Chrissy King Fitness Power Conditioning – 12 Week Conditioning?


The US diet industry is one of the largest in the world, and is notorious for providing eager dieters and health enthusiasts with ineffective, unreliable advice that is formulated to sell diet pills and weight loss programs instead of delivering permanent, healthy, long term weight loss.

While the diet industry may push concepts such as targeted supplementation with thermogenic fat burners or extremely low-calorie starvation diets as a viable method of weight loss, the truth is that these methods simply don’t work. The average American begins and fails four separate diet attempts every year, primarily because the methods they ascribe to are entirely wrong.

The only proven, effective, safe, reliable, and permanent way to achieve weight loss is through healthy lifestyle choices that incorporate a balanced, nutritious diet and a powerful, efficient strength training program that includes a small amount of cardio. While it’s possible to lose weight while eating at a caloric deficit, it’s not a healthy option, as it causes the body to enter “starvation mode” and causes metabolic damage.

Strength training, on the other hand, not only rapidly burns unwanted body fat, but also efficiently converts fat tissue into muscle, resulting in a lean, toned appearance and improved overall health. Contrary to what mainstream dieting practices would have you believe, strength training for women doesn’t cause a huge, bulky appearance, but in reality delivers all of the benefits that are promised but not provided by diet pills.

Learning how to best approach strength training without engaging the services of a professional personal trainer, which can be extremely expensive, is a difficult task. Although the process of performing resistance based strength exercises, once understood, is simple and effective, it’s important to ensure you’re performing exercises in an efficient manner with correct form in order to avoid injury.

The most cost effective way to learn how to go about incorporating strength training exercises into your healthy lifestyle in order to build a slim, toned, and athletic physique is to follow a proven and effective guide written by an established industry professional.

Able to offer all of the benefits of a dedicated personal trainer without the cost while providing the ability to work in your own schedule, comprehensive training guides are an extremely effective resource that can help you reach your health and fitness goals.

One of the most popular recent comprehensive training guides is Power Conditioning, composed by Chrissy King, a no-nonsense fitness professional with a practical and easy to understand perspective on the best strength routines for health-conscious women who want to lose fat and increase strength.

In this article, we’ll assess the Chrissy King Fitness Power Conditioning and see how it stacks up compared to the average diet and workout plan to see if it can help you achieve your body goals faster.

What is Chrissy King Fitness Power Conditioning?

Chrissy King Fitness Power Conditioning is one of the most upfront, refreshing, and simple fitness guides available in 2017. Instead of providing dieters and fitness enthusiasts with claims of dramatic results with no effort, the Power Conditioning guide is intended to provide a clearly-explained, easy to follow, and effective intense workout that will definitely make you sweat.

The creator of the Power Conditioning program, Chrissy King, explains via the Power Conditioning site that the program isn’t intended for individuals that want to take shortcuts or avoid challenges.

Instead, the Power Conditioning program is designed from the ground up to empower users with the ability to lift heavy weights, develop their skills, build a toned, athletic, and fit body, and improve their overall conditioning.

How Chrissy King Fitness Power Conditioning Works

The PowerConditioning program is comprehensive and provides new strength training enthusiasts with everything they need to succeed. Power Conditioning provides fitness enthusiasts with 27 separate powerlifting workouts that focus on the three primary lifts- squats, bench press, and deadlifts.

The PowerConditioning program also contains a support system of isolation exercises and other exercises that help to improve development in the primary three lifts, consisting of 12 conditioning circuits that last 15 minutes each, 6 different barbell complexes, and 15 conditioning finishes.

Spread out over a nine week calendar, the PowerConditioning program provides detailed instructions for each individual workout and provides a high degree of customization options. Importantly, the PowerConditioning system includes detailed instructional videos for each lift so newer strength training and powerlifting enthusiasts can ensure that they are working out with the correct form.

The PowerConditioning system requires users to have access to a barbell, a squat rack, and a bench, so it’s probably best to use it in combination with a complete gym, but it is possible to perform at home if you have access to a home gym.

The program, which consists of three lifting days and two accessory days weekly, is completely DIY and doesn’t come with any coaching, which makes it incredibly cost-effective for confident fitness enthusiasts that want to improve their fitness autonomously.

Chrissy King Fitness Power Conditioning Verdict

The Chrissy King Power Conditioning Power program is one of the best examples of a strength and fitness training system on the market – simple, effective, comprehensive, and to the point. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense training regime that will get you fit, healthy, and sweating, the Chrissy King Fitness Power Conditioning program is ideal.

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