Cellium Prostate Formula: Herbal Blend For Urinary Health?


As men age they may notice a more frequent need to urinate. This need to urinate can be inconvenient making it difficult to sleep or commit to activities where bathrooms are not easy to access.

What causes this increased urination need is pressure on the urinary tract by an enlarged prostate and may be reduced using natural supplements. Cellium Prostate Formula is formulated to help improve prostate function and enhance hair growth.

What is Cellium Prostate Formula?

Men who have noticed a change in their urination habits may be dealing with the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. While this supplement will not reduce prostate size, it may help increase urine output and prevent frequent bathrooms visits which can interrupt sleep and daily routine.

Cellium offers an option in the field of prostate related supplements that promises to support health while also benefiting hair loss.

How Does Cellium Prostate Formula Work?

This natural supplement combines saw palmetto along with other natural ingredients to offer prostate health and the added benefit of reducing hair loss. As men age their body may start to show signs of reduced prostate strength through frequent urination or poor sexual function. Cellium offers men a way to help improve their prostate health eliminating the need for frequent bathroom trips or embarrassing accidents.

The main cause of urinary issues in older men is pressure placed on the urinary tract by enlarged prostates. Saw palmetto has been used in prostate related supplements as a natural way to reduce this pressure.

The product listing on Amazon mentions that Cellium Prostate Formula may also help enhance hair regrowth but it is unclear how without a clear picture of active ingredients.

Men are recommended to take one to two capsules per day before bedtime. Some users have reported sleep disruption due to the caffeinated green tea ingredient but individual results will vary.


While the product listing does not include specific ingredient information, it does mention that the primary active ingredient in Prostate Formula is saw palmetto. Along with high levels of saw palmetto Cellium blends pumpkin seed extract and the mineral zinc to promote better blood flow.

Cellium Prostate Formula is gluten free and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

Pricing For Cellium Prostate Formula

Amazon offers each sixty capsule bottle of Prostate Formula for $13.97. This product is eligible for free shipping on qualified Amazon purchases of $25.00 or more.

Should You Use Cellium Prostate Formula?

Without clear ingredient information it is difficult for consumers to make an informed decision or comparison with other similar supplements. Online reviews mention that users who have suffered frequent nighttime urination problems for years noticed a significant decrease within the first month of taking Cellium Prostate Formula.

At $14.00 per bottle it seems there are lower cost options available for men that may have better brand recognition or reputation. Consumers can decide for themselves by visiting the Cellium Prostate Formula product listing at www.amazon.com. Unlike other Cellium products this supplement is not backed by a money back guarantee.


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