CLICK Coffee Protein – All In One Meal Replacement Drink Mix?


There are many different protein supplement solutions available on the market today. Maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle means following a balanced, nutritional diet that provides the body with all three of the primary macronutrients, the most important of which is protein.

The body uses protein to rebuild damaged muscle tissue, maintain healthy hair, skin, and nails, and many other critical functions. The average healthy adult needs to consume around 0.6 grams of protein for every pound of bodyweight daily, which works out to about 45 grams of protein for an adult female, and around 60 grams for an adult male.

Protein supplements are an incredibly cost effective way to attain this daily protein intake requirement without balancing caloric intake. Most whole foods, such as chicken breast or beef, are able to provide the body with healthy protein, but also contain high levels of fat, which makes it difficult to burn away unwanted body fat while boosting protein intake.

Whey protein isolate and casein protein are both extremely low calorie, and deliver around 20 grams of protein at a cost of just 200 calories, which makes them both ideal for daily supplementation.

Most of the protein supplement solutions available on the market today are simple blends of artificial sweeteners and dairy protein isolate, with the occasional amino acid boost or creatine additive.

A new protein drink mix, however, is providing health conscious individuals with an innovative protein supplement solution that provides the body with a massive dose of lean protein combined with artisanal, cafe-quality coffee. The Click Coffee Protein Mix range is the ultimate coffee and protein solution for coffee lovers, and is specifically formulated for fitness enthusiasts.

In this article, we’ll take a look at CLICK Coffee Protein and find out what it contains to help you determine whether it’s the right protein supplement blend for you.

What Is CLICK Coffee Protein?

CLICK Coffee Protein is a new range of delicious protein drink mixes that combine high quality coffee with casein-based protein. The Click Coffee Protein brand is the brainchild of family team Greg and Beth Smith, who operate several fitness and health centers.

After observing a need for low-sugar, healthy, and tasty protein supplements in the fitness market, the Smith family decided to leave their corporate jobs and pursue the Click Coffee & Protein Drink Mix brand, offering health-conscious consumers an all-in-one signature protein drink that provides the body with all of the key nutrients it needs enhanced with a double shot of espresso.

Instead of using artificial coffee flavoring or granulated coffee powder in the formula, CLICK Coffee Protein contains a double shot of real gourmet espresso coffee in each serving. The real organic coffee used in the Click Coffee & Protein Drink Mix formula doesn't cause the same jitters and shakes as powdered caffeine or coffee, and offers a superior taste and flavor over artificial alternatives.

The CLICK Coffee Protein formula also contains a unique protein blend that leverages the metabolic rate at which protein is digested by the body. Click Coffee & Protein Drink Mix contains both whey isolate protein and micellar casein protein in a 70/30 blend, which provides the body with 25 grams of pure, slow-burning protein.

Both of the protein sources in the Click Coffee & Protein Drink Mix formula are lactose-free, which makes it ideal for lactose intolerant or sensitive individuals, and is also enhanced by the addition of several naturally-occurring polypeptides that the body can use to manufacture a range of amino acids.

Supplementing the diet with the Click Coffee & Protein Drink Mix formula provides a powerful protein boost that not only keeps dieters fuller for longer, but also provides a high thermic factor, requiring more energy to break down and thus elevating overall metabolic activity.

The Click Coffee & Protein Drink Mix formula is extremely low in carbohydrates, and contains virtually no sugar, which makes it ideal for individuals following low calorie diets. Click Coffee & Protein Drink Mix can be consumed either hot or cold, and can be mixed with any kind of milk, including almond, rice, or soy milk, as well as water.

Click is available in two different formulas- Click Active and original Click, which offer different benefits. We’ll proceed to break down the Click Coffee & Protein Drink Mix range and find out what each option offers.

The CLICK Coffee Protein Formula

The original CLICK Coffee Protein formula contains two different types of protein that amount to 25 grams of protein per serving, at a cost of just 120 calories. The carbohydrate contents of each serving of Click Coffee & Protein Drink Mix is just 11 grams, which is composed primarily of fructose, a natural plant-based sweetener.

The original Click Coffee & Protein Drink Mix formula provides the body with 150 grams of caffeine, which is as much as two shots of espresso.

The Click Active Formula

The Click Active formula offers all of the same benefits as the Click original formula, but is enhanced with the addition of glutamine and BCAA’s. Click Active is ideal for use as a pre-workout, and is able to speed up the rate at which the body builds muscle tissue.

BCAA’s, or branched chain amino acids, are one of the most popular workout supplements on the market today, and are able to increase total strength output, endurance, and recovery rates. Glutamine is a powerful source of glucose energy, and helps fitness enthusiasts get the most out of every workout.

CLICK Coffee Protein Review Summary

Whether you’re looking for a healthy way to increase your protein intake or a healthy alternative to chemical pre-workout supplements, the CLICK Coffee Protein formula is a highly effective and natural way to speed up muscle growth and lose weight.

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