up and there was another jar of cream, thought I csnt remember ordering any more of that! Looked at the bill inside £69.95, phoned the bank , they’ve charged me two lots of ££69.95′ £139.95 , out of my account without my permission, I phoned my bank, santander to be told I couldn’t cancel any payments as it wasn’t a direct debit and I had unintentionally offered the money myself, so I said I will destroy my debit card and order a new one,money said it wouldn’t matter as visa can pass on my details to them, they told me to ring the company n cancel which I have after several attempts and emails, they said no further money would be taken, , reading this comments I have railed them and asked for a refund, this is worrying ,i,m scared I case they take more money, from me, how can the bank not stop these payments , i,m gonna ring again , because with sending that cheeky email , they might take my money again , help

  11. There is another company Collenge Restore ,…… which seems to be the same.

    You cannot reach them by phone or Email

    They are based in Holland

    So be careful lot out there like this

  12. I’ve suffered similar experience to all of the people on here, I have contacted them and they refuse to refund £150 they took from my account without permission, I’ve contacted my bank and they have blocked them from taking any further unauthorised payments the bank is also pursuing a fraud case!! I was promised a good will gesture of £34 which I’m sure I won’t receive as I have received no emails from them what so ever which they had said they would do! The whole thing is a complete scam and advise everyone to avoid them at all cost!!!

  13. Please cancel everything very misleading have cancelled at bank will take further as never even received product but tried to take £89 from me if try to take anymore will be taking further con all the way

  14. A follow-up from yesterday’s reply,
    I emailed the company and requested cancellation of the subscription because I hadn’t seen the Ts and Cs and felt the free trial was misleading, have had 2 emails back today confirming cancellation and no more money would be taken from me. Both from [email protected] restore and prettylilybeauty…. At least I have the evidence to give my bank now if anything does go out

  15. I also made the same mistake and ordered serum and cream for £4.95, after placeing my order I printed off the terms and conditions, and noticed that after the 14 day trial I would be charged a further £140.00
    I rang and cancelled the following day however the cream still arrived.
    I tried to call them again and surprise surprise they did not answer.
    I then contacted my bank and they have put a block on my account for this company and assured me that no further payments would go through.
    What a scam!!!
    Please do not order from this company
    If you have paid on your credit card you should be able to get it back, ring you bank ASAP to cancel the charge and any further subscriptions. Good luck to you all .

  16. Yep, I got scammed too, ordered for wife last week and then clicked on the ad again to screenshot it and found it under a different product name. Contacted bank straight away and they’ve blocked the company that took the £4.95 and refunded it for me. I’ve tried calling the 0800 number but no answer, will email to cancel.
    Fingers crossed that they don’t try to take any money as this account is usually pretty empty and I don’t want bank charges.
    Good luck everyone.

  17. Yes, I am another idiot who fell for this scam. I did email them with no results but the ‘phone has been discontinued so there is no method of contact. I’ve gone through,my cc company and hopefully that May get some result. If anybody comes up with a bright idea then let all us idiots know. I can easily spends that ridiculous amount of money but not on a scam like this

    • Holland.I just spoke to a representative to cancel any further supplies the woman was most helpful.and assures me as my order was made 2 weeks ago.I am within the cancellation the 0800 number given in the above advice.Goodluck.

  18. I have had an accident and find that whilst I was away I have been scammed for £90.
    The samples were sticky and no better than cheap creams.
    This is a dreadful product and awful fraudulent sales tactics.
    How do you stop them ???
    Is there any form of communication tat can be used, can you block your card ?
    There is no way that this awful product is any use to me, after all it doesn’t even work !!
    Anyone any good ideas ?

    • Say to your credit card company that you have lost your card and they will send you one with a different number, thereby making the previous card useless.

  19. I have been completely ripped off. I have been charged almost £90:00 for a product I don’t want to buy. I have cancelled by phone and the woman was accented and blamed me for not reading the small print. It must be tiny. I asked to speak to someone who can refund me and for an address to return the product to but to no avail. I want my money back- what should I do- anyone got any ideas? Could we start a list of complaints and fire it off to trading standards?

    • I had the same response on the phone but they did cancel the scam and sent me an email. Get on to your card issuer a.s.a.p I did and they refunded the payments taken by these thieves. I get the impression that they get a lot of this. Good luck.

