CleanCut Pre-Workout – SCFIT Thermogenic Green Tea Fat Burner?


What Is CleanCut Pre-Workout?

CleanCut Pre-Workout is a thermogenic fat burner derived from Green Tea Extract. It is designed to work for extended amounts of time due to its time released nature. The dietary supplement is formulated by SC FIT.

How Does CleanCut Pre-Workout Work?

CleanCut Pre-Workout is a powerful fat burner made from Green Tea Extract. It’s used to create a thermogenesis effect that will cause the body to use more energy to create a fat burning effect. It does this without the jitters that is normally associated with other thermogenic fat burners. And it also has no nasty comedown.

The supplement gives you a long-lasting energy that is pure and will help you throughout the day. Once your body is in a thermogenic fat burning mode, it will work like a machine to shed off the pounds. It has great reviews on Amazon and you only need to take it first thing in the morning to benefit from it all day long.

You may feel the jitters when first taking the supplement and if you’ve never experienced caffeine then it could be a little more intense. But the jittery feelings are likely to go away very quickly. It’s best to take the supplement on an empty stomach so you feel the effect in the strongest way. Just make sure you take it before eating a meal that has fat in it to get the best absorption.

Since it’s a thermogenic fat burner, it will help to increase your cardio as well. In turn, helping to increase your body’s ability to burn fat. It will really get your metabolism rocking in way that will eliminate deep fat pockets. Studies have shown that people who take Green Tea Extract just before training cardio will burn fat off at a much faster rate than those who only took a placebo.

There are powerful effects on the body that cause a type of fat oxidation. Since the supplement speeds your metabolic rate, you may notice a slight increase in body temperature. It could even lead to sweating after you take it. The caffeine also works as a diuretic for the body. So, you need to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Ideally, you’ll drink three to four liters of water a day to stay hydrated. It won’t just keep you energized and feeling good, it will also help you stay healthy. And hydration is known to further increase the speed of the metabolism.

CleanCut Pre-Workout Bottom Line

CleanCut Pre-Workout is high in caffeine with 250mg per capsule. They say it’s as much as a cup of coffee but that is relevant to the coffee. It’s likely to give you a lot of energy, and one reason you’ll lose weight is because it works as an appetite suppressant.

If you’ve struggling to lose weight give CleanCut Pre-Workout a try, just be sure to start slowly as it is likely stronger in caffeine than many people are used to.

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