Cerebral Success Smartx

Cerebral Success™ SmartX

Can popping a supplement really make you smarter?

Always on the lookout for the next great neuro enhancement product, we came across Cerebral Success™, a product that bills itself as a premium brain supplement.

In case you're not familiar with this market, it's relatively new, although the ingredients in most brain enhancers are natural and have been used by some cultures for centuries for all kinds of wellness purposes.

What We Look For in a Brain Pill…

Since there is indeed an entire body of science behind nootropics, as the field of brain enhancing supplements is sometimes called, we always look for the research. If a brain pill doesn't list its ingredients, we can't look up the research so that raises a red flag.

So, the first thing we look for is the science to back up the claims.

Secondly, we look for quality. If you know a thing or two about supplements then you know the bad ones have fillers, dyes and binders.

The good ones are as close to 100% pure as possible, and labeled as “pharmaceutical grade”.

Third, we check the “negative side effects” disclaimer for a pill. If they're up front, they'll mention that any supplement can have side effects, but we hope to see that negative side effects are rare.

Next, we check the business end of things, by comparing pricing structures and reading the fine print on terms and conditions.

Lastly, we check for testimonials. We want to see real people using the product, and we want to see what they think of it. We also check Amazon, for their renowned customer reviews. Some brain enhancers aren't sold on Amazon, however, so it's not always possible.

What We Found in Cerebral Success™ SmartX

— 1. The Science. It must be said that Cerebral Success™ certainly puts their science front and center! SmartX, their product, contains12 major nootropic ingredients, each of which is explained in detail on their website. It tells what each element does for your brain, which is not only fascinating but very helpful and reassuring. But that's not all…

Then, in their “Ingredients” section there's a big black box saying Click Here for Independent Research Studies. And sure enough, it goes straight to more studies than you'll even want to read…with links to the actual sources. Sources are on the U.S. National Library of Medecine's National Institutes of Health section. Impressive- it made a believer out of us.

— 2. Quality. Cerebral Success™ states their SmartX product is 99% pure, which certainly qualifies for pharmaceutical grade.

— 3. Honesty about side effects. Brain Success™ is completely transparent about this.

They admit that supplements:

“…provide the body with natural nutrients or to enhance natural processes. Therefore, negative side effects are rare. However, due to the increased flow of blood and nutrients to the brain, this supplement can possibly induce or strengthen headaches.”

Thanks for letting us know, and now we're warned.

— 4. Pricing Structure. Cerebral Success™ is pretty standard, at $69 per single bottle with significant discounts with the more bottles you purchase. You can save $19 of you buy two, and save $48 if you buy three.

We'd love to see even more aggressive pricing, however. How about “buy 3, get 2 free”?

— 5. Testimonials. Cerebral Success™ has them. They have them on their website and they have them on Amazon. Granted, there are only a few on Amazon at this time but it's growing. As an added plus, one of their testimonials is from Barbara Corcoran, a celebrity businesswoman and all around TV personality.

Our Final Verdict On Cerebral Success™ SmartX

We love the Cerebral Success™ SmartX product. The science is there, the quality is there, and many testimonials are there. We'd only love to see a few more reviews on Amazon and until that happens, maybe a few more testimonials on the website.


  1. I’ve tried both cheap and expensive nootropic pills, and cerebral success has been the best. It gives you more focus and energy, all the while not giving me ‘brain fuzz’ when I don’t take it, like some others have.


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