Clover Sonoma: Free Range Organic Milk Products From Happy Cows?


Clover Sonoma is a pioneer of clean organic milk. Although there are so many companies who deal in dairy products clover Sonoma has grown over the years and they did all this without having to compromise on the quality of their milk, it has been high quality from the first day they started up until this moment.

This first bottles of Clover Sonoma organic milk were sold in 1929, to think that they started producing organic milk when people were not too keen or interested in things organic shows how health conscious they are.

Clover organic farm is a family owned third generation dairy company. They have been in the dairy business for a century and get their organic milk from a group of carefully selected organic family farms on the north coast of Carolina. These organic farms were carefully selected because of clover’s need to deliver the healthiest and high-quality milk to their customers, time after time.

The cows used by clover Sonoma are healthy and are not treated with growth hormones.

Why Clover Sonoma Milk Is The Best

1. Clover Sonoma Milk Is Non -GMO

GMO foods have been genetically engineered using technology which can be harmful to the human health. Be rest assured that clover Sonoma milk is not harmful to your health because it is a non-GMO product and it even has the verified label on it. Having the verified label means that the cows have been approved by the Non- GMO project verified standards.

All the products made by clover, milk, cheese, yoghurt etc, are Non- GMO because they are more concerned about what is good for your health.

2. People With Allergies Can Consume It

All clover Sonoma fluid milk is are free from nuts and come from a nut free facility with zero nut contamination. But most people might ask how possible it is to share a facility with products like ice cream and yoghurts that contain peanuts, tree nuts and still be free of it?

This is because of the facilities schedule production in such a way that non-allergens are first produced for the day before the others. Even after products containing nuts have been produced, the facilities have a full clean up procedure stores ingredients containing nuts differently.

3. It Is Gluten-Free

Clover Sonoma milk is absolutely free of gluten. Most products from clover Sonoma are gluten-free except some specific ice cream flavours.

4. The Cows Are Free Of Antibiotics And Other Drugs

Treating a cow with an antibiotic is not a bad thing but most people do not want that. Organic milk has to be fresh and free from all that which is why at clover Sonoma the cows are rarely treated with antibiotics and even if they are, it is for humane purposes and they are removed from the organic herd.

But are re-joined to the organic herd after their systems have been cleared of the drugs. Which is why clover Sonoma milk promises 100 % organic and free from chemicals.

Clover Sonoma Review Summary

There are so many milk and dairy products out there but clover Sonoma takes the front row seat because their milk is not only delicious but taste like it was freshly squeezed from the cow’s breast.

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