Chief Organics – Non-GMO Whey Protein & Natural Joint Relief Aids?


Finding a healthy and effective supplement provider in today’s saturated market can be extremely difficult. The supplement industry is worth tens of billions of dollars annually, and thus attracts all kind of manufacturers- some highly reputable, and some extremely low-quality.

Determining whether the supplement provider you’ve chosen provides effective, quality, and side effect free products that adhere to your dietary requirements means looking closely at a few key indicators.

Firstly, a supplement provider should provide a full breakdown of the ingredients they use in their formulas. There are many supplement providers that hide the active ingredients in their formulas behind “proprietary blends” and other underhanded marketing techniques.

More often than not, these proprietary blends conceal unnecessary fillers such as magnesium stearate, which only serve to boost the profit margins of the manufacturer.

Secondly, it’s important to find a supplement provider that provides completely natural, chemical-free supplements. There are two types of artificial supplements to watch out for- the first is any supplement that uses pharmaceutical compounds to increase performance.

While there are naturally occurring compounds that are able to boost performance, such as amino acids, any chemical or pharmaceutical compounds are warning signs that a supplement will cause negative side effects.

The second type of artificial supplement to avoid is any supplement that uses GMO foods, sugar, synthetic flavors, or preservatives to enhance their product.

These ingredients are known to cause hormonal imbalances that can make the weight loss and muscle development process slower and more difficult, so choosing organic solutions over supplements that contain these elements is the best choice.

Chief Organics is a new supplement manufacturer that meets these requirements and has the added advantage of using only natural ingredients that are subjected to a rigorous quality control process.

In this article, we’ll check out Chief Organics and find out what makes them stand out from the supplement manufacturer crowd, as well as break down their product range to help you decide whether they're the right supplement provider for you.

The Chief Organics Difference

Chief Organics are part of the latest health conscious generation of performance supplements. Where previous iterations of sports and performance supplements were concerned only with delivering results at the cost of long term health, the organic supplement movement is focused on providing the body with everything it needs to succeed in a completely natural and organic form.

Chief Organics offer a range of supplements and health enhancing dietary aids that are completely free from synthetic ingredients. None of the products in the Chief Organics line contain artificial sweeteners, empty calories, corn syrups, or other harmful additives.

One of the most compelling facts about the Chief Organics range is that they are created from non-GMO food sources. By partnering with raw material suppliers that create pesticide-free, non-genetically modified source foods, Chief Organics offers a supplement solution that is free from the hormone production disrupting contaminants that are common in GMO sourced performance supplements.

The Chief Organics range is also subjected to a high degree of laboratory testing. The ingredients used to create the range are subjected to stringent laboratory quality control processes to ensure their purity, while the specific ingredients that go into the formulas are backed up by a large amount of clinical evidence that supports their use.

Lastly, Chief Organics donate 1% of their total profit to nonprofit organizations that support Native American causes in order to honor Native American heritage and culture.

The Chief Organics Range

Currently, the Chief Organics range consists of three product families that are broken down into a number of different delivery methods and flavors. We’ll proceed to break all three product families down and outline their features and function.

Magnesium Comfort

The Chief Organics Magnesium Comfort formula is designed to provide relief from the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS, as well as boost overall recovery speed, comfort, and efficiency. Magnesium supplementation has been clinically proven to deliver a wide range of benefits, helping to balance out the calcium content in muscle cells.

The Magnesium Comfort formula helps to relieve cramps, increase flexibility and mobility after intense gym sessions, and boost overall energy levels. The formula contains magnesium as magnesium malate, which is a highly bioavailable version of the mineral that is easily absorbed by the digestive system.

Joint Health

The Chief Organics Joint Health formula is formulated to support healthy joint function, and consists primarily of Methylsulfonylmethane, which is a highly bioavailable form of dietary sulfur that is commonly referred to as MSM. This compound helps to promote the regeneration and maintenance of healthy joint and ligament tissue.

An important advantage of the Chief Organics Joint Health formula is that it isn’t shellfish-derived, meaning it’s both vegan and kosher safe. The Chief Organics Joint Health formula is available in both flakes and capsule options.

Whey Protein

The final element of the Chief Organics range is their Whey Protein solution, which is available in chocolate, original, peanut butter, and vanilla flavors. The Chief Organics Whey Protein formula is completely free from artificial sweeteners or added sugar, and avoids tainted dairy sources that are rich in heavy metals.

Importantly, the dairy sources that Chief Organics use to create their whey protein are free from antibiotics use. Antibiotic use in the dairy industry is contributing the the global issue of antibiotic-resistant viruses and bacteria, which are a real and serious problem that currently has no solution. The Chief Organics Whey Protein formula is also gluten free, organic, and free from bovine hormone boosters like rBGH, which can disrupt the hormonal balance of the body.

The Chief Organics Verdict

Chief Organics are providing health-conscious fitness enthusiasts with an incredibly healthy toxin-free method of supplementation, and deliver some of the cleanest formulas available on the market. Although the product range on offer from Chief Organics is currently limited to three product lines, they’re all backed by clinical science and deliver intelligently chosen ingredients.

If you’re looking for a completely natural, chemical free supplement solution that is compatible with almost every dietary requirement imaginable, the Chief Organics range is the ideal choice.

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