Chubby Chipmunk – Hand Dipped Chocolates Delivered To Your Door?


Chocolates and truffles have been popular sweet-tooth satisfiers for ages and are loved by both kids and adults. There are several outlets that claim to offer the best hand-dipped chocolates for all occasions, but only a few can actually back up this claim.

Not all confectionaries you come across will offer memorable experiences and delicacies to yearn for. The added sugar may improve the taste, but unique experiences come from experienced individuals with a passion and knowledge for choosing the right ingredients, mixing them in the right proportions, and preparing them under optimal conditions and processes.

Finding chocolate and truffle confectionaries should not be a daunting task, but if you need something to remember, then you must try out different offers from time to time. Chubby chipmunk is one of the confectionaries gaining remarkable reputation, especially in South Dakota and the surrounding areas. Here is a brief descriptive review of the company, its products, and their benefits and concerns.

What Is Chubby Chipmunk?

As aforesaid, Chubby Chipmunk specializes in preparing incredibly delicious hand dipped chocolates and truffles that have only recently become the main event. Located in Deadwood S. Dakota, chubby chipmunk enjoys not only a historic surrounding, but also a serene environment suitable for some of those memorable chocolate experiences.

This confectionary is highly reputed for its unforgettable recipes and tastes that compare to no other in the region. It is also modestly named after the owner of the original recipe (Chip), who established the chocolate house back in 2005.

Why Was It Needed?

Even before Chip established Chubby Chipmunks, there were several confectionaries in town that provided amazing chocolates, and there always will be regardless of whether this chocolate house remains or not.

However, Chip loved chocolates from an early age and as a little girl, she was fond of concocting various kinds of mouth-watering desserts. Surprisingly, every single dessert she made always contained some chocolate in it.

As she grew up, Chip perfected her recipes, and today she is known for using nothing other than butter to create the best taste and flavor of chocolates and truffles. She opened chubby chipmunks in 2005 and was the only employee serving the area.

She has since expanded her business and employed other staff to help cater for an ever growing market without hurting the quality of their taste and flavor. Chubby chipmunk has therefore become a passionate business driven by the love of preparing flavorful chocolates and truffles.

Chubby Chipmunk Products

Chubby chipmunk mainly offers various kinds of hand dipped chocolates to suite any occasion or requirement. From gift chocolates to birthday presents, employee awards and incentives, wedding and commercial chocolates, Chip is dedicated to serving the broad range of chocolate lovers visiting Deadwood, South Dakota. Her most popular offers include the following:

Commercial Chocolates

If you are looking to purchase commercially available chocolates or intend to start your own outlet where you can provide finished chocolates that are nicely wrapped, then chubby chipmunk is your one-stop outlet. They offer different types of commercial chocolates for both individuals and businesses.

Sweet Wedding Chocolates

Are you planning to include chocolate cakes or dipped chocolates in your upcoming wedding? Of course, you are. Every wedding needs some chocolate, not only for the kids and guests, but also to enliven the ceremony and mark the memorable moments.

The Classic Metal Gift

If you know the legendary chocolates that are recognized by sophisticated chocolate lovers, then you are indeed sophisticated in the chocolate world. The classic metal is a customized chocolate bar that looks like a gold bar of pure sweetness and niceness.

It is the perfect gift for your sweetheart, spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, child, workmate, or any other relation or acquaintance.

Corporate Gifts

Corporate gift chocolates are designed for businesses that want to surprise or inspire their employees or customers. They are perfect if you want to make a statement. You can even use them to improve your brand by including powerful messages and statements on the chocolates, because they can also be customized.


Truffles have just become the main event at chubby chipmunk, following a rapid rise in demand. Chip has mastered the art of making truffles that will get you to salivate the moment you start remembering the experience you had. You get all the tastes from sweet, to delectable, to complex, and everything in between. Want some truffles for your upcoming party or event?

Besides the chocolates and truffles, chubby chipmunk is renowned for their exceptional hospitality and customer services. They truly complement the atmosphere and attitude you can only find in serene historic places in South Dakota.

Benefits of Chubby Chipmunk

The benefits of chubby chipmunk are quite obvious and straightforward. You do not even have to trust the reputation it has built over the years; simply make a stop at the chubby chipmunk chocolate confectionary the next time you are in Deadwood, South Dakota.

If you do not want to wait any longer, take advantage of the now available online ordering framework that allows you to get your chocolates and truffles delivered straight to your doorsteps. Although the flavor, taste, and delicacy are undisputed, nutrition and safety are perhaps the most important aspects to review when dealing with food items.

Risks And Side Effects

Chip has been making highly nutritious, mouthwatering chocolates for more than a decade without any complaints of stomach upset or any other problems. In fact, there are no negative reviews or complaints and all previous suggestions in the past were from visiting customers who needed a way to order these awesome chocolates from different places in the country.

This option is now available and you can order your chubby chipmunks from anywhere in the country and receive the exact experience you expected. There are no risks involved unless you have been instructed to stay away from chocolates and truffles by your doctor.

Chubby Chipmunk Review Summary

Many confectionaries have sprung up and enjoyed ridiculously successful promotions and advertising only to fail and disappear. Customers will eventually tell the difference from hyped messages and true experiences, especially since the chocolates tell the whole story.

Chubby chipmunk has been operating as a private venture for some 12 years and people still love it! In fact, it enjoys several loyal customers who can now order their chocolates from anywhere in the country.


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