CBD “Free Trials” and What to Watch Out For


CBD “Free Trial” Scam Information and How to Buy Quality Cannabidiol

The popularity of CBD has exploded, with thousands of people swearing by its effects on health, ranging from serous medical conditions to simply improved sleep and less anxiety.  While CBD and its proven benefits have done wonders for people using it for their health, the popularity has also attracted some unscrupulous vendors and marketers who hope to cash in on the rising surge of people searching for a cheap or free way to get CBD, and the latest scam is offers of a “free trial” (with just a small up-front fee), to get CBD send directly to your door.

We’re here to warn you, that in almost every case, the so-called “free trial” scam will end up costing you far more than you think, and possibly harm your health as well as your wallet.

Fact: CBD is not cheap to grow, extract, test for purity, bottle and label, maintain legal compliance with federal and state laws, and ship to customers.

It’s not a question of the big CBD sellers being greedy, it’s the fact that good CBD products cost money, and if anyone is offering to get you an $80+ bottle of CBD for only a few bucks, it pays to be skeptical.


If some website or email is offering what they say is a high quantity of CBD for only a few bucks just so you can try it out, you should remember that age-old advice: Nothing in life is free. Don’t let your excitement to get something for free blind you to what most of these free trial offers really are; a trick to get ahold of your credit card number. They say it is just for the small shipping or trial fee, but is really to bill you again and again in the future, every month, under a poorly-disclosed subscription service that most customers say they were never informed of.

Even worse, these negative-option subscriptions are difficult or impossible to cancel, with phone numbers that never pick up, or emails that never answer. When they do, they will just tell you that “you agreed to be “re-billed” when you signed up for your free bottle.  Usually, this “agreement” is buried somewhere in tiny print, on a website page the customer never saw. These scam free trial products have becomes such a problem, that the BBB and FTC are actively warning customers against ordering any supplement marketed as a free trial!

Shady products with names like Miracle CBD, Advance CBD, and American Science CBD have been pulling this scam for months, rebilling customers hundreds of dollars without their permission, and refusing to cancel the orders. Worse yet, when these products are tested, it turns out that many of them have little or no CBD in them at all! Not only are these supposed “free trials” costing consumers hundreds of dollars in unauthorized charges, but they are not even sending them real CBD! Many of them are using false celebrity endorsements, without the celebrity’s knowledge, to try to convince you they are legitimate. If a product says that it is “used by Oprah” or “was seen on Shark Tank” you can guarantee you are being tricked.

Unfortunately, 99 times out of 100, when you order any free trial of a CBD product, you are not going to be happy. The sleazy re-bills and questionable billing practices aside, people’s greed blinds them, and exciting new products like CBD are the perfect place for these types of scams to proliferate. Take a look at what large, trusted CBD companies that have actual news coverage on them charge for a monthly supply of CBD, you’ll see that it is rare to ever see even lower-concentrations of cannabidiol (<50 milligrams) for less than $30, and most higher-end CBD products with good reputations, customer service, and verified  lab results are in the $60-$200 range.

Simply put, it costs companies to make quality CBD prices, and it’s not feasible to produce for less than the cost to produce, as any legitimate CBD seller will tell you. No legitimate CBD product is ever going to sell for just a few dollars, the math doesn’t work. Any marketer attempting to sell you on a free trial of their product, yet needs your credit card number up-front, is not looking out for your best interests.

The Bottom Line

CBD is an amazing product, with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. These satisfied customers are ones that know good products come at a cost, and when it comes to something you ingest into your body, for your health, that’s a bad situation to trust a “free” product from an unknown seller. Don’t gamble with your health or your money.  Order from trusted product lines (CBD Pure, CW Hemp, and Endoca to name a few) that charge fair prices and don’t rely on free-trial gimmicks to lure in customers, you’ll be much happier if you do.

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