Chill Chest – Collapsible, Stackable, Ice-less Cooler For Food & Drinks?


Planning a long trip? Is the use of a cooler box inefficient? Tired of spending excessive amounts on ice cubes that continue to reduce to water?

Cooler boxes have once been useful in storing drinks and preserving its coldness. Unfortunately, it becomes uncontrollably heavy, takes up too much space and most importantly it may defeat its original purpose. This is where the Chill Chest may come into play.

With the Chill Chest on hand, consumers can store it with up to 60 cans, which can lock in coldness for up to 10 hours. In addition, it claims to save space, as it is foldaway, stackable, and weighs less that two pounds. To better understand the purpose of the Chill Chest, the following review will analyze it in terms of its purpose, how it works and its affordability.

What is the Chill Chest?

The Chill Chest is an advanced cooler box that claims to be more flexible and includes more storage, while preserving a food or drink item’s temperature, regardless of how hot or cold it may be.

How Does the Chill Chest Work?

The Chill Chest is efficient due to its use of the Temperature Lock Technology. By placing food or drinks into the Chill Chest, its temperature gets trapped into its rugged polypropylene structure. In addition, its textural component is responsible for its durability, as it can withstand up to 100 times its original weight.

How Much Can Consumers Expect to Invest in the Chill Chest?

Consumers can expect to invest approximately $39.99 for the Chill Chest. This is a fairly decent price given that an average cooler can cost anywhere between $49 and over $400. In addition, it contains advanced features such as its Temperature Lock Technology and its use of polypropylene material that a traditional cooler box cannot satisfy.

For a limited time, consumers can purchase two Chill Chests for the price of one given that consumers cover the shipping and handling cost. Hence, consumers can get two for approximately $50 to $60.

Chill Chest Review Summary

Overall, the Chill Chest’s convenience can not only be carried on a road trip, but can come of use at backyard parties, beaches, camping, fishing or boating, pool parties, sporting events or simply as a mean to carry groceries. Its efficient design not only preserves temperature, but it can easily fold into a slightly flatter surface and is made to last for long term purposes.

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