Cave Shake – Keto, Paleo, Vegan Fat Packs & Coconut Milk Shake?


The paleo diet is a unique approach to nutrition that has become one of the most popular diet systems in the world.

The core concept of the paleo diet first emerged in the 1970’s, but the use of paleo dietary choices as a health and lifestyle system didn’t hit the mainstream until the release of Loren Cordain’s 2002 book The Paleo Diet.

The idea behind the paleo diet is that most of the health conditions that plague modern society, such as endemic obesity, inflammation, digestive disorders, and even cancer are all caused by modern agricultural foods.

In Cordain’s 2002 book, he presents a compelling argument that both processed foods and high carbohydrate consumption are directly responsible for a wide range of diseases.

The paleo diet promotes a dietary intake that contains only the foods that were available to paleolithic humans around ten thousand years ago.

These foods are limited to fruits, nuts, roots, vegetables, and meats. The diet advises against the consumption of agriculturally farmed grains, sugar, salt, coffee, and other modern foods.

The paleo diet has been proven to deliver a wide range of health benefits including reduced inflammation and oxidative stress, higher energy levels, faster fat burning, and a vast reduction it the amount of dangerous chemical food additives in modern food.

By restricting grain intake, the paleo diet also minimizes carb consumption, which is able to promote healthier metabolic function and balance blood sugar levels.

The extremely low carb nature of the paleo diet is even able to induce a state in the human body called ketosis.

During ketosis, the body no longer uses carbohydrates as fuel, but instead converts fats directly into high energy packets called ketones.

As a result, adherents of the paleo and keto diets are able to consume high amounts of healthy fats for a powerful sugar free energy boost.

The popularity of these diets have made a wide range of high-fat, low carbohydrate energy supplements available to health-conscious consumers.

One of the most interesting new paleo health products to hit the market is the Cave Shake, which offer ketogenic consumers a massive dose of MCT oils and micronutrients that help power them through a day without any artificial ingredients.

In this article, we’ll check out the Cave Shake formula and find out what it offers to help you decide whether it’s the right paleo solution for you.

What is Cave Shake?

The Cave Shake is intended to support the keto and paleo diet, and is specifically formulated to provide a ketogenic metabolism with a powerful energy boost.

The biggest advantage offered by the Cave Shake formula is that, apart from the high levels of MCT oil it contains, it’s completely vegan, keto and paleo friendly, and contains no sugar.

Minimizing carbohydrate intake is extremely important when attempting to remain in ketosis, as consuming more than 30 grams of carbohydrates in a day can throw the body out of a ketogenic state, ruining days of hard work.

The Cave Shake formula is extremely low in carbohydrates, and takes the concept of “bulletproof coffee” to the next level.

The Cave Shake brand offer two separate products- the Cave Shake range, and Cave Fat Packs, which function as powdered, creamy, healthy fat that can turn any beverage or meal into a fuel-filled keto energy boost.

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The Cave Shake Formula

The Cave Shake formula is available in three different flavors, all of which contain all natural ingredients and are chemical free.

The first flavor in the Cave Shake range, Vanilla, contains organic coconut milk, pure vanilla extract, and sea salt, and is flavored with natural stevia, a calorie-free sugar alternative that is 200 times sweeter than sugar with none of the calories or carbs.

The second formula, Chocolate, uses organic cacao powder and organic vanilla, sweetened with stevia, while the last formula, Coffee Cave Shake, includes a shot of organic fair trade espresso to deliver a dual action coffee and ketone power boost.

Each of the Cave Shake formulas contain only 5 grams of carbohydrates per serving, which means that it’s safe to consume up to three daily even when in the strictest ketogenic dietary restriction phase.

The Cave Shake formula is also USDA certified organic, and doesn’t use any ingredients that are farmed with chemical pesticides or additives.

Cave Fat Pack Supplement Powder

Cave Fat Pack Supplement Powder takes the potent MCT blend offered by the Cave Shake formula and makes it available in a simple powdered form.

The Cave Fat Pack Supplement Powder formula contains a simple blend of organic coconut milk powder, stevia, and salt, making it an extremely powerful paleo-friendly fat source.

Cave Shake Summary

Cave Shake is one of the only brands providing consumers with a powerful source of MCT oils that can power a ketogenic body without imbalancing carbohydrate intake.

If you’re looking for a clean, paleo-friendly energy shake, the Cave Shake range is a great option.

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