Clean SkinCare Extra – Healthy Dea Sea Beauty Minerals & Creams?


Clean SkinCare Extra is a company that creates beauty products with Dead Sea salts and other innovative products. The company thrives on producing high-quality formulas, but their inventory only focuses on three specific products at this time.

What is Clean SkinCare Extra?

Finding the right products to include in your skincare routine is no easy task, especially when you have sensitive skin or other difficulties. You may think that all you need to do to create a clear complexion is to wash and moisturize your face. However, your routine probably includes much more than that. You need products that are able to fully eliminate the dead skin on your face, while introducing the right level of nourishment to compensate. That’s what Clean SkinCare Extra aims to do.

Clean SkinCare Extra is an innovator in the skincare industry, as it is one of the first companies to offer products that are based on Dead Sea salts, minerals, and glycerin-based collagens. The company has managed to make formulas that you can find at multiple retailers around the country, like CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, and even the bathrooms of Four Seasons hotels. These formulas have 20 years of service under their belts, featuring competitive pricing and effective remedies.

Keeping your skin healthy is a matter of choosing the right products consistently, but some people choose to pursue expensive spa treatments or visits to the dermatologists instead. However, you don’t need to waste hundreds or thousands of dollars on treatments that you need to schedule around business hours. Instead, you can use one of the three formulas offered with Clean SkinCare Extra to treat your body like a temple.

Available Products from CleanSkinCareExtra

The selection of products from Clean SkinCare Extra is fairly small right now, and there’s no word on how frequently the company puts out new options. Each one of the products helps with a particular issue you’re facing, so read on below to find out what you can choose from.

Origa Care Beauty Cream

The Origa Care Beauty Cream is meant to give you long-lasting moisture for up to a whole day. The formula includes many ingredients that make this reaction possible, including:

  • Milk proteins
  • Rice bran oil
  • Acai berry extract

To apply the formula, you should first wash and dry the area you want to moisturize. There is no indication of what portion of the body that the cream is applicable for, but you may be able to apply it to sensitive skin on both your face and your extremities.

This cream is available for $8.00, which is a markdown from the normal $15.00 price tag. You will receive a 150mL bottle.

SheGlow Beauty Cream

The SheGlow Beauty Cream also delivers long-term moisture, but there are no ingredients listed to determine exactly how it can achieve that claim. There are no usage instructions, but you can get a 300mL jar for $12.00 on the Clean SkinCare Extra website.

Wild Pretty Petal

This beauty cream helps you to nourish your skin at any time of day, boasting the same 24-hour moisture that the other formulas feature. With this formula, you have the same hydrating ingredients as with the Origa Care Beauty Cream, including milk proteins and acai berry extract. However, it has one thing that the other formulas don’t – the fragrance of a bouquet of fresh flower petals on the first day of spring.

This formula is easy to apply, allowing you to massage it into your skin for the best results. This formula falls right in the middle with its price, which is $9.00 for a 150mL tube. Luckily, the tube is so small that you can carry it along in your purse or an overnight bag without taking up a ton of room.

The information available for this formula do not show if it is safe for sensitive skin. If you need a product that is careful with this type of complexion, you should choose the Origa Care Beauty Cream instead.

Contacting Clean SkinCare Extra

With new and innovative formulas, it’s normal to have a few missing bits of information that you would prefer to be clarified. If you have questions about any of the three products that Clean SkinCare Extra has to offer, they can be reached by filling out an online form or by emailing [email protected]. At this time, there is no indication of how long you will need to wait to receive a response.

Clean SkinCare Extra Review Conclusion

Choosing the right formulas to nourish your skin is necessary to maintaining a healthy complexion. Oily complexions will need formulas that aren’t so rich, while dry skin will need as much moisture as it can get. Even with limited information on each of the products above, you can easily contact customer service for more information before your purchase. If you’re ready to use products that can provide the all-day protection against dryness and cracked skin, the Clean SkinCare Extra is the right place.

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