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CBD American Shaman is a cannabidiol (CBD) beauty product and supplement retailer that sells a variety of products – including creams and oils – online. Find out more today in our CBD American Shaman review.

What Is CBD American Shaman?

CBD American Shaman, found online at AmericanShamanCBD.com, sells skin care formulas, oils, and other products infused with cannabidiol.

The company ships its products across the United States. Popular products sold by the company include their CBD Hemp Oil Ready-To-Go Clearomizer, CBD Infused E-Liquid, and their CBD-infused skin care products. We’ll break down each of the products below.

The products are made in the United States using hemp imported from Norway.

CBD American Shaman Products

CBD American Shaman currently sells four skin care products along with various CBD oils and e-liquids. You’ll find the full list of products below.

Skin Care Products

  • Hydrating Body Lotion: $40 (8 fl oz / 240mL / 15mg CBD per oz)
  • Replenishing Face Cream: $30 (2 fl oz / 60mL / 30mg CBD per oz)
  • Lip Revitalizer: $9.99 (4.2g / 30mg CBD per stick)
  • Under-Eye Serum: $59.99 (10mL / 300mg CBD per bottle)

The skin care products all work in the same way: they’re conventional skin creams and moisturizers mixed with cannabidiol.

The Hydrating Body Lotion, for example, contains a blend of CBD oil with cocoa butter, shea butter, cocoa oil, shea oi, apricot oil, aloe vera, soy lecithin, coconut oil, grape oil, sweet almond oil, MCT oil, CBD & terpene rich hemp oil, avocado oil, lavender oil, vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E.

Overall, the skin care ingredients list is similar to the list you see with most other natural/organic moisturizers and skin care formulas.

Water Soluble Hemp Oil

CBD American Shaman sells water soluble, full spectrum hemp oil for $59.99 (300mg / 30mL container).

The oil is available in four flavors, including cherry limeade, grape, natural, or pina colada. You can add the oils to any drink and use it as a daily dietary supplement.

There’s 10mg of CBD in each 1 mL serving. CBD American Shaman claims their delivery system is “up to 3 times more bioavailable than oil”. They recommend taking two doses per day, mixing 1/2 ml of oil in 8 oz of liquid.

Pet Products

We’ve seen a growing number of CBD-infused pet care products on the market. CBD may affect pets in a similar way to humans.

With that in mind, CBD American Shaman sells one canine supplement called Canine CBD Hemp Oil Tincture.

The tincture is priced at $59.99 for a 30mL bottle (300mg CBD per bottle). Two flavors are available, including beef and cheese. You give it to your dog to soothe anxiety. It’s the same quality of hemp used in supplements for humans – just with different flavors.

CBD & Terpene Rich Hemp Oil Topical Serum

This topical serum is designed to be spread onto your skin, where it’s absorbed into your body. Each 15mL bottle is priced at $89.99. You cannot consume it orally.

You spread the serum on your skin to soothe the body and reduce inflammation.

CBD American Shaman recommends using it as a treatment for pain, saying “Apply dropper of serum to sore or painful area of skin, spread on area as needed”.

There’s 450mg of CBD in each 15mL bottle.

CBD & Terpene Rich Hemp Oil Tincture

CBD American Shaman sells 16 different products in this category, all of which are standard CBD tinctures in various flavors and sizes.

The 300mg bottle is priced at $59.99, while the smaller 150mg bottle is priced at $34.99. Popular flavors include “blueberry moon” and “natural”.

Hemp Oil Capsules

Prefer to get your hemp oil in capsule form? CBD American Shaman sells hemp oil capsules.

You just swallow the capsule, then let the ingredients dissolve when they hit your stomach. A package of 60 capsules (900mg of CBD per container) costs $109.99, while a 30 capsule package costs $59.99.

CBD Hemp Oil Concentrate

CBD’s Hemp Oil Concentrate comes in four flavors, including Blueberry Moon, Banana Sunrise, Natural, and Spearmint. There’s 30mg of terpene-rich CBD hemp oil per mL, although the ULTRA Spearmint flavor has 45mg of CBD hemp oil per mL.