  20. I am afraid that all of these comments ring so true as I have just found myself to be 349.60 out of pocket. I am very upset that this company is taking so much money from so many people. I am determined to get my money back because I worked very hard to earn it in the first place. I was heartened to read Faith’s posting saying that she did receive a refund. Any more useful tips for gaining a refund would be gratefully appreciated. Interestingly I also didn’t order the eye cream but it popped up on the bill when I had gone through the checkout and of course I have been charged for a subsequent pot which has never arrived. ………

  21. I also have been scammed by this company of over £300 and have sent endless emails to the company to no avail. I have written about my experience at and I am facebooking and tweeting as well. People need warning about how this company operates. This review site is great for helping to publicize the problem.

  22. This has just happened to me won a free sample. Called th this morning the say they don’t do free samples. They have tried to take £89.95 out of my account twice. I am sending back to them what they sent me they can pay the postage. They were very rude. My bank is now investigating.
    They will not get any money from me!!!!!!!

  23. I, too, was scammed by this company. Today I received a REFUND from THEM.
    First phone your credit card co./bank & cancel any further payments to them. Then phone their customer support no. 0800 611 8135 (operating out of Guernsey). Be polite but professional & tell them you wish to cancel your order & would like an emai to confirm (which you probably won’t get). Then tell you would also like a refund as their ” free trial” advert is totally misleading & contravenes the law in this country. Listen to all their blurb but insist politely of course. Also tell them they have 7 days to comply with your request or you will escalate the matter further.Tell them you will not go away. If you get no joy phone again.

    Then email [email protected] asking only for an email confirming that your order has been cancelled.

    This company operates out of Mauritius under the name of Proformula which can be traced to Korea ( website ) They also operate as Medicos. There is a customer service no. & an email on these sites.
    Good Luck everyone.

    • Hello Faith

      I to have been scammed by this company. I have followed your advice and they have agreed to cancel the order but would only give me a refund of half of the £69.95 taken from my account. Looking at other peoples post I suppose I should you grateful. But thank you for your advice.

  24. It is almost impossible to cancel the free trial. The staff are very friendly when you call but do not be fooled. They will tell you they have lost your details or they are having problems with their system. They will never send an acknowledgement of cancellation. They will keep sending the face cream for 89.95 and the eye cream for 79.90.
    I sent an email to [email protected], they replied saying they had lost my details and would be in touch, they did not get back to me. I also called 0800 611 8135 again they said that they had lost my details. A month later I was sent the face cream and the eye cream and charged as above. I called the number above and they have said my order is cancelled and I should receive an email to confirm this. The email has never arrived, so again no acknowledgement of cancellation from them. It is highly likely they will send the cream again in May, so I contacted my credit card company.
    The only way as I see it, to sort this out is to call Collagen and send an email to cancel. Keep the email and the date and call your credit/debit card company asap and talk to them, they will start an investigation into the payments and block them, it is more helpful to them if you have evidence of cancelation calls and emails and dates. My credit card company have been excellent and I feel I have someone on my side now. It is a horrible feeling when this is happening – a company such as collagen can just take money from you for a product that doesn’t seem to be all that good.

  25. I was just about to cancel this morning and could not find the paperwork, then I couldn’t find an email from them regarding original order either. When I looked at my online banking it just happened to be 14 days later and they have taken £89.95 from my account. Rang them up, waited for ten minutes to be told that there servers were down, ( I now realise this is probably rubbish since reading all these messages) can anybody tell me the email address that the confirmation order would have been sent from. I am desperately trying to find some evidence to ensure that I can return this item.

    Oh and no difference to my skin whatsoever!

  26. I also realized 89. 95 gone tdy. But phn bank immediately and they blocked my acc. In few days will recive new card. Bank says that money will be back within 24h…

  27. I ordered the free samples and all i had to pay was the postage of £4.95 for each product. Since receiving the samples they have taken a total of £164.75 out of my account and when you try and phone the company the phone is always busy. Who gives them the right to deduct money from your account. And when they debit your account the ref. Is travelplus. Dont buy these products it’s a scam

  28. I am now reading all reviews & I’m very worried & concerned!!! The same thing has happened to me. I just ordered the trail face cream. When I contacted them I told them I didn’t order the eye cream. The person told me both orders have been sent out, no further changes will take place. I try to contact them again to clarify this, then I couldn’t get through to speak to anyone for the rest of the day!! I’m really distressed & very very worried. I will contact my bank asap.

