Are Choker Necklaces Healthy for Your Neck and Breathing Abilities?


Staying in fashion is a significant priority for many consumers, and the ever-evolving interest in retro-style garments is growing. Flare jeans and big belts are just a few of the trends that are returning during this decade. However, the accessory that is making the biggest impact on current trends is the choker.

What is a Choker?

A choker is a necklace, which is designed to be closely-fitted to your neck. This type of jewelry is incredibly versatile, since it can be made in many different materials to suit your look. They are also able to be decorated with different gems or even a pendant.

In the past, these types of necklaces were a way to show off your regard for high fashion, but current use allows you to show off your slender neck in nearly any type of ensemble.

Other than during Victorian times, chokers made their most significant impact on the 1990s. Nearly every teenage girl wore these necklaces as a staple. However, during this decade, the various designs throughout history are arising with a modern twist.

Despite these variations, you need to be aware of certain risks that come with follow along with this fashion trend.

Dangers of Wearing Chokers

There are many different concerns you should be aware of, if you want to add a choker to your ensemble. The first factor is the tightness you choose.

There are many different styles that allow you to select the level of tightness, but the entire point of a choker is to fit snugly around your neck. Some chokers give you a little more stretch on the band, letting you move around freely. The more classic versions do not have this feature, so you need to get a choker that fits appropriately.

The other major cause for concern with chokers is the frequency of wearing it. Most of the time, you will probably just put one on to completely your outfit for the day. However, you need to make sure to take it off before you go to sleep, much like any other necklace.

Other necklaces offer much more room, which makes it easy to tangle it without putting you in any danger. If you sleep with a choker on, you are much more susceptible to injury, which could constrict your airways and potentially be fatal.

Despite these risks, part of the appeal of wearing a choker is the dangerous and provocative personality it conveys. It is attractive for being subtly hazardous, but that doesn’t mean you must put yourself in danger.

Read on below to find out more about the different types of chokers that are offered, in effort to find the product that suits you.

Types of Chokers

Each type of choker features different adornments or characteristics that attract the attention of you as the consumer. A few different styles are listed below to help you make the decision.


The Victorian chokers are among the most classic style, since much of the popularity of the necklace arose during this period. These chokers feature a romantic motif, which is often combined with the use of different stones and pearls.

Some of the styles have extended chains, which could be risky if you have a shirt with buttons or lay down on something that it can catch on.

Open Collar

An open collar choker has the potential to be one of the more dangerous versions of the classic design. Even though these necklaces are structured to hold onto your neck without having a closed seam, it is the stiff structure that puts you at risk.

The only way to hold onto your neck is to form a tight fit, which cannot be changed with the metal material.


Pendant chokers are self-explanatory. These necklaces still fit snugly onto your neck, but are partially weighted down by a gem, a pendant, or some version of the two. By pulling some of the stiffness away from the center of your neck, you may be able to breathe the most clearly by wearing this style.

Additionally, these chokers are often secured in place by an adjustable clasp or a fabric tie-back. Having these options to customize the fit is the best way to prevent constriction on your neck.


The tattoo-style choker was at the height of its popularity during the 1990s, and was a staple in your jewelry if you were around the age of 12 during that decade. These chokers fit snug on your neck, but are incredibly stretchy. Due to the texture of the tattoo necklace, there is plenty of room for you to move and stretch and breathe. In fact, this choker may be the safest one of all.

Conclusion: Are Chokers Safe?

The focus should not be on the safety of the choker, but how safe the consumer is while wearing it. If you choose to include this fashion statement in your outfit, remember to only wear the choker while you’re awake.

Additionally, you will need to choose the choker that is the most appropriate for your needs, remembering to leave enough room for your neck to move and expand. The safety of chokers depends entirely on the user.


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