Like other oil concentrates, you use it in a vaporizer or as a tincture.

The hemp oil concentrate is priced at $29.99 for most flavors, although the Spearmint ULTRA flavor costs $44.99.

CBD Infused E-Liquid

CBD American Shaman sells 10mL bottles of CBD hemp oil e-liquid (with dripper) in the same four flavors we mentioned above, including Natural, Spearmint, Blueberry Moon, and Banana Sunrise.

30mg CBD ($14.99) and 60mg CBD ($29.99) varieties are available.

CBD Hemp Oil Ready-to-Go Clearomizer

The CBD American Shaman Clearomizer comes pre-loaded and ready to vape. You just put it on your battery and get to work. It contains all-natural CBD with no nicotine. There’s 30mg of CBD per mL.

The Clearomizer is priced at $149.99 and available in 10 different flavors.

Are CBD American Shaman Products Legal?

CBD’s legal status is constantly changing. However, CBD oil is currently legal and available in all 50 states with no permit or prescription required (this information is accurate as of January 2017).

The main controversy around CBD in the United States is the fact that it’s illegal to grow not only cannabis, but also hemp. That’s why CBD American Shaman imports its hemp oil from Norway. The company explains that they import “the highest quality hemp oil available containing high amounts of CBD (Cannabidiol) 100% Natural-Pure CO2 Extract”.

The oil from which the hemp is derived is also 100% organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and contains no heavy metals or insecticides.

In order for CBD American Shaman products to be legally sold in America, the company needs to provide samples of their hemp oil to the FDA, DEA, and Homeland Security for testing. In fact, when the company imports their industrial hemp paste from Norway (where hemp is legally grown and processed), the paste sits in quarantine waiting for government testing. Once the government has confirmed that the hemp paste contains minimal THC (virtually non-existent amounts of THC), the paste is shipped to CBD American Shaman.

That process may sound weird and complex, but it’s the same process used by other CBD manufacturers. GW Pharmaceuticals, for example, uses the same process to extract CBD to be used in Sativex, which is the world’s first prescription drug made from cannabis extract.

In any case, CBD American Shaman products are available for shipping all across the United States.

CBD American Shaman Compassionate Care Program

CBD American Shaman wants to make their products more affordable to those who need it most. That’s why they introduced something called the Compassionate Care program.

If you’re approved into this program (say, if you have a chronic condition that you’re treating with CBD), then you’ll receive a 30% discount coupon code to put towards future purchases over $35.

You can learn more about that program here.

CBD American Shaman Review Summary

The CBD industry is filled with low-quality products, including CBD oils made in China using questionable extraction methods. CBD American Shaman promises a different approach. Their hemp comes from Norway using the same process seen in pharmaceutical-grade CBD drug manufacturer laboratories.

The products are competitively priced, and generally well-reviewed online (although the company is relatively new, so there aren’t many reviews available thus far).

Another advantage of CBD American Shaman is that they continue to ship to all 50 states in America, and insist their products are legal across the country. Since CBD laws seem to constantly be changing, this is a valuable benefit.

You can learn more about CBD American Shaman by visiting the company online today at AmericanShamanCBD.com.


  1. After getting a recommendation from Vince Sanders of american Shaman for the best products to try for my wife’s Essential Tremor, I placed an order for both oil and capsules Hemp Oil CBD on Jan 8, 2017 for a total cost (including shipment) of $88.99.
    On Feb 1, after using both products without noticeable results, I contacted Mr Sanders who suggested trying a different product (that he promised to ship at no charge but never arrived) he agreed to refund the cost of the order upon receipt of the returned, unused portions, of the products.
    The unused products were shipped and delivered on Feb 9, 2017.
    As of today, May 16, 2017, and several promises by Mr. Sanders, a refund has not been issued.


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