  29. I have also fallen for this scam not realising that the free trail is not a free trial at all. I wish I had read this review before I ordered. Lesson learnt, will ensure I read reviews first before ordering anything on line.

    However I have managed to cancel the orders. I sent an email to both the companies and I have also telephoned them. I have recieved email acknowledgment of the cancellation which I will take into my bank to make doubly sure they do not take anymore

  30. I have been duped as well! Fortunately my bank contacted me as they thought it was a suspicious company, I have tried to email them but email bounced back! Any ideas on how I contact them to stop them continuing to try and take payments ? Any advice would be much appreciated
    Thanks, Lisa

  31. I too have fallen victim to this scam as others have done as above. At the moment I am trying to get my money back through my bank and will use your comments to endorse my case. fingers crossed!

  32. Hi I also have fallen for what I thought was a FREE trial this so called company are indeed con merchants .They did offer me half the cost of one jar back a a good will gesture as I did not comply to their T&C’s but like other people I honestly didn’t see them! The cream has had no effect on my face and in fact my complexion has become very spotty and sore so cannot use it anyway. What a complete waste of money ,I am so annoyed to have been conned in this way this company should be stopped from doing this. When I said to customer services I would leave a bad review I was told I would go to jail!

  33. Tell your bank that the main transactions werent authorised because the offer was misrepresented and that you never received the trial cream anyway. They should do charge back as thus is a well known scam.

  34. Do not sign up for the trial because as soon as they have your bank details they will get authority to take the higher amounts! If you have you need to Inform your bank straight away and ask them not to allow any further payments. I had £89.95 and £79.90 taken from my credit card this week. My bank are looking into it but I’m not holding my breath that they’ll get any monies back. Even if the cream is any good, surely it’s not worth £170 a month!!!!!

  35. I ordered mine a week ago but recently noticed the terms and conditions and have called them and cancelled my order and my enrolment in the auto shipment programme even though i have not recieved any items as yet i am trying to be safer than sorry if they debit my card like what has happened to some of yous.

  36. Yes, I seem to be not alone here…I purchased the product, and recieved the items…noted the products lable was not strait. I then got rather supicious and did some checking, then called them up, and said: if this fails to work on me, do I get refunded? he was an abrubt but polite (addressing me as sir) and said No!
    The website is an affiliate cloked in with some company.
    There website is Not active been dormant for some time… the terms and conditions are neither, but with a Error 404 page not found!

    There is as advertised a thirty day money back garuntee. I will get a refund, but first you must like I, send them an email requesting for that return of the money. If refused take the emails that you have sent and also the reply…take it to your Bank and tell them that you have been scammed. They will refund your account; point out the 30 moneyback gurantee! The bank will refund you. The website is a Fake website, what is needs is Older people showing positive results. DON’T BUY FROM THESE SCAMMERS. If you truly want good results there are some awsome products with the Doctor endosing his product for imminant results seen right on film its around £39.99 Stop using it, your bags will return and wrinkles. Watch the InfoCommecial on Freeview
    Ask the proprietor of this review, for my email, I will advise you freely.

  37. Terrible they charged me post and packaging for 2 items I only ordered once I rang up and cancelled by order so hopefully they don’t charge me that big price later. I tried to get a refund they were getting very rude and angry and they hanged up. This is a scam I would like to make a further complaint but I don’t know how !

  38. In January, I ordered a trial for £4.95(postage cost) for skin cream but they charged another £4.95 for an eye product which I never ordered. paid by Credit card.

    In February they deducted from my Credit card £89.95 and another £79.90! for I don’t know what.
    at the end of February they charged another £89.95 and £79.90!! and I received 2 packages by post. I never again to purchase this product. IN TOTAL THEY STOLEN £ 349.60 FROM MY ACCOUNT.


    • Oh gosh same to same happen with me
      When I ring them and asked about this they say do complain by email but there isn’t any email which I go through them

  39. How long does the product take for me to receive it? If I have to wait within the 14 days, surely I won’t get a true result before I end up getting into a monthly direct debit.

    • Seriously…DON,T. It’s a scam. They have charged my credit card nearly £400 that I never agreed to. I now have the extreme hassle of trying to get my money back.

    • Plz don’t buy it , once you give your credit card details they will take a lot of money from you , the product is very bad ……


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